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Good Enough to Trust by Zara Stoneley #NewRelease #Excerpt

Today, Zara Stoneley is sharing an excerpt from her erotic romance - Good Enough to Trust.


GOOD ENOUGH TO TRUST (Good Enough, Book 2 – Going Back) by Zara Stoneley

An erotic romance, including menage, M/F/M and sex outdoors.

Do you trust the boy you loved, or the man you might?

Sophie has only one thing on her New Year’s resolution list – sorting out her life.
Losing her parents was hard, blaming herself hurt more – but was it really her fault, or was accepting the guilt easier than facing up to the truth?
Retracing her steps was never going to be easy, risking her heart again is even harder - and when there's two men to choose from will it be easier to trust the man she's never stopped loving, or the one that might give her the new start she needs?

Available from - Amazon (UK)
Amazon (US)

“No, because I’m not. Are you?” He didn’t wait for my answer. Just gently propelled me backwards until my back met the soft covering of the lichen-covered rocks and my hips tilted forward until I could feel the heat of his cock pressed hard against me.
“I’ve missed you so much, Sophie.” His hand slipped under my T-shirt burning a molten path up my body that left me whimpering. “Have you come back to torture me, show me what I’ve missed out on?”
 I shook my head dumbly, because right now my brain hadn’t got the capacity to think, to answer questions, to do anything but pander to my body’s reactions.
“You shouldn’t have come back.” His voice was hoarse, his hand closed around my heavy breast, his thumb brushing over a nipple I knew was hard, but he was looking at me. Straight to the heart as they say.
“I had to.”
“Shit, Sophie.” And when he kissed me it wasn’t the exploration of yesterday it was hard, physical in a way that made me gasp, controlling and yet demanding, as though he had to catch up on all the years in between.
And it made me cry.
I clung to him, clung as though I was afraid he’d go, even though his hard body was pressed against mine, his mouth claiming mine. I could taste my salty tears as our teeth clashed, as his fingers meshed into my hair, as the hunger we’d both kept under control erupted. And I was shaking, trembling with need and anticipation as I tasted the lust in his mouth, felt the want in his body.
He grunted as the button of my jeans gave way for him and his hand forced its way into my panties, his fingers slipping into my wet channel. I lifted my leg, wrapped it round him, my hand on his face as we drank from each other. And all I could do was rock against him, clutch at him, lick him and kiss him as the tears gradually slowed to a stop and a hunger that scared me took its place.


To read a longer excerpt visit Zara’s website.

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Point of Beginning #Review #GLBT #HEA

I was very happy to find a new home at Siren for Point of Beginning. I love all my characters, but Jack Monroe and Alex James are special to me. Computer geek, Jack is a CAD technician in a survey construction office, a job that I did myself for many years. Hunky stud, Alex James is a surveyor/stripper who works on a survey crew. I did that too. NOT the stripper.

The office they work in is modeled after the one I worked in. Bits and pieces of my friends and coworkers are scattered throughout the story. Last year, one of those friends went to the big stakeout in the sky and I dedicated the book to him.

Needless to say, I was thrilled when the first review for the revamped story was a whooping good one. I reprinted it below.

4.5 Kisses - Highly Recommended! - from Top 2 Bottom Reviews.


4.5 KISSES: "To my knowledge this is the first book I’ve read by this author and I have to say, I really enjoyed every minute I spent reading this story. I thought the author had a really good grasp on her characters and the fast-paced storyline kept my attention from beginning to end. Lately, Jackson has been confused about his sexuality. Never one to date a lot, he’s been troubled from his attraction to his co-worker, Alex. Believing that he’s kept his attraction to men at bay, he finally allows himself to be true to his feelings toward other men…especially Alex. But Jackson thinks his feelings for Alex will be unrequited…after all, why would a handsome man (and apparently straight) man like Alex give Jackson a second glance? After all, Jackson is very aware that he lives a quiet, unassuming life. He doesn’t have a lot of friends and prefers to be home, whereas, someone as handsome as Alex would never look twice at a regular guy like him, right? Ever since Alex laid eyes on the quiet, sexy and shy Jackson he’s been immediately drawn to him. But Alex isn’t out at work and although Alex suspects Jackson is attracted to him; there hasn’t been the right time to approach him. Plus, Jackson has a tendency to be quite skittish when he’s around, so Alex wonders if the opportunity to talk with Jackson will ever present itself. One night Jackson is taken to an exclusive Gentleman’s club by a well-intentioned friend. He’s finally decided to let his hair down and to try and get over Alex, so when he discovers that there will be some entertainment from some sexy male strippers, Jackson is game. But when he spots the man of his dreams standing on stage stripping for the other men at the club, Jackson is both turned on and horrified. How could Alex allow himself to strip down for others like he does? Will Jackson be able to gather up the courage and talk to Alex or will his fear, insecurity and jealousy keep him from having the man he wants most of all? I loved the sizzling attraction Jackson and Alex had for each other. I liked how they were able to work through some of their own hang-ups so they could take a chance on love. Both Jackson and Alex are likeable, realistically written men that were easy to root for. I thought they were a great fit together and enjoyed watching them work thought their differences to be together. I truly hated to see the book come to an end. I would have liked to have seen these two heroes mesh their lives to be together. I thought the ending was a little abrupt, but it is the first book in a series, so I hope there will be more about this couple in the future. Point of Beginning starts the Gentleman’s Club series off with a bang! Keep the fan turned on and a cold drink handy! Between the sizzling chemistry and hot sex these two men shared together is erotically delicious! I can’t wait to read the next book in the series and will actively be looking for more books written by Gale Stanley in the future. Highly Recommended!" -- Gabbi, Top 2 Bottom Reviews

Geeky CAD technician Jack Monroe is bi-curious, but after he falls head over heels for a certain curly-haired construction surveyor, he’s ready to admit he’s gay. Too bad Alex James is straight and has a girlfriend who keeps him on a short leash.

Jack is determined to meet other gay men, but after a few dates from hell, he's ready to give up. Then he meets Richard Caldwell, part owner of the exclusive Gentlemen’s Club where wealthy members can make their dreams come true. Richard takes Jack under his wing and offers him a chance to act out his fantasy with an Alex lookalike. Nobody can replace Alex, but knowing the real thing is off-limits, Jack accepts the offer. When the real deal shows up, Jack is convinced that Alex is only there for the money. But sometimes dreams do come true.
Available at Amazon:
Available at Bookstrand:



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The Alpha King - Vicktor Alexander #GuestBlogger #GLBT #BDSM #Fantasy #Excerpt

I'm excited to welcome author, Vicktor Alexander. Saturday, April 27th is release day for his new book -  The Alpha King. - and to celebrate Vicktor is giving one lucky commenter an eBook copy.

And now here's Vicktor...

The Story of Passion’s Hero and The Alpha King

I was working at Allstate Insurance when I got the idea for Passion’s Hero. Dividing my time between offering people insurance quotes and imagining a world or worlds filled with shape shifters, beautiful humanoids that had been biologically altered after the destruction of the Earth. My mind swirled with images of beautiful people, named Vermithians, and suddenly I saw the golden eyes and sun bleached streaked blond hair of a young man who crashes on the planet Tumaro and finds himself mated to the Alpha. Only this Alpha was more than an Alpha, Blazell Roughshire was the king, the Alpha King.

For the first time I was imagining writing a story that was about two men. I had been listening to and reading gay romance for about six months by the time I got the idea for The Alpha King. My first foray into the world of stories of men loving men was Mary Calmes’s “Change of Heart” that I actually purchased from Audible by accident. You see on the cover Jin looked like a slim woman, her back to the audience, topless. I was drawn to the cover and didn’t even read the blurb. I was working at Walmart, dealing with the pain of the injuries I’d sustained serving in the Army and the one I’d sustained while working at the superchain, and I’d find myself bored out of my ever loving mind while I stocked toys, bags of sugar, household supplies, clothes, and electronics. So I bought an Android phone and downloaded the Audible app. I went on a buying spree and spent almost $100 the first time I purchased audio books. When I listened to Change of Heart I was shocked, intrigued, and yes, aroused, when I realized that the two main characters were men, gay men.

I had friends who were gay, I had met Angel and Justin my freshman year of high school and between the three of us and our friend Ryan, we were inseparable. I’d attempted to write a short story about Angel and Justin hooking up and after they laughed at my attempt to write gay sex, I’d given up on ever trying it again. But with one story, Mary Calmes and her characters Jin and Logan had inspired me to try writing again. From Change of Heart I went into Stormy Glenn’s Wolf Creek Pack and Amy Lane’s Promise Rock series and Andrew Grey’s Farm series. I was addicted, I was hooked and then I was writing.

Whenever I had down time at work, which working at Allstate Insurance I had a lot of down time, I would craft and create Tal and Blaze, their families and their world. I thought of my favorite countries (Britain, Italy), my favorite periods in history (Medieval, Regency) and my favorite genres (paranormal, scifi, fantasy, futuristic) and I thought of how I could take pieces of each of those things and put them all into one story. Tal’s voice rang loudly in my ear, Blaze’s deep rumble haunted my dreams, and before I knew it, my job with Allstate was over because my doctors had put me in a wheelchair and I was spending my days at home, writing anywhere between 12k-20k words a day on the story that I simply titled: The Alpha King.

I shared the story with a few people and was amazed at how many people loved it and then I pulled a classic Vic and I didn’t submit it for publication anywhere. I talked about it but didn’t send it off. Before I knew it I’d written and published the Tate Pack books and The Alpha King was still sitting in my WIP folder. When I was told to submit a book to Silver Publishing, I did so (with trembling hands and butterflies in my stomach). When it was accepted I shouted for joy.

I’m so excited to finally be able to bring Tal and Blaze into the light for public consumption. Tal has a special place in my heart, with his courage, bubbly personality and his desperate need to simultaneously run from and also find his fated mate, he’s unique and memorable. While Blaze is harsh, all Alpha male, with a sweet, creamy center that grips your heart and makes you fall in love with him.

Blaze and Tal are the couple that makes you fall in love with them, both people not just one or the other, and their story is hopefully one that will not only stay with the reader but desperately make them want more of Tumaro, Edifice, the GPA, Passion’s Hero, the galaxy, and all of the people who make up Tal and Blaze’s world.


While on a delivery for the GPA with his adopted sister Josie, Talon "Tal" Versuthion's space shuttle crashes onto Tumaro, the notorious wolf-shifter planet. Tal, a Vermithian humanoid, is lucky to be alive, though Josie can't be found. Desperate to find her, Tal meets the Alpha King, Blazell Roughshire, his mate, and his life and the galaxy changes forever. But before the two men can settle into their new relationship, they must deal with conspiracy, murder, kidnapping and a centuries old plot to completely eradicate the human race. Can Tal, who has made it a point to never fall in love with anyone, open his heart and let Blaze be Passion's hero?

CONTENT ADVISORY: This book contains scenes of rape or near rape.

Buy Link:

Cover Artist: Reese Dante
Genres: Action/Adventure, BDSM, Comedy, Family & Relationships, Fantasy, Gay, Paranormal/Alternate World, Romance, Science Fiction, Suspense/Mystery, Vampires
ISBN: 9781614957300


Tal opened his eyes and looked around, wincing at the harsh glare of the light above him. Turning his head slightly, he glanced around the room and realized he lay on a bed, a very soft bed, and the room décor and furnishings had been done in soft golds and greens. Tal instantly felt at ease, not only the colors but, inexplicably, also by the presence of someone in the room, which didn't make any sense because Josie knew not to enter his guest quarters when they were given rooms to sleep in. He sighed and closed his eyes to return to sleep. His brain clicked into gear. He been headed off course towards Tumaro and his shuttle had crashed. Josie had been with him…


"J-J-Josie?" he croaked.

Clearing his throat, he raised his voice and tried to sit up in bed, which he seemed incapable of doing. "Josie!"

The doors to the room flew open and Tal found himself blinking up at the massive, hulking man who'd rushed inside.

"Are you okay? What's wrong?" the gorgeous man asked.

Tal's brain effectively shut down again and he let his gaze rove over the man's features. Tall, really tall, gorgeous, with long black hair, a pair of the lightest blue eyes ever. While his skin had a darker shade than Tal's, it still appeared paler than that of other Tumarons.

Shaking himself out of his reverie, Tal answered, "J-Josie… my sister, where is she? She was with me on the shuttle. Where is she?"

Reaching out, he grabbed onto the front of the man's gray shirt and held on as tight as he could, which in his weakened state wasn't all that tight. What if Josie hadn't survived? What if she had and tried looking for him? What if the Tumarons had found Josie and made her their slave? Were they about to do the same thing to him? What if he never saw his sister again?

Tal looked around the room frantically and realized what he'd thought had been a bedroom, actually appeared to be a clinic. He began to panic, his breath coming faster when he imagined all of the horrible things that could have happened to Josie, while he'd been lying in a hospital bed, apparently being taken care of.

The big man frowned when he sat down on the bed. Tal noticed and appreciated the look of concern on the other man's face but he had to find his sister.
"There was no woman when we found you, beauty," the stranger said, his voice low and full of confusion.

Tal's brain paused momentarily at the endearment. The man didn't know him and while Tal found him attractive, he felt too stunned to really appreciate it. Then the other man's words sank in.

"What? No. No. No! No, you have to be wrong! She was sitting in the seat next to mine, she was there! You have to go find her! You have to go and find my sister! Josie! Josie!"

Frantic, Tal sat up swiftly, swaying a bit and pushing away the hands of the mysterious man who seemed determined to try to make him lay back down in the bed. "Let me go! I have to go and find my sister! Josie!" he screamed and got out of the bed and tried to race for the door, stumbling along the way.
The solid wood swung open in front of him and he barreled into a very wide, very firm chest.

"Whoa there, where are you running off to?" the man attached to the chest spoke.

Tal flushed with warmth. He wanted to wrap his arms around the body before him. He wanted to wrap his legs around the bigger man's waist and never let go. Tal raised his eyes up, past the thick, muscled, tanned neck to the square jaw, dusted faintly with a dark, stubbled shadow, to the aquiline nose that spoke of an aristocratic heritage, and finally to a pair of the most gorgeous, dark blue eyes Tal had ever seen. The man's long, black hair that hung to just below his shoulders and his large frame turned him into Tal's walking wet-dream come true.

Tal quickly reconsidered the crazy notion when the man in question growled low in his chest and clutched Tal fiercely to his chest before burying his face in his neck. Tal squeaked in surprise but amazingly did not pull away. He felt safe in the man's arms, even though he didn't know his name, and he never wanted him to let go.

Tal's world spun when the man in question quickly jerked him behind him, pressing Tal against the door.

He growled at the other man in the room, "Mine."

His voice sounded low and forceful, growly and full of authority and power. He would not be one to be messed with. He ruled in the room at that moment and Tal kind of felt happy the guy seemed to be on his side, even if he didn't exactly know why.

"Blaze? Are you saying that this… humanoid… is your mate?" the first man asked incredulously.

The man named Blaze turned to look at Tal, his eyes softening rapidly, a slow smile coming to his fac. He inhaled deeply, breathing in Tal's scent, his eyes closing in rapture before he turned back to answer the question.
"Yes Buck, he's mine… my mate."

Tal's eyes widened, another squeak escaping at the word mate. His mother's words about how he would feel upon meeting the person destined for him came rushing back. He stepped away from the man called Blaze and backed into the door behind him, his eyes wide and his body quivering in fear. Blaze met his gaze, his eyebrows raised in question

"Fucking shit balls," Tal breathed. "Hell no." He shook his head quite forcefully before he slipped back into unconsciousness.

About the Author:

Author: Vicktor Alexander

Vicktor Alexander “Vic” wrote his first story at the age of 10 about his youngest sister and her destruction of the world…with her breath. Always one who pushed the edge of convention, it wasn’t long or much of a shock, before he was writing interracial historical romances. However, Vic realized that his heroes seemed much happier when they were hanging out with other guys and that was when he discovered the M/M genre. Vic now enjoys writing about shifters, humanoids, cowboys, firemen, rent boys, fairies, elves, dancers, doctors, Doms, Subs, and anything else that catches his fancy, all sexy men falling in love with each other and having lots of naughty, dirty, man-on-man sex. Vic is a huge fan of the “happily-ever-after” ending, but while his characters all ride off into the proverbial sunset, all sexually satisfied and in love, they all bear the scars of fighting for that love, just like in real life.  No fluff writer here, Vic’s stories can be slightly gritty, dark and hard hitting, but the reason for that, is that love is sweeter when it’s been fought for and won. Never satisfied with only one genre, every book that Vic writes falls into more than one category and has each main character experiencing more than one orgasm. Out and proud, Vic does not believe that love only comes in one form, one race, one gender and that not only is gender fluid, by sexuality as well.  Vic loves to make people laugh and when he’s not writing, or rather, procrastinating in writing, he’s reading, playing the Sims 3, hanging out with his very supportive adopted family, taling to his adopted daughter Catrina, seeking the man or men who can handle his crazy, stressful, soap opera-esque life and being distracted from his writing by drooling over pictures of John Barrowman and Shemar Moore.

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Drama Queens with Love Scenes by Kevin Klehr #BlurbBlitz #GLBT #Excerpt #GoddessFishPromotions

Enjoy the excerpt from Kevin Klehr's Gay Fantasy Romance - Drama Queens with Love Scenes

Don't forget to comment. Kevin will be giving away a $30 Amazon gift card to one randomly chosen commenter. Follow the tour and comment for more chances to win.

Kevin Klehr

Close friends Allan and Warwick are dead. They're not crazy about the idea so to help them deal with this dilemma are Samantha, a blond bombshell from the 1950s, and Guy, an insecure angel.
They are soon drawn into the world of theatre - Afterlife style, with all the bitchiness, back-stabbing and ego usually associated with the mortal world.
Allan also has a secret. He has a romantic crush on his friend, Warwick, but shortly after confiding in his new angel pal, his love interest falls for the cock-sure playwright, Pedro.
Not only does Allan have to win the heart of his companion, he also has to grapple with the faded memory of how he actually died.
The thought of my demise was hard enough to face, but this version of the Afterlife with no link back to concepts favored in religious texts, made it harder to accept. There was not an omnipotent being in sight. We had one angel surrounded by a cast from different eras of earth-bound time, going about their business with no qualms. And still, no one wanted to elaborate.
“Heaven or Hell?” Warwick asked.
“Perhaps Limbo, or maybe we’re just having a weird dream?”
“Of course, Allan, at exactly the same time.” My friend winked at me.
“Yeah maybe. Your wet-dream with Pedro and my, my...”
“Your buddy-genre dream with an angel.”
He made me smile. As he looked out at the garden again, a more believable explanation came to me.
“Warwick, maybe I’m just in a coma, and somewhere near my hospital bed you’re talking to me, trying to wake me up.”

“Allan, if I am talking to you from your hospital bed, how will I know you can hear me?”
“Look, Warwick, I’m wiggling my toes.”
My friend turned to see me lift my legs and shake both feet.
“Allan, what if you’re covered by a blanket, and I can’t notice your toes?”
“Don’t be silly, you’d notice my toes wiggling under the covers.”
“Maybe there’s a serving tray or a hospital chart on the sheets?”
I thrashed my legs more violently, just in case there was some truth in my theory.
“Allan, you’re not in a coma.”
“How can you be sure?”
“Because from my point of view, I might be the one in a coma.”
My legs stopped kicking.
Kevin lives with his long-term partner in their humble apartment (affectionately named Sabrina), in Australia’s own ‘Emerald City,’ Sydney.
From an early age Kevin had a passion for writing, jotting down stories and plays until it came time to confront puberty. After dealing with pimple creams and facial hair, Kevin didn’t pick up a pen again until he was in his thirties. His handwritten manuscript was being committed to paper when his social circumstances changed, giving him no time to write. Concerned, his partner, Warren, snuck the notebook out to a friend who in turn came back and demanded Kevin finish his novel. It wasn’t long before Kevin’s active imagination was let loose again.
His longest running passion is a weekly radio program he produces with Warren for local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander station, Koori Radio. Since 2004 they have been discovering music, both new and old, and interviewing local artists and community leaders. Every Friday night, The Rhythm Divine is heard across Sydney and via the world wide web.
Kevin is currently at work on the sequel to Drama Queens with Love Scenes.


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Symbiotic Mates 2: Peter and the Wolf #CoverReveal

Symbiotic Mates 2: Peter and the Wolf is being re-released by Siren Publishing. Here's a look at the fabulous new cover by Harris Channing.

The blurb is below. Check back for more info and a release date.


What happens when your blood adversary turns out to be your fated blood mate?

Tyler Woods tends bar at the Wolf Den to fill his lonely nights, but he still hasn’t given up on finding a mate. He had his eye on Hunter, a pack enforcer, but his friend killed a pack mate and found sanctuary at the Colony, home of the vampires.

The alpha calls Hunter a traitor and wants him back dead or alive, but Tyler doesn't believe it. He allows himself to be captured in order to find out the truth. Instead he’s thrown into a dungeon and branded a blood slave to a blonde-haired vampire who wants more than blood.

Coming Soon to Bookstrand: http://www.bookstrand.com/gale-stanley

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Beast in Me by Sommer Marsden #NewRelease

Beast in Me - Book 2 of the Divination Falls Trilogy
By Sommer Marsden


Weather worker Cameron Bale rolls into Divination Falls after being prompted by Spirit and Brother Lighting. He discovers that the small, hidden town full of shifters and magical types is suffering a series of unsettling events. There’s speculation from the town seers that he could be the answer they’ve been looking for. Cameron’s willing to try and help: he’s got nowhere to go and nothing to lose. His life is simply about loneliness and it turns out that Trace, a grumpy wolf with stunning eyes, knows just what that feels like. Cam finds himself wishing maybe they could be alone … together. Oh yeah, and battle whatever evil it is that still lurks in Divination Falls.

Available from:




A dragonfly zipped past and Cam watched it go. What next? Bluebirds and butterflies and singing cartoon woodland animals? It was all too nice, too perfect … Surreal.
‘You OK?’ The voice was deep and dark and full of secrets. That was his first impression.
Cameron jumped, clutched at his pounding chest. Inside his heart was going berserk and he felt a little lightheaded with it.
‘I was. Jesus Christ, you scared me.’
Trace grinned with half his mouth. Somehow that little smirk made Cameron think of the big bad wolf. Made him flash back to that body sprawled, lean and powerful, over a small, lumpy bed. Made him remember one of those huge hands on a powerful, hard cock. He licked his lips.
‘Careful, lightning rider. I can smell your emotions.’ Then the wolf chuckled, bending to tie his work boot.
‘I – I’m sorry I spied on you.’ It was all Cameron could think to say.
Trace shrugged. Cameron watched his big shoulders flex with power. He was stunning with his huge body, big, fat attitude, and purple eyes. Just being so close to him made Cameron feel slow-witted and thick-tongued.
‘It was the most excitement I’ve had in ages,’ the wolf said and started to walk.
Cameron watched him go off, his heart sinking. He wanted the man to take his apology seriously. He also admitted to himself he wanted to be close to the wolf. There was no hope of anything happening between them. There was very little hope of anything happening for Cam with anyone. He’d come to terms with that long ago. But still, he could just be near Trace. Remembering the sight of his body and the sound of his voice just outside Cam’s barricaded bedroom door as he brought himself off.
Wolf at the door, he thought, and then shook it off.
Fifty feet away, Trace stopped, and Cameron felt his spine go rigid, his pulse pick up. The man turned to him and shielded his eyes from a bright beam of sunlight between the thick tree branches. ‘You gonna stand there all day admiring my ass, or are you coming?’
Cameron blinked, feeling a wild urge to laugh but pushing it away. ‘Yes! Right!’ he called, bouncing on his toes like one of those perky, hyper dogs. He blushed, but refused to let himself feel silly or embarrassed. He very much wanted to go along.
He hurried along the path until he was almost even with the wolf. Then Trace turned and continued to walk, Cameron right on his heels.
‘Why are you here?’ Trace asked.
The question stunned Cameron but he swallowed hard and tried to focus enough to answer. ‘Good question. I … work with weather. Lightning to be specific. I guess the best way to put it is I was nudged here.’
‘Like with voltage?’ Trace asked with a gruff laugh.
‘Yeah. Sadly, I do get nudged with voltage.’
The wolf turned those deep purple eyes on Cameron and said, ‘What for? What’s here?’
How did eyes get that colour? Cam wondered. Had he been born with them or was it a shifter thing? He had no idea; all he knew was they were the most amazing eyes he’d ever seen. And they were attached to one of the most amazing bodies he’d ever seen.
Trace cocked his head, giving a half grin. ‘Hello?’
‘Sorry! I was just looking –’ He flushed, caught in the act. ‘Your eyes, they’re amazing.’
That closed the bigger man down. He’d had a nice amused and open expression on his handsome face and that fast, it shut down like someone turning the lights off in an empty house. ‘Thanks. I guess. They’re the product of a very bad infection when I was a kid.’ He turned on his heels and kept walking without further explanation.
Cameron had to force himself to swallow. He had just complimented the first man he’d lusted after in goodness knew how many years on some sort of mutation? Something that clearly upset him when discussed. Good going, dumbass!
Cameron hurried along the patch, ducking reaching branches and praying there was no poison ivy to be found here in Divination Falls. ‘I’m sorry! I didn’t know. And I don’t know what’s here. Or why I am,’ he gasped, finally catching up.
The wolf shrugged. He shot Cameron a sideways glance and said, ‘Why would you know what’s here?’ He stopped fast and Cam found himself almost crying out from the sudden shift in motion. ‘As for why you’re here, how could you not know that?’
‘I never really know until it’s revealed,’ Cameron said. He kept his gaze pinned at Trace’s chin so he wouldn’t get mesmerized by those stunning eyes that clearly upset the custodian.
‘Was it me, maybe?’ Trace asked, his lips twisting into a grin. ‘Was it secretly watching me jack off? Was that your big mission?’ He took a step toward Cameron which forced the lightning rider to step back. Or get crushed against an angry wolf.
‘I’m sorry,’ Cam breathed. ‘It wasn’t my intention and then I couldn’t …’ He shook his head. His skin was tingling and he wondered if he was going to get struck. Or worse yet, if Trace would strike him. ‘You might want to step back,’ he said without thinking.
‘Why is that?’ the wolf asked, taking a step forward. ‘Am I invading your space?’
‘I get it,’ Cam stammered. ‘I invaded your privacy. I’m no better than a pervert. I know! But you could get …’
The wind kicked up. It often did when he was frightened or excited and his blood leapt in his veins and his heart beat fast with arousal. His last lover had been zinged by energy one too many times and when some of his hair had actually caught fire, he’d bailed. Calling Cameron a freak in the process. Cam wasn’t up for either Trace being hurt or thinking him a freak.
‘I might get what? And it’s OK – you invaded my privacy, now give me an excuse to invade yours.’ He pushed his face closer and Cameron caught a flickering of animal shine in the man’s eyes. They turned golden around the very iris and a fast, steady pulse beat at the base of Trace’s neck. When he took Cameron’s wrist in his big hand and squeezed, Cam felt the air rush out of him. His cock pressed eagerly to his jeans and he tried his best to focus on something – anything! – besides the wolf so maybe his hard-on would abate. No such luck because Trace took his warm hand and very briefly cupped the evidence of arousal in Cam’s pants. ‘Looks like you’re still a bit worked up from last night.’
‘You were watching me in wolf form.’
‘I was.’
‘You heard me.’ It wasn’t a question. Very briefly, Cam wished for Trace to put his hand back. To touch him.
‘I did. I also smelled you and tasted you on the wind. Do you know when you come your breath does this shuddery little sigh thing?’
‘Well, it does.’



Sommer Marsden’s been called “…one of the top storytellers in the erotica genre” (Violet Blue), “Unapologetic” (Alison Tyler), “…the whirling dervish of erotica” (Craig J. Sorensen),and "Erotica royalty..." (Lucy Felthouse).
Her erotic novels include Restless Spirit, Boys Next Door, Big Bad, Learning to Drown, Wanderlust and the Zombie Exterminator series. Sommer currently writes erotica and erotic romance for Xcite Books, eXcessica, Ellora's Cave, Pretty Things Press, Resplendence Publishing and Mischief Books. The wine-swigging, dachshund-owning, wannabe runner author writes work that runs the gamut from bondage to zombies to humor.
Sommer's short works can be found in well over one hundred (and counting) erotic anthologies. Her short stories have also been included numerous adult and romance magazines--both in print and online.


Facebook: http://facebook.com/sommermarsden
Twitter: @sommer_marsden

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Gypsy Witch #SuzdeMello #NewRelease

Gypsy Witch by Suz deMello

The Sacramento Sheriff's Department is no place for airy-fairy wimps, and Ben McCullough is the toughest of the tough. He tells himself he's bedding the luscious Elena Lautari only because she's a babe, not because she's a card-carrying member of the Northern California Church of Wicca. Ben thinks she's a feather away from an arrest for fraud, since she makes a living telling fortunes and making charms for the lovelorn. He can't see her as a lifelong mate even though she's more than a match for him in the sack, and losing her is unthinkable.
But Elena is the real deal, a modern witch of much power and even more restraint. When her daughter, Gina, steals her mother's spell book and uses it to shatter the fabric of existence and release an ancient evil, Elena must put reality back in place—even if she loses Ben in the process. Will Ben and Elena's fragile love be lost with the revelation of her magic?
Maybe, but there are others ready to heal her battered heart. When Ben's partner attempts to claim Elena, will Ben move aside or move in?

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Author Bio:

Best-selling, award-winning author Suz deMello, a.k.a Sue Swift, has written over sixteen romance novels in several subgenres, including erotica, comedy, historical, paranormal, mystery and suspense, plus a number of short stories and non-fiction articles on writing. A freelance editor, she’s worked for Total-E-Bound, Ai Press, and Liquid Silver Books. She also takes private clients.
Her books have been favorably reviewed in Publishers Weekly, Kirkus and Booklist, won a contest or two, attained the finals of the RITA and hit several bestseller lists.
A former trial attorney, her passion is world travel. She’s left the US over a dozen times, including lengthy stints working overseas. She’s now writing a vampire tale and planning her next trip.

      Find her books at http://www.suzdemello.com
     For editing services, email her at suzswift@yahoo.com
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She tweets her reading picks @ReadThis4fun
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A Witch Without Magic - Larisa Walk #BookBlast #Excerpt

Today's guest is Larisa Walk, who's sharing an excerpt from her new book - A Witch Without Magic. Enjoy! And don't forget to leave a comment.
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A Witch Without Magic
by Larisa Walk


When her neighbors accuse Belladonna of Satanism and making them age years to days, she must find who is behind it or face a modern day witch hunt. Her mysterious enemy knows where to strike to cause the most damage: Belladonna's only friend is losing his life-force; the garden that feeds her is dying; and her house ghost goes poltergeist. To save her neighbors and friends and prove her innocence, she must travel to the Otherworld where butterflies have razor wings and where her worst fears will come to life.



The mob on the other side of the wrought iron fence wore no tri-cornered hats or starched bonnets.  They didn’t brandish pitchforks or flaming torches.  Hell, they didn’t even bring a preacher to drive the Devil out.  Still, they had come to flush out a witch and the witch was me.

They were thirty all together, gathered outside my gate under the two California live oaks that shade the sidewalk in midday.  I had to squint into the still hot mid-October sun to study their unfamiliar faces.  The mob included several dwarves.  The youngest dwarf must have been in her forties, a tiny woman that for some reason wore a yellow, red and blue Snow White dress with an appliquéd picture of Snow White on the chest.  She didn’t look like a typical dwarf: no classically high forehead and her arms and legs were proportionate.  She was holding a fluffy purple teddy bear by a front paw and sucking her thumb.

In the sun my forehead sweated under the straw hat.  A mocking bird’s harsh chirrup burst from the oak on the right, piercing as a car horn.  I flinched.
I don’t much like or trust people in large groups - doing time in Greenville State Prison for Women had taught me that.  In prison the exercise yard is the most dangerous place to be: too many inmates in one area, too many chances to be stabbed with a shiv made from a sharpened toothbrush handle or from melted and hardened Styrofoam cups.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Larisa Walk, a native Russian, lives in California with her husband and two formerly homeless cats. She writes paranormal fiction that is more often than not populated by characters from the Russian fairy world. Her short fiction appeared in several anthologies and magazines. She has published a historic fantasy novel, A Handful of Earth, and a modern paranormal novel, A Witch Without Magic.

See her quirky blog posts here: http://www.larisawalk.com
Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/A-Witch-Without-Magic-ebook/dp/B009JGYOQM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1363219858&sr=8-1&keywords=a+witch+without+magic+larisa+walk

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The Phallus of Osiris by Valentina Cilescu #ReleaseBlitz #Excerpt

The Phallus of Osiris by Valentina Cilescu
Death and Lust and Vampires!

The Master is a sex vampire. His aim: to dominate through the glories of the flesh. His minions are beautiful and lascivious and their eager bodies and warped minds are bent to his evil purpose. The lost Phallus of Osiris is the greatest erotic talisman known to man and the Master will not rest until he has it in his possession. Just one woman can help him fulfil his dark ambitions - the one person who still resists him. Mara, the white witch. Great though the Master's power is - in Mara, and The Phallus of Osiris, he may have met his match.

Available from:



It was dark in the room. Dark and strangely airless. But Mara felt no fear. She stretched out her hand and touched her unseen lover's hand. Although she could not see him, she knew he was standing by the side of the bed; that he was naked, and ready for her . . .
'Come to me . . .' breathed Mara. And her fingers moved from her lover's hand to explore his body - running down his flank, his thigh; searching eagerly for the warm weight of his testicles; seeking out his most sensitive and intimate places to tease and excite his flesh; and bring him to her.
She heard his breathing: hoarse and quickening now. And seconds later, she felt him sit down on the bed beside her, felt the soft coverings yield to his weight as he lay down by her side and pressed his hot nakedness up against her willing flesh.
He was by her side now, stroking her with knowing fingers that seemed to read her mind, divine her every dream and wish. His fingers slid down her body, as though taking the measure of her, mapping out the fullest extent of the bounty offered to them. They fluttered like butterfly wings, up from the firm roundness of her hips to the taut flesh of her tiny waist, and then up still further; until at last they found the swelling amplitude of her magnificent breasts, caressing their firmness appreciatively.
He was kneeling beside her: leaning over her, the better to toy with her. Mara gasped with pleasure as invisible hands cupped her breasts and kneaded their warm and yielding flesh. Skilled fingers searched out the budding hardness of her nipples and pinched them between finger and thumb, just hard enough to provoke an irresistible blend of pain and pleasure.
'Take me!' gasped Mara, reaching up and touching the hands which were so knowingly exploring her body. They were strong hands, hands she felt she knew well; hands that were strong and sinewy and capable of great violence – and yet gentle enough to tease, torment, arouse.
Strong, sinewy wrists and forearms . . . She could reach no further; so she stretched out her hand to the side, and felt for the body of her unseen lover. Her hand made contact with his thigh, muscular and covered with thick, coarse hair. She slid her hand upwards, upwards, letting her fingers glide softly over the hairs; and she felt her lover tremble at the exquisite torment of her touch. Bolder now, she let her hand move higher still, and shivered with delight as her fingers brushed against her lover's testicles.
They were heavy, vital, pulsating with a raw energy that communicated itself to her as she stroked their velvety pouch, weighing them in her palm. Then she let her fingers stray still further, and felt them slide deliriously along the smooth length of a hard and throbbing shaft that she knew yearned to bury itself in her.
And as she stroked it, she felt herself grow hotter and wetter, her juices welling up as though from some secret spring deep within her. It was as though she was melting from the inside outwards, as butter might melt in anticipation of the hot knife that would soon plough into its
soft and willing depths . . .
The room was filled now with the fragrance of sex; the sweet, heady aroma of a cunt well greased, of a prick whose tip glistens with the first drops of semen, the first promise of the torrents to come. Mara slid her hand along her lover's shaft and ran her fingertips gently over its tip: it was already slippery with love-juice and she shivered again with the delicious anticipation of its entry into her
most intimate places.

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Lexi Dehalo - Forbidden Moon #Interview

Author, Lexi Dehalo is here with a surprise guest from her upcoming release.
And here's Lexi...

Thank you Gale for having me here today. I have a short character interview from one of my upcoming releases, Forbidden Moon. It’s the second in the Be-WERE series and is set to release May 25th so be on the lookout for it. Also, I’m giving away a free copy of Mating Moon, the first book in the Be-WERE series so be sure to leave a comment below with your email address for a chance to enter! Contest ends April 17th!

Today’s post will showcase Forbidden Moon [Be-WERE2]. For more information on Mating Moon [Be-WERE1] check out the link below.

Lexi DeHalo

Meet ADAM ANDERSON the black-haired blue eyed beauty from FORBIDDEN MOON

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I’m Head Enforcer of my Pack. I’m in charge of training all Enforcers under me and maintaining order throughout the Pack. I have an adopted son, Charlie, who I took in after his father passed away during one of our Pack Wars. He’s my pride and joy and is following in my footsteps by joining the ranks of the Enforcers.

Tell us something not many people know about you:

I’m a submissive. I always have been, but you wouldn’t guess it based on my physical appearance or my wolf’s temperament. My animal side can be very dominating due to the strength I possess and I have yet to find a Master who can handle all of me. It’s a secret that only the people closest to me know about.

What do you dislike the most?

I hate when people judge others based on stereotypes. Sometimes you can’t judge a book by its cover.

Favorite music?

I’m a sucker for rock, but currently in my playlist is anything by the band Broken Iris.

What’s your favorite toy?

It would have to be a riding crop. I love the feel of the sting from rod and the leather against my skin.

Do you believe in true love?

I believe that love between two people is only as strong as their will to fight for it. Destiny plays no role in the outcome of a relationship. If you’re not willing to fight for the love you have then there’s no point in being in a relationship with that person. Love is more than just an instant connection, it’s a fight and one you have to be willing to see through to the end.

Where can we find out more about you?

Forbidden Moon [Be-WERE2] is being released on May 25th by Siren Publishing. It’s mine and Sin’s story. For updates and release information click here.

Excerpt for Forbidden Moon:

“How about we up the stakes?” Adam watched as Sin raised one eyebrow at the suggestion.

“What do you have in mind, pup?” The pet nickname Sin had given him was said with an endearing inflection and was growing on Adam.

“For every round won, the winner gets to make a set of rules or demands that their opponent must abide by until the end of the game.” Adam couldn’t help but smile to himself at his brilliance. If Sin wasn’t going to make another move on him, then he would just have to take things into his own hands and let him know how he felt. He was kind of embarrassed though, using a game to express his obvious attractions for the other man, but what choice did he have? Sin clearly wasn’t going to be the one to make the next move.

“All right, I’ll bite. Are there any rules to this game?” Sin had a broad grin on his face, and his eyes sparkled with mischief.

Adam couldn’t help but feel a bit of excitement as the other Were caught on to his plan. “There are no limits. As long as each of us agrees to keep playing, we have to obey the rules made by the winner.”

“Okay, you first,” Sin’s gaze raked over his body. The heat of the fire they were sitting in front of warmed his bare skin. They were both shirtless, sitting on the throw rug playing their game of cards. Adam couldn’t help but notice the way the firelight danced across Sin’s well-muscled bare chest. His caramel-colored skin seemed to almost glow as each muscle rippled with every move Sin made. Adam licked his suddenly dry lips and laid out his hand.

“Straight flush. Beat that!” Adam challenged as he proudly displayed his cards for Sin to see.

Sin eyed them, but there was no noticeable change in his facial features. Despite his excellent poker face, Adam knew he’d already won. A straight flush was a good hand and one not easily beat.

“You play a mean game of poker, pup, but I’m afraid your good luck has finally run out.” Sin threw down his cards. “Read ’em and weep.”

Adam blinked a few times as he registered the hand Sin had been hiding all this time. A royal flush, he couldn’t believe it. He sighed in defeat. “Well, I guess you won this round.”

“Now for my prize.” Sin’s voice held a hint of desire and it made Adam wonder if he would take the opportunity Adam was giving him. Sin leaned in close to Adam, so close Adam could feel his breath against his skin.

“Y–yes?” Adam’s heart beat loudly as he looked into Sin’s eyes. He swallowed nervously.

“Strip.” The command was simple, but Adam could hear the lust in Sin’s tone as he gave the order.

Adam stood on shaky legs and pulled off the remainder of his clothing until he stood before the Were completely naked. He wasn’t sure where this was headed. He’d counted on winning, but now the tables were turned. He silently hoped that Sin would take the hint and realize Adam’s intentions.

If Sin’s asking him to strip was any indication, then Adam would guess that the message was understood especially given the way he was looking at him now. Sin’s eyes moved across Adam’s body, admiring every inch of him. Adam’s heart was beating erratically as he waited for Sin to say something. Anything.

“Tell me, Were, what kind of other games do you like to play?” Sin’s voice was low with lust as Adam struggled to find the confidence to say what he wanted to.

“I–I…” He hesitated as he contemplated baring his inner most secret desires to the other shifter. He had always fantasized about surrendering to another man.

“I don’t know. I’ve never really been with anyone that I trust enough to play any games with,” Adam said with emphasis. They were definitely no longer talking about their card game. Somehow, from the time Sin had ordered Adam to strip and this moment now, the meaning had shifted and Adam’s mouth watered in anticipation of how far Sin would take him.

Sin stood up. “An honest answer, I can work with that. How about we forget cards and play a new game, one where I make the rules and in exchange”—he paused as he circled Adam and ran a finger down his spine before leaning in and whispering into his ear—“I’ll give you the best sex of your life.”

Sin wrapped his hand around Adam’s waist, pulling him close. Adam’s cock jumped at the proposition, already hardening at the prospect. His breath was coming in sharp gasps as all his fantasies came to mind. Could Sin be the one to finally fulfill his needs? “So what do you say, pup? Think you can handle submitting to a lone Alpha wolf?”