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Book Spotlight & Interview: Sean’s Pup by Olivia Black #MM #Paranormal #SirenBookstrand

Today I'm excited to welcome another Siren author - Olivia Black. It's release day for Sean's Pup, Book 4 of the Silver Bullet Series!  I love this series, and I'm anxious to hear all about the new book.  

Q: Hi Olivia!The series gets its name from the BDSM club, Silver Bullet. Since the club caters almost exclusively to shifters and paranormals, what would happen if one of your readers tried to get in?"

A: The Silver Bullet is a club that caters to shifter, vampires, and humans. The club is open 24/7 and offers everything from a dance floor to a dungeon. Anyone is welcome, as long as you have a good attitude and are ready to have fun!

Q: In mythology, silver is one of a werewolf's only weaknesses. Is the choice to name the club Silver Bullet a bit of irony on the part of your characters or is there greater significance?

A: The series name, Silver Bullet, came about as a joke. In this series, humanity knows about paranormals and the different factions get along for the most part. In most werewolf movies and books, silver is deadly, but not in this series.

Q: New Orleans is such a strong, vivid setting. What does placing the series in New Orleans contribute to the stories you want to tell?

A: Last summer I went on a road trip. I started out in Southern California and made my way to New Orleans. The city is so magical with a rich history. When I started writing this series, I knew that this city would be perfect.

Q: It's mentioned that there are all types of shifters in this world. Which is your favorite type of shifter, and are there any you're looking forward to writing in the future?

A: I’m a huge paranormal fan and shifters are at the top of the list. This series is about a pack of red wolves in New Orleans. I’m planning on adding other types of shifters as the series grows. My favorite type of shifter would have to be wolves, bears, and tigers. I like predators. I’m looking forward to writing a few animals that aren’t normally written about. In future books, a black mambo, Komodo dragon, and many others will be introduced. 

Q: Out of all the Silver Bullet books you’ve written so far, what has been your favorite kissing scene to write?

A: My favorite scene takes place in, The Wolf and The Vampire, Book 5 (available on Saturday, February 1st).  I can still see the scene clearly inside my mind. One of my hero’s (Holden Turner) was attacked before he met his mate (Jack Hearst). When he finally wakes up, they share a really sweet kiss. It’s touching.

Title: Sean’s Pup, Book 4
Series Title: Silver Bullet


[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Older Hero Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]

Sean Griffin is the Beta to his Alpha and friend, Gideon Channing. He also works security at the Silver Bullet. Six years ago, Sean found Blair Stewart. Blair was only sixteen at the time, living on the street and rummaging through the Dumpster. Sean knew they were mates immediately. His life changed that night…

Blair Stewart and his two best friends, Holden and Maddox, ran away from home. They were caught experimenting with each other one night during a sleepover. The three young men end up in New Orleans and are adopted into a new wolf pack. Everything is starting to look up, until Blair’s father shows up and Sean sends him away to a private school in Europe. Blair’s left feeling rejected once more. First by his family and then by his mate.
Six years later Blair’s an adult and he’s going back to New Orleans to face Sean.

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