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Spider Green Series by Norm Harris #Mystery #AuthorInterview #Giveaway




Fruit of a Poisonous Tree, Book 1

Faydra “Spider” Green is a dedicated Navy JAG lawyer who has lived her life in the shadows of a great and powerful man: her father, former President of the United States William Green. Green cannot heal the wound in his relationship with his daughter. His former power and influence curse Faydra and cause her to wonder if her accomplishments were her own doing.

 A lawyer by trade, Faydra is both anxious and excited as she undertakes her first homicide investigation: —the brutal murder of a Navy SEAL. She reasons that a successful investigation will provide her the opportunity to validate her sense of self-worth. Thanks to her remarkable deductive abilities, Faydra soon realizes that the accused man, a Special Ops Marine war hero, may be innocent and that the Navy is using her as a pawn in a complex cover-up.


 Meanwhile, a seasoned Navy Sea Captain, Egan Fletcher, whose wife had died eight years earlier, struggles to balance his Navy career with raising a son. When the Navy purposefully pairs him with Faydra in a meeting, the two Navy officers embark on an adrenaline-pumping adventure. It is a top-secret mission- impossible that will take them halfway around the world in an attempt to avert a catastrophic act of terrorism in the form of, a biological war.


 Set against the dramatic backdrop of Washington State’s Puget Sound and the mystique of East Asia, Faydra’s story revolves around a woman who appears to be as pure as the driven snow—yet, she is driven by an insatiable need to complete any assignment, no matter how dangerous. Along the way, she transforms into a symbol of hope, perseverance, and a woman’s ability to overcome life-threatening events.


Arid Sea, Book 2

Faydra “Spider” Green is a spirited Navy lawyer who wants nothing more than to do the right thing and see justice done. After reconciling with her father, former President William Green, Fay is asked to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Alvin Joe, a retired admiral. He has vanished – seemingly into thin air – from his Florida home, along with secret files for a top-secret military weapon. Alongside her bubbly, quick-witted sister and a handsome, affable Sheriff, Fay sets out to track down Joe. But she soon finds herself embroiled in a deeper and far more sinister plot involving an unscrupulous corporation, the mafia, and a truly evil man who has his sights set on destroying her.


Deception Pass, Book 3

Faydra “Spider” Green has had a storied career as a Navy lawyer, all while juggling being the daughter of a former U.S. President. She has successfully navigated complex diplomatic situations, pulse-pounding legal investigations, and dangerous military missions, managing each time to save the day. But now, Fay finds herself faced with a task unlike anything she has ever tackled before: fierce mafioso Roman Justine, the man who had nearly cost Fay her life, has seemingly returned from the dead. Now, Justine, hellbent on revenge, poses a threat to Fay and national security. Fay will have to go to extraordinary lengths to stop him, even tampering with the bounds of time and space.


The Girl Who Knew Death, Book 4

 Katrinka Lavrova is a young Russian espionage agent discovered by Russian Navy Captain Lavrov at the age of nineteen. Katrinka worked as both a spy and a sparrow since age thirteen to support her aged parents. Lavrov rescues the woman and becomes her guardian. Captain Lavrov introduces Katrinka to Fay. Fay asks Katrinka to help her steal the top-secret plans from Roman Justine’s office safe. Fay grows fond of Kat and offers her a fresh start in the United States. Katrinka dares to hope for a better life by accepting Fay’s offer.


Navy lawyer and former First Daughter Faydra (Fay) Green is no longer quite so haunted by the dark events of her recent past and is hoping for some well-deserved rest. But her world is once again turned upside down when a shocking secret about her adopted daughter, Katrinka (Kat), is revealed. But before Fay can help Kat make any decisions about her future, Kat is captured and thrown into an Egyptian prison. She manages to escape but must flee to safety across Europe, trying to stay one step ahead of several mysterious pursuers. Soon, Fay and Kat discover they are being chased by more than ordinary forces – Azrael, the Angel of Death, has taken a puzzling interest in their situation and a dangerous demon appears to be stalking Kat’s every move. It will take all of Fay’s strength and ingenuity to meet these and other challenges looming ahead of her, while Kat must ask herself what she truly wants out of life.



Occasionally, the glow cast by the divers’ torches below her would momentarily disappear. She supposed—prayed—it was perhaps Romeo or Juliet passing between her line of sight and the torches, temporarily interrupting the beams of light, rather than a predator.


Fay grew fascinated by the many air bubbles emitted by the divers, reflected in the light of their torches’ eerie glow. Like a surreal field of vapor flowers, they appeared and disappeared as they slowly wobbled toward the surface. Fay reached for a bubble but instead found it to be a jellyfish, not a bubble as she had first thought.


Fay stopped sinking. Although she could not see it, she assumed they had reached the wreck. She brought her wrist to within inches of her face to check the luminous reading on her depth gauge. Eighty-seven feet.


She strained her eyes in a vain attempt to see through the black water. Fay may as well have been swimming in a cup of Seattle’s Best Coffee. All she could see was the light from the torch she held in her hand. She experienced complete disorientation. No up, no down. Someone, Andrew Lawrence perhaps, grasped her wrist. He was dragging her somewhere. She saw a deck rail, then a deck, and finally passed through a hatchway. They were now inside the Carr. There was only one light ahead of her—Andrew’s.



AUTHOR Interview

Do you have a day job as well?

I have a day job. I am an investment banker for one of our nation’s large banks. I develop relationships with their high net worth customers (millionaires). 


Where do you get your ideas? 

My ideas come from places I have visited and people I have known. Current events also play into it. My fourth book was inspired by the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. I spotted the problem several years ago, wrote about it, and now we have what we have. It is an unfortunate situation. 


Do you ever experience writer’s block?

 Yes, right now.


Do you work with an outline or just write? 

I write. One time through, start to finish. Kind of like a one-and-done approach.


 Is there any particular author or book that influenced you either growing up or as an adult?

Ian Fleming, Nelson DeMille, Jack London, Agatha Christie, and Erle Stanley Gardner.


Can you tell us about your challenges in getting your first book published? 

I was lucky I remembered to mention the first book while I was pitching my third book to a publisher. I asked if they would be interested in the other three I had written. They said, “sure!” I submitted all of my books. They were accepted and are now published. May 12th release for The Girl Who Knew Death.


 Can you tell us about your upcoming book?

 Rain and Wind and Fire was inspired by the song. They call the Wind Mirah. Do you know it? All of my books are inspired by a piece of music or two. I write the story around the song. The idea for Fruit of the Poisonous Tree was inspired by the Looking Glass song, Brandy

Near the end of The Girl Who Knew Death, Katrinka meets the demon Mazikim. Mazi tells her about a girl child born in Bosnia who will possess a destructive power. She will threaten all that Katrinka has worked to create. As it turns out, the girl is one of three sisters. All unique possing powers to control the elements. Rain, wind, and fire. Katrinka’s challenge is to either eradicate the destructive sisters or bring them to aid her cause. 


 Is anything in your book based on real-life experiences or purely all imagination? 

Always imagination inspired by real-life experience. 


 What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?

As it turns out, I have grown fond of the scenes between Katrinka, the princess spy, and Azrael, the angel of death. And Faydra and her sister, JP. 


How did you come up with the title?

Fruit of the Poisonous a legal concept; improper evidence can taint all presented evidence in a court trial. My books are about Faydra “Spider” Green, a lawyer. 

Arid a paradox. That which is arid is void of moisture. A sea is void of dryness.

Deception a location in Washington State and the name of a Navy special operations vessel. During WWII, the US Navy experimented with teleporting a ship from the harbor in Philidelphia to the port in Norfolk, Virginia. It was known as “The Philidelphia Experiment.” I based Deception Pass on the experiment.

The Girl Who Knew made up. There are a lot of “The Girl Who... or, The Girl With...” books. Bestsellers. As such, “girl” is a popular search term. The title was not spoken for, and it fit the story. My princess spy meets the archangel Azrael or the angel of death. Gets to know the angel as the story progresses. Hence, the girl who knew Death. Do you recall the movie “Death Takes a Holiday” or the Brad Pitt movie “Meet Joe Black?” I liked the film, so I used the idea for The Girl Who Knew Death.


 Author Bio and Links:


Norm Harris' first novel debuted on an Amazon bestseller list in 2002. It was a one-and-done, but now he's back with a plan to publish a couple of sequels to that first mystery/thriller of days gone by. Except for time spent in military service, he is a second-generation Seattleite (that's what they call those who dwell in the shadow of Mt. Rainier), with his legal beagle son, K-K, and five giant tropical fish. His upcoming release, Arid Sea, is the third book in what he hopes to be an award-winning Spider Green Mystery Story series.








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