Sunday, October 18, 2015

CRY UNCLE ~ A #ScintillatingSunday Preview #BDSM

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Today I’m going to whet your appetite with 8 lines from CRY UNCLE, a short story soon to be released in a Christmas anthology. Enjoy!


“Hello, Polly.”
“Hello, Mistress Sabrina.” The dominatrix is intimidating in a long black wig, stiletto boots, and cherry-red lipstick, but she’s a familiar face, and I’m happy to see her.
“I just want to go over a few things,” she says. “The auction will start promptly at midnight and you’re first on the block. The lucky man who wins the bid will be your Master for one night only, and he has to respect your limits. Anything that happens between you and him must be consensual.”
I’m already wet just thinking about what might happen.


Two years ago, Gabe dumped Polly, and the pain of rejection was like a punch in the gut. Polly is a different person now, older and wiser, but the ghost of love-gone-bad still haunts her. This Christmas, Polly is determined to get over her trust issues. Giving up control to an experienced Dom should be risk-free, and Polly goes on the auction block at a local BDSM club to prove it. But, love can sneak up on you when you least expect it.

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