Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The New Man in my Life

On Sept. 27th at 3:30 a.m. I sent out my ms for the 2nd book in The Gentlemen’s Club series – SOME LIKE IT ROUGH. I fell asleep, woke up at 7:30 a.m. and for the better part of the day I felt like I’d just lost my best friend. In a way I did. My characters had become so much a part of my life, I didn’t know what to do with myself when I didn't have them to fuss over anymore. I needed some new men in my life so I pulled myself together and got back to business. The Valentine's Day story which had 0 words on my progress meter now has 500 and I have another conflicted guy to worry about, so it's all good.

Happy Reading and Writing!

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

** I'm in the Spotlight **

I’m on the hot seat, er in the spotlight at Romance Book Junkies.
Stop by and get a sneak peek at SILENT KNIGHTS and MATING CALL. And don't forget to enter the Welcoming the Fall Giveaway while you're there.

Here's an update on the status of my current projects. The final edits for MATING CALL were sent in yesterday. Hopefully I'll be able to share a release date with you soon.

Book 2 of my series, THE GENTLEMEN'S CLUB, is nearing completion and I hope to submit it this week. I'm still tossing around ideas for the title. You know how hard it is for me to make up my mind. I probably won't know for sure until I'm ready to send it in.

So even though I've taken way too many beach breaks, it's been a busy, productive week. And now my butt is glued to the chair until I finish the WIP.
Happy reading & writing all!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

** Welcoming the Fall Giveaway **

The time has finally come for the Welcoming the Fall Giveaway at Romance Book Junkies and Danielle is offering CALL OF THE WILD prize packs for two lucky winners. They include paperback copies of the book, pendants, pens and a bunch of other stuff. There’s also a young adult prize pack.

Stop by and fill out a form for a chance to win and check out Danielle’s list of over 50 other blogs giving away books or items related to books.


You can find Danielle’s August 23rd review of CALL OF THE WILDS here:


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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hunks In Hardhats Invade My Beach

I got up this morning thinking I’d see the same old boring view – sun, sand and surf. Instead I saw a hunky blond ponytail in a hardhat and boots. On my beach. Under my balcony.

 Was I still asleep, dreaming about a plot for my next book? No. It was all real and it could only mean one thing. It’s time to fix the beach.

 This was a really bad year for east coast beaches and OC was hit hard. The good news is that we were due for beach replenishment anyway. It’s done every four years. The bad news is that the project had to be expanded because we had so much erosion. There’s more to it than making a bigger beach. The beach and dune system protects the properties and the island behind them – kind of like a levee system.

 The idea is to pump sand from the ocean floor onto the beach. I watched the process last year and it is fascinating, not to mention all the man candy. This will go on until November. Of course I’ll have to stick around and document everything. Hey sometimes we have to sacrifice for the sake of research.

 Gotta run. It’s time for my walk.

To be continued.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Views From The Beach

It’s morning. This is the view I wake up to. I look out at the water and I have to run down to the white sand and dip my toes in the surf.

There are no sounds of motorcycles here. Just sea gulls and surf. It’s so peaceful. A warm breeze surrounds me.

 The summer is officially over but not for me.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

*It's Delmarva Bike Week*

This is the best time of the year to go to the beach – the weather is perfect, the crowds have thinned out, no traffic… Uh, not exactly.

I totally forgot this was Delmarva Bike Week. I came down Wednesday and saw a few bikes. On Thursday there were a few more. By Friday, tens of thousands of bikers had descended on OC, filling the streets and the restaurants.

But boy are they fun! These people know how to party and they bring a lot of business to the town. And I love to look at the bikes. Maybe I’ll get a ride on the back of a Harley. Like I said – this is the best time of the year to go to the beach!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Review on Fire Pages for CALL OF THE WILDS

There’s a new review for CALL OF THE WILDS on Fire Pages.

Zee said “I loved this book! I cannot stress how glued I was to the pages.”

Stop by and leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of the ebook. MATING CALL will be released pretty soon and here’s your chance to get a copy of the first book in the BLACK WOLF GORGE series and get up to speed. Come back on the 16th for my interview and find out if you’re a winner on the 17th.

Thanks so much for spotlighting me this week Zee!

Fire Pages:


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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

One Lovely Blog Award

I won this award from Jude Roust at Mad About Romance. Thank you Jude! It's much appreciated.

I pass this award to:

This is how the award works:

Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.

Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered.

Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

My New Cover for ** SILENT KNIGHTS **

I was so not wanting to get out of bed this morning. Too much to do and not enough time to do it. Edits to send out, interview questions to answer… And I had no idea what to blog about this morning.

Reluctantly, I got busy. Then I opened my email and saw the cover for my upcoming release – SILENT KNIGHTS – from Silver Publishing. And my eyes popped open. Who wouldn’t want to wake up and see Jimmy Thomas first thing in the morning. He's the guy on the left, in the plaid shirt. (fanning myself as I write this)

A big thank you to the very talented Reese Dante, who created this cover and captured Andy and Paul so completely.

I’ll tell you more about the book as we get closer to the release date. I just couldn’t resist sharing the cover.

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

4 Stars from RT BOOK REVIEWS Magazine for CALL OF THE WILDS

4 Stars from RT BOOK REVIEWS Magazine for CALL OF THE WILDS

I just got a copy of the October issue of RT BOOK REVIEWS Magazine and was delighted to see a 4 Star Review for CALL OF THE WILDS.

I’m reprinting it below. If you don’t read this magazine you’re missing a lot. As an avid reader I've subscribed for years and it's always been my go-to reference when I'm deciding what books to purchase. And besides the hundreds of reviews in every genre, there are interviews and articles for readers and writers alike. Find out more here: http://www.rtbookreviews.com/

Here's the review:
by Gale Stanley

Genre: E-book, Paranormal, Erotic Romance

**** RT Rating

Stanley’s story is a hot erotic ride from passion to love and trust. When these two get together, the pages sizzle. Readers will love that Malcolm almost saves Karin’s life but then proceeds to turn it upside down in a romance that has both of them re-evaluating their lives.

SUMMARY: Karin Stone moves to Black Wolf, Pa., to take over the wildlife preserve, and Malcolm Conner saves her when a discussion regarding a wolf attack turns violent. He has reasons beyond his attraction to her for saving the wolf — he recognizes her as a fellow shifter. But now they must free the wolf before anyone can discover her identity.

They eventually fall into bed, but Malcolm is torn between doing the right thing for his race and following his heart. Karin has a few decisions of her own to make as she clings to her sanity and her secret. (SIRENPUBLISHING.COM, dl $5.50)

Reviewed By: Sabrina Cooper
Published: October 2010

You can find CALL OF THE WILDS online at:


Amazon Kindle:

Amazon Print:

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Meet BethAnn Buehler, author of The Rebel Canyon Series

BethAnn Buehler, author of The Rebel Canyon Series graciously consented to stop by for an interview.

Thank you, BethAnn for agreeing to take the hot seat today.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I've been married 17 years and our little boy just started fourth grade. Honestly, with all of the craziness in this world today, I consider my family to be my greatest accomplishment. We're still making it work every day. I'm an avid tennis player, reader, movie buff and music lover. I drive too fast. I love my iced tea. And, I have two Silky Terriers that are spoiled rotten.

Tell us about your current title.

BROKEN TOGETHER is the first in a three part series of novels featuring a small town called Rebel Canyon where readers invest in the lives of three close friends. Bryn Baxter is hugely successful professionally but when it comes to relationships, let me just be candid--she's a mess. When her otherwise orderly life falls apart, Bryn gets help from a hired gun, Beck Reynolds. Bryn wants the fairy tale but she doesn't want to have to think about how to make it all work. So Beck takes control...

Where is your novel set and why did you make this specific choice?

The Rebel Canyon Series was born on a mountain in Utah. I was hanging out and reading in the lodge at Deer Valley (Utah) while my husband and son were out skiing. I took several books to read for the week since I don't ski and honestly, each one I finished left me flat. By the end of the third day (and the fourth dissatisfying book), I ran to the gift shop, bought a notebook, refilled my hot chocolate and decided I could do better. Hence the Utah setting for the series.

How did you come to write this particular book?

I'm a former teacher turned stay-at-home mom to a terrific little boy with Asperger's Syndrome, which is a very mild form of Autism. My hubby works very hard so that I can be here raising our son. It's the hardest job I've ever had but it's my favorite. I started writing to carve out personal time for myself as a way to escape some of the stress in my daily life. Without really knowing where I was headed at the time, I created a contemporary romance with strong fetish/erotic elements. I know it sounds corny but I love "love". I love the underdog, the person who deals with their own brokenness and finds the courage to make their life happen against the odds, whatever those might be. That's why I write romance. I really want the happily-ever-after.

What are your writing habits?

I love to research the finer details of my books. That's to say that if I state the name of a gun, let's say, I know enough about that weapon to know how far it shoots, the noise or lack thereof it makes when fired, it's cost... For The Rebel Canyon Series, I've gone to underground leather clubs and interviewed couples practicing various degrees of the lifestyle. I've consulted a doctor for the medically technical parts, an attorney for all of the legal parts and I have a military consultant for the weapons and communications aspect. I'm my own automobile expert so the wonderful cars my characters drive are all me. I'm not so big on outlining although as I'm wrapping my first series, I've needed an outline just to make sure I give proper closure to that various storylines I've introduced. And, I try to write everyday and usually set a goal of about 3,000 words. My muse and I are both Type A personalities so we're very goal oriented. However, I'm raising a little human so I don't always make it.

Are your family and friends supportive of your writing?

My husband is very proud of me but a bit embarrassed to read my work. Because he flinched first, I don't share it with him. In fact, other than reading these interviews and visiting my author's website, he's never read a word of my stuff. I told him he can read it when he buys it! I'm also blessed to have four critique partners, women whom I respect and trust to give me honest feedback. And I have to say my oldest and dearest girlfriend, Sheri, has been there every step of the way offering opinions and questioning my story line and ideas. I always tease that without her my novel would have been a paragraph. She's the best line editor in the business.

What are your thoughts on love scenes in romance novels, do you find them difficult to write?

It depends on how technical or how fetish they are. Research is key here and I will admit, I have to be in a certain mood to write my heavier sex scenes. Same goes for a fight scene. If someone makes me mad, I guarantee my characters are going to fight when I write that day.

What is the most rewarding thing about being a writer?

Holding my novel in my hands, knowing that I'm fulfilling one of my dreams.

Thanks so much BethAnn!

The Rebel Canyon Series
Broken Together (September 14th, 2010, Wild Horse Press)
Broken Destiny (February 2011, Wild Horse Press)
Broken Identity (October 2011, Wild Horse Press)

To purchase BethAnn's novels, please visit one of these fine book sellers: http://www.allromanceebooks.com/


BethAnn can be reached online at: http://www.bethannbuehler.com/

Email: bethann@bethannbuehler.com

Facebook at: BethAnn Buehler.

BethAnn can also be found blogging with her romance writing sisters at: http://www.wickedmuses.webs.com/

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

CALL OF THE WILDS now available in paperback! *Celebration Giveaway*

CALL OF THE WILDS is now available in paperback!

I had no idea. A friend told me they went to my Kindle page and saw the paperback listed. I love my Kindle but I can’t wait to hold the print version in my hand.

And to celebrate I'm offering a pen, notepad and bookmark to go along with your copy. Just email me a proof of purchase - some little snippet of your receipt will do - and I will snail mail the goodies.

This is great timing for all the readers who have told me they’re waiting for the print version. You have time to read it before Book 2: MATING CALL is released.

If you want to add CALL OF THE WILDS to your bookshelf, here’s the Amazon link:


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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Don’t Play the Waiting Game

I can’t believe it’s September already. This summer passed in a blur of writing frenzy. And there is no rest for the weary. Yesterday I submitted CAPTIVE to the publisher and promptly fell asleep across my keyboard. I vowed I’d take a break last night. Instead I wrote a piece for a guest blog I have coming up on Savvy writers later in the month.

Today I’m thinking about three new projects. Glutton for punishment. No. The fact is I gotta get those ideas down before they evaporate like so much smoke in the wind. Besides it keeps me sane. The writer's emotional rollercoaster that goes from anticipation to fear to dread, plays havoc with the nervous system. Instead of sitting here biting my nails and worrying about responses, rejections and reviews, I rolled up my sleeves and got back to work.

 Here’s what’s coming up. It looks like The Roses are putting off our WEEKEND NOVELIST project until year. This is a good thing for me and I voted for it. I’ve already replaced the project meter with a new one for book four of the BLACK WOLF GORGE series, only it’s not BLACK WOLF GORGE anymore. The setting is now New Mexico, where the majority of the clan resides, and the series will take on a new name, which I haven’t thought of yet. The second project is book 2 of THE GENTLEMEN’S CLUB. And I have an idea for a Valentine story for Silver’s Anthology.

So get busy out there and happy writing!

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