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8-09-2016 BAD TEDDY BEAR

4 Stars from Rainbow Book Reviews
"A great short story that is easy, fun, sexy, with a little drama, and a nice ending."



"Suspenseful and Hot" Rainbow Book Reviews



5 Stars from Redz World Reviews

"Now the next story I particularly found fascinating is Yellow Eyes byGale Stanley. She is one of my favorite MM authors , and her story really caught my attention." 



5 Stars from The Romance Reviews

"Bottom Line: This short story is big on drama, sex and story...all done VERY well. Highly recommended." - See more at:



5 Stars from The TBR Pile

"The authors wrote great, imaginative characters and all of the stories had plots that flowed smoothly. All of these authors know how to write smoking hot sex. I thoroughly enjoyed all of these stories."

7-29-2015 LOKI

5 Hearts from MM Good Book Reviews

"It captured my attention from the moment I opened the book and kept my attention all the way to the end. I cannot wait to get my hands on the next story in this series."



4 Stars from Rainbow Book Reviews

“It was still blisteringly sexy on my re-read and I think should unequivocally not be missed. Suggestively seductive!”


6-27-2015 THE RULES

4 Stars from The Romance Reviews

"a good example of the Dom/sub dynamic."


6-14-2015 THE AUCTION

Rainbow Book Reviews

"Lawrence is scared of giving up control – and who can blame him with George having abused the privilege of being the Dom? Lawrence’s fear of what will happen was palpable, and I was glued to the pages to find out if he’d make it." 


6-09-2015 THE RULES

Rainbow Book Reviews

"Combined with interesting characters, a tense situation, and some very hot BDSM activity, I found myself glued to the pages."


5-11-2015 THE RULES

4 Stars from Night Owl Reviews

“…the author takes the reader on a wonderful journey.”


3-28-2015  Uniform Fetish Manlove Edition

4.5 Stars from Love Bytes

"I highly recommend the anthology."

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3-26-2015  THE RULES

MM Good Book Reviews
rs from MM Good Book Reviews
"This was an explosive book that just captivates you and leaves you trembling for more." 

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3-23-2015  Uniform Fetish Manlove Edition

Five Stars - A Must Read from The TBR Pile

"I give it five stars for the fact that consistently this anthology is amazing and there were no areas that I would improve.  Be sure to read each story!!"

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3-10-2015  Uniform Fetish Manlove Edition

Five Shooting Stars from Redz World Reviews

"Over all there is not one story I didn’t love out this anthology. If you like MM, love and stories that will make you smile, this is the anthology for you. Ohh and don’t forget the hot men in uniform you get to meet too!"




4 Stars ~ The Romance Reviews

"Christmas may be the larger footprint in the snow during December, but Hanukkah is the brighter one during the eight days of the Festival of Lights. To a confused college freshman deciding which to celebrate and with whom comes down to a question of the heart in this cute holiday tale." 

4.5 Stars from Lisa at The Novel Approach

"Gale Stanley not only charms with the story of a budding romance but makes the reader see the miracle of the lights and the ways in which they helped Jonah understand he could have both love and the belief of his religion in his life.
This one is an Advent win."


Christy Duke - Rainbow Book Reviews
"Does Jonah learn who he is and what he is? Can he reconcile his sexuality and his religion? More importantly, can he find the person for him in the unlikeliest place? This was a really good story about faith and love and the many forms it can take. I definitely enjoyed it."



5 Sweet Peas ~ Mrs Condit and Friends Read Books
"This is a wonderful, wonderful short story that is enjoyable whether you are Jewish, any other faith, or observe no religious practices at all. I absolutely loved Bashert."
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4.5 Stars ~ Joyfully Jay M/M Romance and More

"And I loved Aaron and Jonah together and found them a wonderful couple. Bashert is a word that means "meant to be" and in this story we see that despite Jonah's initial misgivings, that this relationship is definitely bashert."
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The Romance Reviews gave Point of Beginning 4 Stars
Gale Stanley's writing style is easy and smooth to read, her characters are always well written and so varied from story to story. And in this story, they are just everyday people that you meet in life. Here, I loved how she dealt with the issues faced in the world of construction by Alex. I also loved how she wrote Jack and his dealings with his thoughts, emotions, research and exploration into his own sexuality. These guys take you with them on their journey; you pull for them during the entire story. 
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The Romance Reviews gave Some Like it Rough 5 Stars
"I found layers of depth to both Richard and Julian that made their story richer. The author wrote Richard as older and more experienced, yet with a bit more vulnerability than Julian. Julian is younger, stronger, rougher around the edges, but is also gentle with Richard while being insecure about measuring up to Richard's wealth and lifestyle. This reversal of the standard older man/younger man dynamic made this story all the better.
The author has written this story so that you are carried along with the men as their relationship develops. I enjoyed getting to know more about Richard, whom you meet in the first book of this series. And now I'm wondering, who is the next to fall in love at The Gentlemen's Club." 
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The Romance Reviews gave Love Bytes 3 Stars
"This was a fun and unique story. I enjoyed the characters and the author's way of writing about their pain and fears. The characters had unique identities and characteristics that were twined together well. I enjoyed that the one characteristic they shared was their insecurity."
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Top 2 Bottom Reviews gave Point of Beginning 4.5 Kisses:
Point of Beginning starts the Gentleman’s Club series off with a bang! Keep the fan turned on and a cold drink handy! Between the sizzling chemistry and hot sex these two men shared together is erotically delicious! I can’t wait to read the next book in the series and will actively be looking for more books written by Gale Stanley in the future. Highly Recommended!"
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Top 2 Bottom Reviews gave Lyon's Theorem of Seduction 4 Kisses:
"Lyon’s Theorem of Seduction is a fast-paced, sexy and fun read from start to finish and a perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon. I enjoyed getting to know these characters and look forward to reading more about them and books by Ms. Stanley in the future. If you’re looking for an easy, sweet romance between two men who have sizzling hot chemistry together, this is definitely the book for you. Recommended!"
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