Sunday, October 4, 2015

One Night in Bangkok ~ A #ScintillatingSunday Excerpt #MMromance

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This snippet is from ONE NIGHT IN BANGKOK

David took another swallow. Before Bernie taught him the ways of the corporate world, David drank nothing but beer—Blue Moon with a slice of orange, or Chimay whenever he could find it. Well, his ex had been right about one thing: nothing could replace a martini. Just like no one could ever replace the man who’d ordered him his first one. Oh, hell. David stared at the empty glass. His elixir had gone down way too easy. He sighed and signaled the bartender. “Another—”

And then the unexpected happened….

The butterfly effect, David called it. It had nothing to do with the movie and everything to do with the flutter inside David’s chest when he spotted the young slender Thai standing at the end of the bar. One exotic chocolate eye stared back at David. The other was covered by a thick lock of black hair. But one was enough to raise gooseflesh on David’s body and send a rush of breathless excitement along his spine.

The bartender brought his martini, and David looked away for a second. Even without the eye contact, he was still aware of the other man. The air buzzed between them, as if static electricity had forged an unbreakable connection. David caught the man’s eye again. The Thai was cover-model perfection, almost too beautiful. The taller, heavier farangs surrounding him seemed like apes in comparison.

David hadn’t felt so aflutter since his high school crush on Nori Yoshida. He’d suspected Nori felt the same, but nothing ever came of it. David ate his heart out over that boy. Years later, he still regretted the fear of forbidden fruit that kept him from making a move. Am I going to make the same mistake tonight?


The temperature in Thailand is a humid ninety degrees but things are about to get a lot hotter. David Elliot is in Bangkok on business, but when he meets Kai, the younger man turns his world upside down. It was never meant to be anything more than a pleasant diversion but David can't walk away when it’s over.

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Exile on Peachtree Street said...

Love this story, Gale!

Christina Mandara said...

Cover model perfection? Drool... I think someone's about to fall hard :) Tweeting <3

Unknown said...

I lovw the butterfly effect. Hot story!

ShirleyAnn said...

Happy Birthday Evernight. "One Night in Bangkok" is one of my favourite books of yours.