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A visit from Lila Munro, BethAnn Buehler, Chris Craven and J.L. Oiler

I'm thrilled to welcome Lila Munro, BethAnn Buehler, Chris Craven and J.L. Oiler to my blog today. I've fascinated by the story of how they got together and collaborated on this joint project. BEACON BAYOU is the first book in their new series Force Recon. It's great mix of romance ( MF and MM ), adventure, and wonderful characters you'll fall in love with. 

Force Recon, A Bit of History...

Last June four writers met on face book. After chatting for a few weeks and getting to know each other a bit better, those four writers exchanged phone numbers. Thus the Wicked Muses were born. As a team we got to collaborate in a shared writing experience with our "All I Want for Christmas is Redemption" anthology (Wild Horse Press, November 2010). Shortly after we turned in edits for Redemption, the Muses fell prey to growing pains and as we came out on the other side of that experience, we realized it was time to refocus.

Force Recon exists large in part to JL Oiler. During a late night chat between JL, Lila and I, JL asked if anyone was up for another joint project. We started brainstorming and the only parameters we set for ourselves was that we wanted something that would make a great spring break read featuring non-paranormal bad-asses (JL's favorite description of our guys). Within minutes, we decided on a group of black ops warriors that found their personal lives far more treacherous than anything the enemy could throw at them.

Wanting to add a fourth Muse back to the team, we girls strong armed Chris into joining us and after several months of planning and sharing our characters with one another, Gabe, Aaron, Regan and Brogan came to life.

If the team survives their vacation to Beacon Bayou, I think they'll be adding a couple of new members which also allows us the chance to welcome JA Lawson to our ranks.

BethAnn Buehler

And a look into the characters...

Lila: So, Chris--what did you find was the most enjoyable thing about writing the anthology?

Chris: The most enjoyable part of writing the anthology was learning about the marines and the role of black operatives in general. Until working with Lila, JL and BethAnn on this piece, I didn't have a clue how the USMC played such an integral part in military ops and just how extreme some men and women are willing to go to protect our freedoms. Jeanne-- did you learn anything new about yourself while writing Aaron's character?

Jeanne: I actually learned a good bit about my own way of thinking and communicating with others. Prior to writing Beacon Bayou, I had very limited experience really working so closely with others in story development. I was always able to allow my own ship to go where ever the water took it. With this story, however, we had a certain place we wanted to reach so my writing was much more guided and set. What I discovered is that the process taught me to organize my thoughts to produce a more cohesive piece of work. In the end I believe this project has allowed me to improve as a writer. It also netted me some great friends. BethAnn, what did you think was the most difficult part of doing the anthology?

BethAnn: In my opinion, the most difficult part of writing this anthology was making sure that every character got the chance to have his own voice. In Beacon Bayou, readers are going to meet four very close-knit but uniquely individual guys and readers will get to live life through each of their eyes. Given that the stories are so interwoven, I felt it was important that within their group life, each character had a chance to have his own story as well. Lila, what inspiration went into creating your main character?

Lila: For people that are just getting to know me and may not know it, I'm the wife of a US Marine. I've been living this life for fourteen years now and the inspiration to create realistic military characters is all around me, I only need look out my door. I usually use marines as my heroes, but this time I decided to deviate a bit and give tribute to the guys and gals that keep our marines healthy both at home and while deployed. Corpsmen and women are an integral part of operations on any Marine Corps base as the USMC doesn't have their own medical personnel so they tap the Navy for those jobs. In fact, my next door neighbor is a corpsman. I'm thankful that these people give their time so freely to help keep my husband and his brothers and sisters well while in harm's way. So, Chris how did you see your character Regan develop and grow while resting and relaxing at Beacon Bayou?

Chris: Being the Hollywood pretty boy that he used to be, Regan had to overcome several struggles in both the way he reinvented himself for the rigors of his job and the way he had to grow given his bent toward being rather emotional at times. I can't speak for the other guys, but for Regan, he had two opposite kinds of obstacles to leap--keeping his own sexual preferences a secret and his love for Brogan, a man who was curious about his sexuality while posing as a hetero guy all along to keep "cover." BethAnn, what was your favorite part about writing Brogan?

BethAnn: Without a doubt my favorite part of writing Brogan was setting his utter lack of self confidence in the bedroom against his bigger than life, take no prisoners attitude in every other facet of his life. For me, a character is only as strong as their biggest weakness so to see this hunk of a warrior hit his knees wondering what in the hell to do with his feelings, and better yet, trying to get his hands around the fact that he might actually be in love, kept me coming back to the keyboard night after night. Jeanne, will readers get to see more of the team if they survive their vacation to Beacon Bayou?

Jeanne: Force Recon is in no way done yet. There are still missions left to complete and lives to save, including their own! Readers will get to learn even more about these sexy strong men as they head off on their next mission. Lila, any idea what lies around the corner?

Lila: I heard from their command that the team were last seen on the border of Mexico headed to Somalia. I know as far as Gabe is concerned, he and Ros have a rough road ahead with some tough issues to face. I'm also pleased to announce that we'll be welcoming JA Lawson to our team in Force Recon book two. Jeanne did you have an prior experience with the military that helped you channel Aaron's character?

Jeanne: I'm blessed to have come from a family filled with vets. Both my father and father-in-law served though neither were Marines. And I've always had a thing for a man in uniform so researching the topic was like shopping in a candy store. Aaron is also a survivor of a different sort. He has a lot of self worth issues which he's forced to face while at Beacon Bayou. I called upon a good friend who had personal experience in that area to help me get better insight into Aaron's emotion and reactions. Chris, how did you feel about the final story?

Chris: I feel satisfied with the final story. For me, writing about a gay Marine was one of those controversial topics because of the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" thing. But deep down, the story is more than just that. I felt as if we as a group utilized this anthology as a therapeutic technique of sorts. This was a story that needed to be told. Lila, when describing Roslyn in such detail, did you ever think it would be as emotionally "trying" as it turned out to be?

Lila: That's such a great question. I'm known for tackling tough issues head on. My characters always have a ton of problems and I'm never afraid to talk about controversial ideas that might otherwise seem over the line so to speak. Not since writing Madi Melbourne in Bound By Trust have I had such an emotionally trying character. I do live through and with my characters in a very intimate way, and while I knew that Ros would take a lot out of me, I must admit she was probably the hardest character emotionally I've written to date. Her issues stem from a health stand point and I think a lot writers might find crossing that bridge out of line and taboo. For me, it's important to share those real life experiences and I completely believe they can be dealt with with tact and compassion. At the same time, it's emotionally draining to get so inside someone's troubled thoughts and emotions. I found myself in tears more than once telling Ros' story, but I'd do it all again. And I'm sure the tears aren't left behind. There are more to come while Gabe's in Somalia. BethAnn, you're character Brogan is closest to Chris' character Regan--do you think they had a satisfactory ending to their story and can you give us some hint as to where their relationship might be going later on? Any women in Brogan's future?

BethAnn: Well, things were going pretty well until command interrupted the party, so to speak. As the team heads off in the middle of the night to God knows where, Brogan finds himself wondering how to keep his head in the game on the job and keep an eye on Regan. There's no question that the pair are committed to one another, but between the women who keep landing on Brogan's doorstep and the little lady that's trying to get to know Regan better, the boys have their hands full. And that's not to mention saving the world while trying to stay out of harm's way. Jeanne, care to share any final thoughts about the project with readers?

Jeanne: Sure, I think readers won't be able to miss falling for the guys of Force Recon. They're the injured knights in shining camo that we all want to save us. The story itself is so intertwined that instead of giving readers four separate pieces, Force Recon offers readers a single cohesive story with several points of view. We have drama, action, romance, and everything in between to help our readers step into the world of our recon team like they've never experienced before. Any final thoughts from you, Chris?

Chris: Final thoughts? Wow! I'd just like to share that I truly think readers will enjoy this captivating story that not only sweeps you off your feet with four hunky leading men, but offers a bit of suspense and shock straight to the chest when readers discover our guys have some extra baggage of sorts. Like the saying, "A house is not a home..." "A vacation isn't a vacation" either. Bring tissues and a Crown and Coke--you might find you read the entire book in one sitting. How about you, Lila? Any closing thoughts?

Lila: I'd like to toss out that I think readers will be pleasantly surprised to find so many sub-genres encompassed in Beacon Bayou--we have everything from a sensual m/f relationship between Ros and Gabe, to a more erotic encounter between Aaron and Scarlett, to a steaming m/m relationship between Brogan and Regan. I think there's something here for any lover of romance. It was a joy to work with such great talent and combine each of our "specialties" into one work. I can't wait to get the next installment finished. BethAnn, any final thoughts from you?

BethAnn: You know, this has been such an exciting project to work on, I'm just anxious to get Force Recon into readers hands and let the guys work their magic. Being able to share in the creation of such a dynamic story leaves me wanting more of the recon boys. I hope they all make it home safely...

Looking for a splendid place to visit? Welcome to Beacon Bayou! Come wander Big Thicket National Preserve... For one four man Marine Force Recon team, a vacation was just what the doctor ordered. Or in their case, the team corpsman.

Fresh off a mission in the jungle of South America, rest and relaxation are Recon's number one priorities. But for Gunnery Sergeant Brogan Baker, Sergeant Aaron Wolf, Corporal Regan Maxwell, and Chief Gabriel Sanchez, this vacation will test their strength unlike any mission ever has.

After a string of failed relationships, Brogan Baker is questioning his sexuality. Surely Regan Maxwell can't be the answer to Brogan's problems, can he? Besides, Regan’s a former Hollywood pretty boy just trying to prove he has what it takes while keeping one foot firmly planted in the closet. Then Lily comes along. Can the two men foster their growing relationship and survive the presence of one tiny female?

Aaron Wolf, the unit lost sheep, agreed to the Texas get away thinking he could finally overcome the short comings his father points out every chance he gets. Meeting Scarlet might be the way out Aaron's been looking for, but it’s the beauty Gabe's got his eye on that shows Aaron there’s hope where he thought none existed. After losing his first wife over fifteen years ago, Gabriel Sanchez has sworn off women. But somehow Roslyn Romero manages to capture his heart. The only problem is she's got a host of her own issues that will push Gabe to the brink.

If that which doesn't kill us only makes us stronger, then the Force Recon team will either leave Texas in body bags or they'll have a new found resolve to live life to the fullest. Beacon Bayou beware. Recon never backs down.

You can get your copy of Beacon Bayou:

Please visit each of us at our respective websites:

BethAnn Buehler:

Chris Craven:

J.L. Oiler:

Lila Munro:

And check our publisher’s website for more Force Recon Anthologies coming in 2011:

Rebel Ink Press:

Thanks so much for hosting us today and thanks to all the readers for stopping by and spending some time with us! We truly appreciate you all!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Welcome to My YaHell

Anyone know a good web hosting service?

I thought I had one. Boy was I wrong. I’ve used Yahoo email for years so when I decided to get a domain name and set up a new website I went with Yahoo.

There were a few glitches here and there but nothing major. Until today. I tried to access my mailbox from Yahoo’s main site and a page popped up that said:


The page cannot be displayed

The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings.


Please try the following:

• Click the Refresh button, or try again later.

• If you typed the page address in the Address bar, make sure that it is spelled correctly.

• To check your connection settings, click theTools menu, and then click Internet Options. On the Connections tab, click Settings. The settings should match those provided by your local area network (LAN) administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).

• Some sites require 128-bit connection security. Click the Help menu and then click About Internet Explorer to determine what strength security you have installed.

• If you are trying to reach a secure site, make sure your Security settings can support it. Click the Tools menu, and then click Internet Options. On the Advanced tab, scroll to the Security section and check settings for SSL 2.0, SSL 3.0, TLS 1.0, PCT 1.0.

• Click the Back button to try another link.

502 - Cannot find server or DNS Error

Okay, I tried again. This time I got into my mailbox and a second later – you guessed it - the error page popped up. Several tries later I contacted Yahoo and got a live chat with Chad. He told me to clean my browser’s cache and disable the third party extensions. Didn’t help. Next he sent me a link to download Mozilla FireFox. You got to be kidding me! I told him I’m perfectly happy with IE. After thirty minutes chatting, he told me it had to be my ISP. Goodbye.

Now my nails are chewed down to my cuticles and steam is coming out of my ears. I went into my Yahoo business account and found an 800 number. Dave answered my call. He went into my account and came back with the good news – he duplicated my problem, so it definitely isn’t my ISP. (this is good news!?) The bad news – he couldn’t fix it.

Dave consulted his engineers who tried to rebuild my mailbox. Still didn’t work. Now they have to dig deeper and it could take 3 to 5 days to fix. This is a business account damnit! We’re not talking personal email, which is bad enough. This is something I pay for.

Calm down.

If anyone needs me, I’m on Facebook. And I have gmail.

I need coffee and aspirin.

to be continued…

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Virtual Life of Fizzy Oceans

At the start of the new year I received a review copy of David A. Ross's new novel, The Virtual Life of Fizzy Oceans. I announced the release and put the book on my to be read pile. The author asked me to provide a review by March 31 and I’m happy to say I’m reporting in over a month early. Once I started reading, it went quickly because I enjoyed the premise so much.

Our narrator, Fizzy Oceans, is the digital alter ego of Amy Birkenstock. While Amy, a medical clerk, is stuck in her office in Seattle, Washington, Fizzy resides in a virtual world and can go wherever she pleases. She’s able to visit places like ancient Babylon and Pompeii. She meets people such as Gandhi and Mark Twain. Anything is possible in her cyber world.

It’s a strange and intriguing story. It may sound like science fiction but the author incorporates technology that’s available today. I tend to live vicariously through characters in books, my own and other authors. It’s not a stretch to think someday I might have an exciting adventure through an avatar.

The book is well written and tackles some thought-provoking topics such as conservation and global warming. Sometimes it gets a little preachy but the author knows how to lighten the mood. He gives Fizzy a smart, yet playful persona and there’s even a bit of virtual sex in a place called the Sex Dungeon.

This book is not for everyone, but if you like stories of time travel, history and virtual alternate worlds, you will probably enjoy Fizzy’s adventures. Enjoy the excerpt below. This one is definitely worth a read. Who knows, we may all have a Fizzy Oceans in our future.


Meet Fizzy Oceans—archivist, researcher, environmentalist and adventurer. On her travels she witnesses The Exodus, the Battle of Gettysburg and Hurricane Katrina, as well as many other historical and real time events. She meets notable individuals including Gandhi, Mark Twain, Jacques Cousteau, The Dalai Lama, Saddam Hussein and even a new species called the Quinngen.

Such unique experiences and encounters spanning the world and time as we know them would not be possible for a single individual—especially not for a woman named Amy Birkenstock who works as a medical clerk in Seattle, Washington—but Fizzy Oceans, Amy’s digital alter ego, is not in Physical Life. She lives, works and travels in the virtual world where the dead are very much alive, places like ancient Babylon and Pompeii have been reconstructed, and with the click of a button—WHOOSH!—one is transported throughout the Ages to events and destinations that make up our human history.

Even as Amy’s physical life existence is challenged by encroaching environmental disaster, economic instability, and societal breakdown, Fizzy’s virtual world offers instant realization of vision and inspiration. The Virtual Life of Fizzy Oceans imagines the bridging of two worlds—the literal and the metaphorical—and questions what it is we have created, what has been lost, and what might be possible for us as individuals and for the Human Race.

Available at Amazon:


Also at: Open Books



Just In Case Anybody Out There Is Listening…

HI! MY NAME IS FIZZY OCEANS—at least that’s my emulation’s name here in VL (Virtual Life). I’m an official VL greeter. Let me offer you this welcome package. I’ll just place it in your cache, where you can read it later, at your convenience.

“Where am I?”

“Ah! I see you don’t have an emulation yet. Or a name…”

“What’s an emulation? Am I going to need one?”

“Oh, yes, my friend. You certainly are going to need one.”

Look! I became a citizen in Virtual Life about a year ago, and these days I spend most of my time here. The first time I logged on to VL, I was like you: uncertain, disoriented, and skeptical. I thought it was very strange here, but really fascinating, too. All these caricatures with strange names walking around in animated environments. I thought to myself: “What a bizarre game!”

But VL is not a game at all, that’s the really interesting thing about it. In some ways it’s exactly like Physical Life, but in other ways it’s totally different. If you like, I’ll show you what I mean.

Of course anybody can log on to Virtual Life. And it’s free to register, too. There are already millions of people in VL. They live in every country in the world: America (like me), Canada, Australia, and South Africa. I’ve met lots of people who live in Europe, and I have VL friends who live in Columbia and Japan and Israel and China! I even know one guy who says he lives in the remote mountains of Greenland! His emulation is called Igloo Iceman, and he tells everybody he meets in VL about how it’s getting warmer than it used to be above the Arctic Circle, and about how these days he sunbathes beside a lake that used to be a glacier. But I’m getting ahead of myself, so let’s transfer to the Hothouse (Orientation Center) and I’ll show you what my life here in VL is all about.


Once you’ve registered, the first thing you’ll have to do is to create an EM (emulation). An EM is a digital representation of you—a body, so to speak—so you can walk around and interact with other seedlings (Virtual Lifers). You might construct your EM to look similar to the way you appear in Physical Life, but you don’t have to. You can make your EM look any way you want it to look. You can be male or female, young or old, white or black or somewhere in between. You can have long hair, short hair, or no hair at all. You can have a tattoo. You can change your eye color every day if you want to. And you can dress very creatively in VL, because most of the rules and regulations in PL don’t exist in Virtual Life. (PL stands for ‘Physical Life’, which used to be called RL, or ‘Real Life’, until those of us in VL came to the realization that there was actually nothing any more real about what we have come to call ‘real life’ than other dimensions in which we exist, such as ‘Virtual Life’, where we are now, and NL, or ‘Natural Life’—not to mention FL, ‘Future Life’.) Here in VL we’re not defined or bound by our limitations, physical or otherwise, and we’re not prisoners of our expectations, or the expectations of others. In Virtual Life we can even fly!

One thing that is the same in VL as it is in Physical Life is that we have money. It’s not dollars or euros or yen. In VL the money is called greenshoots. The consortium that created Virtual Life, Seedbed Studios, named the currency. But that’s not important right now. What’s important is that we create your emulation so you’ll look good when you go out to meet people. Let me give you a thousand greenshoots to get you started here in VL. Don’t worry; it’s okay. Here lots of people give stuff away.

So, what are you going to call yourself? Or more specifically, what are you going to call your EM? Right from the start it’s easy to confuse VL with Physical Life, I know. But you’ll get used to that. After a while, you’ll barely notice which world you’re in. Which is more or less the point, isn’t it? Because in VL there are no rules concerning names, and the possibilities are endless. Here you can be the person you’ve always wanted to be, the one you always knew you were! Are you male or female? Are you light or dark? Are you kind and helpful, or mean-spirited and sarcastic? We’ll find out about that in good time, but for now, what will your VL name be?

Ah! Kizmet Aurora. What a splendid name! An EM is born.

Now, what about your gender: male, female, or somewhere in between? In Virtual Life it won’t really matter. Here we’re dealing with something more elemental. Emulations are only symbolic representations to give us a point of reference. In Virtual Life, everything is symbolic: the cities and villages, the landscapes and buildings, the weather, the clothes, the food… None of it is real, at least not in the PL sense. Yet, in another sense, it is even more real than PL. Anyway, you should fashion your EM however you choose—your skin, your hair, your make-up. Construct a man’s body or a woman’s body. Or a eunuch’s, I don’t care! Here in Virtual Life, I know an eleven-year-old kid (or a displaced American nun) who lives in Bolivia (or Brazil) and who walks around VL in the body of a hundred-year-old man. His EM’s name is Omar Paquero. What kind of craziness is that, Kiz?

Virtual Life is a big place. It has hundreds of smaller communities within the greater Virtual Life system, and it would not be possible to visit every VL community, let alone every establishment. In that sense it’s like Physical Life, you have to pick and choose. We connect with others and form relationships as a result of common interests, or through other friends we meet; but just as it is in Physical Life, whom one meets in VL is at least in part a matter of chance. Just as I do in PL, I have a core group of friends here in VL. I have my favorite places too, who doesn’t? I spend most of my time while logged on to VL at a place called Lit-A-Rama. I first decided to explore the REP (Replica) because in Physical Life I’m a voracious reader. What I found there was a community of VL literati. The first EM I met there was Crystal Marbella, and because we had common literary interests, Crystal and I became friends. Together we rented a VL shop that we now call Open Books. We publish classic literature (books no longer protected by copyright and now in public domain) on the worldwide web—books like Pride and Prejudice and Moby Dick and Lady Chatterley’s Lover, as well as many others—and we offer them free of charge to anyone who wants to read them. By republishing these books on the Internet, Crystal and I feel that we are doing something to preserve literature at a time when other media—media that is perhaps more glamorous or more compelling in the twenty-first century—threaten to obscure such timeless tales in favor of what? Stories that are devoid of any symbolic value whatsoever? Linear legends in living color whose messages are decidedly black and white? Redundant presentations devoid of metaphor that numb the mind into a smug and self-satisfied complacency so enveloping and so insidious that human behavior begins to mimic such mundane stories? I think you can see, Kiz, why Virtual Life had to be created. The culture cried out for it—not in its everyday voice, but in the voice that once moved shadow over the Face of the Deep. Which goddess was it, anyway, that first created Natural Life? Ki? Gaia? Moria? Caillech? I’m sure I’ll have much more to say about that, about NL, a bit later, but what I’m saying here is that the same creative force that made the world we have always known has also created Virtual Life. Of course the reasons are complex and the implications profound. That’s what we’re here to experience, Kiz. But first we have to create your EM. So I want you to right click your mouse, that’s it! Don’t be timid. Open your menu. It’s time to begin your Virtual Life.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Struggling Up a Steep Learning Curve

Have you upgraded your computer or software lately? I just did and it’s frustrating as hell. This isn’t the first time I’ve done this. When did the learning curve get so steep?

Two years ago I went from desktop to laptop. So many people gave high marks to Toshiba that I decided on a Toshiba Satellite L350. Another point in its favor – it was one of the few models that I could get with Windows XP. I didn’t want Vista. The computer arrived and I couldn’t wait to set it up. My excitement over my new purchase waned as soon as I fired it up.

I had a different blog back then and as soon as I logged on, I knew the laptop was not displaying the colors correctly. I adjusted settings, looked for new drivers, called customer support – all to no avail. Finally I was told to bring it in. Fortunately there was a service center close to home. The tech set my laptop next to his and compared. Yep, I wasn’t crazy. My display was bonkers. He kept the laptop and replaced the monitor.

Two weeks go by and I notice my keyboard is not responding. We take another trip to the service center. They work their magic and things seem to be okay for awhile.

Then my one day my display was distorted and I couldn’t get it back. My husband took a look, twisted the top back and forth a few times and voila, it was fine. His diagnosis – loose connection. Then it started happening a few times a week. Then a few times a day.

Of course I was out of warranty by then. I was trying to decide if I wanted to spend some money on repairs when I got the blue screen of death. It was a shock. I hadn’t seen one of those since Windows 3. When I started getting them once a week I threw my hands up and said enough!

This time I ordered a Dell XPS 17. It’s sleek and beautiful and has the back-lit keyboard I longed for. But I can’t use it. It came with Windows 7 and Word 2010. The learning curve is steeper than I had hoped and right now I just don’t have time to sit down and get comfortable with the new software. I’m used to Word 2003. I don’t want to start doing edits in 2010 and screw everything up. Not to mention Win 7 is a lot different than Win XP.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress. I just hope this new laptop will last many, many years so I don’t have to go through this again in the near future.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Coming Soon!


A Contemporary M/M Romance

Can Andy and Paul save their rocky relationship by bringing another man into their bed, or will it drive them even further apart?

After falling passionately in love, Andy and Paul are totally committed to each other. But when the two-year itch infects their relationship, Paul becomes distant and refuses to talk about it. Paul is the love of Andy’s life and he’ll do anything to make him happy, even if it means bringing another man into their bed. But is it really the answer? Or will it drive them further apart?

Zach flees to Los Angeles to escape his abusive father. He plans to use his good looks to get into the film industry but catching that big break is harder than he thought. He decides to try his luck in San Francisco. He has no money but if he can find someone to put a roof over his head, he’ll trade sex for security. When two smokin’ hot guys pick him up on the Pacific Coast Highway, he thinks he hit pay dirt. He never expected to actually fall for them.

Coming Soon from Silver Publishing!

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Sunday!

The Romance Review

It's been one helluva a weekend - lots of blog hopping and Facebook chatting.
There's still some giveaways going on at Fire Pages and Tales to Tantalize.
And some great new reviews.

And a top pick for CALL OF THE WILD.

The Romance Reviews gave 4 Stars to CAPTIVE. You can read the review here:

Zee at Fire Pages gave 5 Stars to CAPTIVE. Here's the review:

And 4 Stars to POINT OF BEGINNING. Check it out here:

Happy Sunday!

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Where the heck am I?

This might seem a little weird but I’m doing a lot of blog hopping – and a few giveaways - today and tomorrow. It’s confusing, even to me, and I scheduled them, so I’m organizing. I even made a list.

So here’s where I am and where I’ll be. Please stop by and chat. I’d love to hear from you.

Today I’m at Pen of the Dreamer sharing an excerpt from my new release LOVE BYTES:

And I’m visiting Judie at Honey Bunny Promos talking about the new release:

Zee at Fire Pages reviewed CAPTIVE. Leave a comment to enter her Love at First Sight Giveaway for a copy.

Saturday 2-12, Zee will be posting a review of POINT OF BEGINNING. Leave a comment to be entered in her giveaway for a copy.

Saturday 2-12, I’ll be on the Silver Publishing Facebook page chatting and I have a few copies of LOVE BYTES to giveaway.

And due to a scheduling snafu I might be somewhere else tomorrow. If that happens I’ll let you know on Facebook.

I’m looking forward to seeing you!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thinking About Valentine's Day Yet?

It's February 9th and I'm thinking hearts and flowers. The cards are signed and ready to be mailed. Every year I tell my Valentine to forget the candy (maybe a new treadmill instead) but he ignores me. I do love the flowers though. And the holiday. It's a time to remind that special someone, family and friends how much we love them.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Trying to Beat the Winter Blahs

I hate the winter. It’s cold, it snowed again and I feel claustrophobic and cooped up. This gloomy weather is making me grumpy and giving me the munchies. By the time spring rolls around I’ll be rolling around with ten pounds of extra weight that I need like a hole in my head.

I think I have Seasonal Affective Disorder. This is for real. Millions of Americans suffer from SAD. It’s a biological condition caused by a deficiency of sunlight and it causes depression, lethargy, and a craving for sweets and starch.

Yesterday I decided I needed to do something about it. Here's my short list.

Exercise – There’s no excuse. I have a treadmill.

Make a dent in my to be read pile.

Clean out the storage room that used to be my basement.

Start writing a new story that takes place in a warm setting.

Catch up with The Weekend Novelist.

So how do you stay cheery during the cold winter months? Any help will be greatly appreciated?

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