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Beneath the Masquerade an #Erotic #Anthology #Giveaway

Working on Masquerade has been a real joy. I was given one word, and told to let my imagination run free. Maggie took the reins. She practically wrote her own story. Writing became fun again. Working with this great bunch of authors was icing on the cake. Allow me to introduce you to the ladies of Masquerade. Then enjoy a new excerpt from Optical Illusions. 

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Vampires, menages, BDSM, sex clubs, Dommes, subs, zombies... 

These eight original stories by some of today's hottest erotic romance writers have one thing in common – a Masquerade. Behind a facade, the constraints of society fade, and fantasies come to life. Lose yourself in the Masquerade, and explore your wildest desires. 

Let the games begin…


C.P. Mandara - Dancing With Death
Christina Mandara is a UK authoress and currently has five books in print: The Riding School, Learning the Ropes, Hot to Trot, Named and Shamed, and A Rough Ride.

Alisa Easton - Masked Desires
Alisa is a reader, a writer, a daydreamer, a lover, and an ice cream eater. She loves her fiction the way she loves her life - with plenty of steam.               

Paige Matthews - Secrets
Paige Matthews grew up in New England and currently lives there with her family. She writes erotic romance and erotica with BDSM themes. Currently, Paige has five novels published and another series coming. Join her on her website for more.       

Glenda Horsfall - Under Cover
Born in Edinburgh, an accountant and author who likes to write romance with a bit of spice. Married to my own hero and raising four of our own.

Gale Stanley - Optical Illusions
Gale Stanley was born in Philadelphia PA. She was the kid who always had her nose in a book, her head in the clouds, and her hands on a pad and pencil. Some things never change.

Kayla Lords - The Iron Maiden
Erotic writer, sex blogger, living the BDSM lifestyle, and drinking tea - all with a bit of sass and sarcasm.

Dakota Skye - Dominating Justice
Dakota Skye is a paranormal erotic romance author fascinated by all thing unexplained in the Universe. Her books include a Blurred Lines, Impact Zone, Uncharted Territory, SnowBound, and the short story Dominating Justice (Masquerade).

Hunter S. Jones - Fables Deux
Writer. Originally from Tennessee now living in Atlanta, GA – an Exile on Peachtree Street. I make things up and write them down. Author of the best-selling romantic series, September Stories, and some hot steamy erotica.

Optical Illusions

Once upon a time, Maggie was easy prey for a pedophile. Now she prefers fantasy to physicality. Then one enchanted evening she meets a man who tempts her beyond all reason.

As soon as I exit the cab, the driver takes off with a squeal of tires and I’m alone on the sidewalk. Taking a deep breath, I psyche myself for the long night ahead, and walk toward the entrance. The doorman nods as I enter.
A vast and elegant lobby stretches ahead of me. I feel lost and utterly alone, so I follow a group that appears to be heading for the ballroom. A few women in colorful dresses turn and stare at me. They focus on my dark glasses. I hear their stage whispers and I’m mortified. My cheeks are burning. I’m wearing an expensive dress and Louboutin Stilettos, my hair has been styled into a glossy mane, and I’m dressed to impress, but none of it can change how I feel inside. When these flamboyant peacocks look down their noses at me and snicker, I’m back in high school again. Even though I’m wearing glasses that hide most of my face, I feel exposed as I cross the lobby.
Finally, I reach the ballroom, and my eyes go wide. With its elegant archways, high, vaulted ceiling, and crystal chandeliers, the lavish hall makes me feel as if I’ve stepped back in time to a bygone era. Tonight I really am Rita Hayworth. 
A mustachioed man in a three-piece suit lets out an appreciative wolf whistle. At first, I’m stunned. He winks, and I notice how attractive he is. The neatly trimmed mustache and slick Mad Men hairstyle give off a retro vibe that appeals to me. My delight makes me feel guilty. I don’t normally want this kind of attention, but after the women’s scrutiny, I welcome it. I toss my hair, and grin for my admirer. My response earns another whistle, and he takes a step toward me. That’s more attention than I want, so I start walking toward the bar before he can make contact.   



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