Saturday, January 8, 2022

Out now! The Hybrids Series is now available in German #gay #Paranormal


Exciting Update! My Hybrid Series has been translated into German.



Adam is a wolf hybrid, the result of a secret military research project that crossed animal DNA with human DNA to create the perfect soldier. He was never meant to see the outside world, but a gas explosion gives him a chance to escape.



Brad Walsh is a seasoned speleologist. His life revolves around caving and exploring the unknown and untouched, but by accident he is stuck underground. Salvation comes in the form of a shy stranger named Mace.



Loki is a puma walker, a product of mixed genetics, and was born in a secret military complex. When he is targeted by one of the guards, he is said to be used as a test subject and is sent home with Captain Thomas Sawyer. Loki knows his best chance to escape is to get close to the captain, but the plan backfires when he falls in love with his new master.



Slip-on rocker Jaegar Nash is actually a hybrid masquerading as human. Then he falls in love with his bodyguard and discovers that a jaguar cannot hide its spots.


On the website of Me and the Muse Publishing you will find translations of English-language gay romance books with a focus on shapeshifters, but everyday life, and fantasies as well. 

Buy your copies at:


You can also buy the books on Amazon, as well as other popular shops such as, iBookstore, Google, Weltbild,, Hugendubel ... Just search in the shop of your choice for the desired title and author.


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