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She makes his wolf sit up and howl - The Beta's Spitfire by Gale Stanley #MFRWsteam


Welcome to the MFRW Steam blog hop! Check out some of the hottest romances around. Here’s a snippet from one of my shifter stories to whet your appetite. 

The Beta's Spitfire (Utopia 2) by Gale Stanley



Levi and I have always been best friends. Now he’s the pack Alpha and I’m his beta, a.k.a. the man who cleans up after his shit storms. This one is a doozy. He dumped his intended bride, and now it’s my job to take care of her while he goes off to find his soulmate. Delilah is beautiful, a real spitfire, and completely off limits. But she ignites a fire that makes my wolf sit up and howl.


I was meant to be the mate of an Alpha, so l accepted an arranged marriage with Levi. But the arrogant jerk dumped me right before the wedding. I’m no damsel in distress, so I took off for New York to live a life of independence. Along the way, I was kidnapped and my situation became desperate. When Samson came to my rescue, I never expected him to claim me for himself.




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The Beta's Spitfire (Utopia 2)


“I don’t want to be your babysitter.” I took my eyes off the road to look at Delilah. We made eye contact at exactly the same time and the connection was so powerful, I forgot where I was. I thought of all the dirty things I wanted to do to her.

“Watch out!”

Delilah grabbed the wheel and steered us back to our lane. I’d narrowly missed a head-on with an eighteen-wheeler. I took in a deep breath and steadied myself. “S-s-s-sorry.”

“No harm done. So, you don’t want to be my babysitter. What do you want?”

I want to be your lover, your mate, your partner. “I want to be your friend.”

“You are my friend, Samson. You’re the only one I trust to get me home. Milo just wants to fuck me.”

I felt my face grow hot. I’d just been thinking the same thing. She was just so damn gorgeous, so tempting. But unlike Milo, I would never hit on her. “Well, you don’t have to worry about that with me.”

* * *


Too bad. “Yes, you’re a perfect gentleman.” Despite my independence, I’d had little experience with men. She-wolves were supposed to wait for marriage and I’d been promised to an Alpha. In the past, I’d been tempted to have sex just to spite my father, but I’d never met anyone I deemed worthy of taking my virginity. Until now.

Why did it have to be a beta who woke butterflies in my stomach? He stared at me as if he wanted to eat me alive, and it was hot as hell. His scent, all male and oh so seductive, made me drool. Amazing. I only drooled when I smelled the scent of a fresh kill. I love deer meat. It really surprised me that I’d succumbed so easily to Samson’s powerful sexuality. I don’t think he realized how delicious he was. He had the kind of body that any woman would appreciate. That thought gave me pause. I didn’t want to think of him with someone else. I wanted him all to myself. I wanted my first time to be with him. Images of our naked bodies grinding together in passion flitted through my mind.

I gave myself a mental shake and tried to stop thinking about sex. I had other things to worry about, like staying alive and taking over the pack when I got home. But my head was between the sheets. It must be my wolf, frustrated and ready to mate. Well, the randy beast would not get its way. Samson was a pretty piece of eye candy, and tempting as hell, but he was a beta.

Still, I had to force myself to stop looking at him. Closing my eyes, I pretended to be asleep.

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Fiona McGier said...

No! Don't do it! Give in to your wolf! She knows better than you do, what's best for both of you!

Sign of a good writer--the reader gets invested in what happens.

Maggie Blackbird said...

Great scene. I always like a peek into the paranormal. I don't get a chance to read it that much, and this book sounds excellent.

Sadira Stone said...

Sounds like they're headed for quite the collision!

Sierra said...

She better snag that beta before some other she-wolf does!

Shari Elder said...

Great inner conflict for Delilah--working through the "he's a beta" thing. Fun snippet.

Gale Stanley said...

Thanks for reading! I appreciate the comments.

Ornery Owl of Naughty Netherworld Press and Readers Roost said...

I have the feeling that they won't be able to resist for long.