Tuesday, May 10, 2022

PARTY ANIMAL by Gale Stanley #MFRWsteam hop #EROTICromance

The MFRW Steam hop is a monthly event hosted by Marketing for Romance Writers. If you like your romance to sizzle, then read on. There’s lots of steamy, spicy experts coming your way.

PARTY ANIMAL by Gale Stanley

Casey Cox is a porn star legend. Life is a never-ending party and there’s always a hot guy or two willing to play. Then Casey meets the one man who isn’t interested and suddenly it’s a challenge he can’t resist.

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Amazon: mybook.to/PartyAnimal

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B&N: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/party-animal-gale-stanley/1129144823?ean=2940161842621

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Just as well. I was sure Joey was just ribbing me. He crawled up my body and started teasing my nipples with his magic fingers and I forgot all about it. Leaning close to my chest, he pursed his lips and blew on each nipple. Paul came closer and moved around the bed to get a better shot.

Joey lapped at one nipple as caressed the other with his hand. He switched it up after thirty seconds. Then he alternated the licking with sucking. I started moaning and Joey lifted his head. Leaning over, he brushed his lips over mine. He had a knee between my thighs and he pressed it against my crotch, while he deepened the kiss. Women watch our videos too and they like to see us kiss.

Joey settled his body on top of mine and we started grinding. It was nice, but nothing we hadn’t done before. No sparks, no butterflies, just well-choreographed sex. We whimpered and moaned while we ran our hands over each other. Then Joey started licking a trail down my body toward my cock. But when he got to my navel, he did not pass go. Instead, he started using my belly button as his own personal plaything -- licking, kissing, and nipping at it until Max signaled him to go in for the kill.

“What do you think, Joey? Can you make me blow again?”

“Does a hobby horse have a wooden dick?”

Laughing, I pushed Joey’s head down until it was between my legs. He licked the head of my cock and gave my balls some attention, before taking me in and sucking my dick like a vacuum pump. Automatically I started a steady stream of dirty talk. “Take it all, Joey. Fuck, that feels good…”

In my head, I was wondering how much money I’d make on this movie. My agent had renegotiated my contract with the studio. I get a piece of the action every time they sell a video. I deserve it. Everybody in the industry and anyone who watches porn knows who Casey Cox is.

If only my parents could see me now. Not that they wanted to. Screw ‘em. I made good money. I had friends. And I had good sex -- with men. I’d had girlfriends in school, but that was back when I was still pretending to be someone I wasn’t. There’s just something about a man’s body and his touch that does it for me, especially --

Just then, Joey slipped a finger in my ass and jerked me back to reality. Electricity skittered up my spine. Joey pulled off my cock and a thick white stream shot from my dick, spraying his face and neck. He licked his lips suggestively and Paul caught it all with the camera.


Lisabet Sarai said...

Wow, Gale - this is HOT!

Thanks for joining the Steam Hop!

Anita Verebes said...

Oh, this got me GOOD. I love the humour, and LOVED the steam, but I also really enjoyed how much depth you've given Casey in just this short excerpt.