Sunday, October 11, 2015

Things are heating up in Bangkok #ScintillatingSunday #MMromance

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Here’s an excerpt from ONE NIGHT IN BANGKOK 

Kai blushed. “I never did anything like this before. But when I saw you at the bar, your aura was so positive, I had to know you.”
David bit back a laugh. Kai appeared serious. “My aura?”
“Yes. Every living being is surrounded by their own life energy. It comes from inside. Yours is very strong, David.”
David raised a skeptical brow. “What exactly did you see?”
“Colors that tell me you’re intelligent, honest—”
“And sexy as hell.” David was pleased to see Kai laugh. “I’m just kidding. Tell me more.”
“You do have a sexual aura, David. It comes naturally from you.”
“It’s called chemistry, Kai. And we have it with each other.”
“Call it what you will, David, I only know what I see.”
“Want to know what I see?” David didn’t wait for an answer. “I see the most desirable man I’ve met in years.” David met Kai’s gaze and a shock went through him. “It’s your eyes…They reflect exactly what I’m thinking.”
Kai seemed to stare right into his soul. “Tell me.”
“I like what I see. I want to see more. A lot more.”
The blood pounded in David’s ears, and his fingers tingled with a need to touch the man across the table. “I have business to take care of later, but….”

One Night in Bangkok

The temperature in Thailand is a humid ninety degrees but things are about to get a lot hotter. David Elliot is in Bangkok on business, but when he meets Kai, the younger man turns his world upside down. It was never meant to be anything more than a pleasant diversion but David can't walk away when it’s over.

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Christina Mandara said...

The most desirable man he's met in years... I sense explosions ahead! :)

Muffy Wilson said...

Fireworks are going off hailand. I can hear them now!! But with steel blue eyes and all that brawn, what is not going to explode?! xo

Melody Parks said...

Sounds like the start of something explosive. Great excerpt, Gale ヅ

Amber Lea Easton said...

Another great excerpt, Gale! These men are so sexy I can barely stand it! Snap, crackle, sizzle, baby!