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LOKI ~ a product of mix and match genetics #MFRWsteam


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Today I'm sharing a spicy tease from my paranormal erotic romance. Enjoy!


Loki (Hybrids 3)


Genre: Contemporary / Gay / Paranormal / Shape-shifter / Science Fiction

Publisher: Siren-BookStrand, Inc. (June 8th 2014)



Loki is a cougar-shifter, a product of mix and match genetics. He was born in a secret military complex where a mad scientist splices animal DNA with human. When a gas explosion levels the lab, a number of hybrids escape, creating a dangerous situation for humans. The Secretary of Defense decides to stop funding Dr. Shepard’s research.

Shepard needs money, and he reveals his new technology, a neurochip that will prevent shape-shifting. But the Secretary wants proof that hybrids will be able to function like humans in the outside world. When Loki is targeted by one of the guards, Shepard decides to use him as a test subject. He implants a chip, and sends Loki home with Captain Thomas Sawyer.

Loki knows his best chance of escape is to get closer to the captain, but the plan backfires when he finds himself falling for his new master.

Available at:

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00LEQMFCA/


Bookstrand: https://www.bookstrand.com/loki-stanley



Loki surprised Tom by sitting so close their thighs brushed. Tom slid over a bit, and started talking about the vegetation. “This is a Joshua Tree. They’re more common in California and Arizona.”


“I'm glad I can see it with you, Tom. I know I'll never get to California or Arizona.”


Tom wished he could tell him different, but he'd promised Loki he wouldn't lie to him.


Loki didn't seem to expect an answer. He closed his eyes and leaned back, stretching his long legs. His bare calf slid along Tom’s.


Tom thought his heart would pound right through his rib cage.  He'd never wanted anyone more, but Loki was not a potential conquest he picked up in a bar. The boy was an assignment, not a quick fuck. Tom moved a few more inches to the right. “Loki, I—”


Tom’s words ended in a choked gasp as Loki rubbed a hand over the sparse matted hair on his chest. The boy's nipples hardened to diamond points. 


“I’m really hot.”


Yes. You are. Tom’s breath hitched as his gaze traveled from Loki’s chest to the bulge in his shorts. He’d seen Loki’s cock, but not when it was engorged with blood. He imagined what it would look like, how it would taste…


Shimmying on his ass, Loki managed to move a bit closer to Tom.


If I move any further, I’ll fall off the damn rock. Tom's dick was throbbing painfully, and he was dangerously close to putting his hands on Loki, but there was a line he wouldn’t cross. He would not take advantage of a young man in a helpless position. I’m not a monster like Shepard.


Beads of sweat stood out on Tom’s forehead. Suddenly, Loki swept his fingers over Tom’s brow and captured them. The boy popped a finger into his mouth and sucked on it.


Jesus! Tom couldn’t take it anymore. He bolted up, and walked a few feet away. Turning his back on Loki, he tried to compose himself.


* * * *

Loki’s stomach knotted at the slight. Back at the lab it was the other way around. Could he have been so wrong about Tom? No. The human stunk of arousal. Loki marveled at Tom’s restraint, even though he didn’t understand it. What is he waiting for? He must see me as an easy conquest. After all I’m his captive here. He can do whatever he wants with me, and surely he can see that my penis is as fully engorged as his.

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Adriana said...

Well done - I have a feeling this seduction will ultimately succeed...

Fiona McGier said...

What restraint! It surely must be rewarded, as I'm sure it will be. Soon, for both of their sakes. Hot excerpt.

Gale Stanley said...

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Reading!

Daryl Devoré said...

Falling off the rock would be bad. Good thing he moved. Some space.