Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fort Worth: Sundance Square

Our second day in Fort Worth we decided to get a little local flavor. So there we were in the downtown area, taking a walk and enjoying Sundance Square, twenty renovated blocks of nostalgic buildings and red brick streets. Those who don't feel like walking can take a green sightseeing trolley or a horse-drawn carriage but it's a great place to walk with lots of shopping, galleries, restaurants and bars. Plenty of photo ops.

You might ask why we have so many pictures of manholes. The DH works for the Water Department and I'm a former employee so we take an interest in all things water—all infrastructure really. Construction too.

And there's a lot of construction about to begin on Sundance Square. The construction fences were creatively decorated with the Biggest Comic Strip in Texas. The cartoon panels, each sixteen feet wide and seven feet tall, are very clever. It's a story that takes place in two time periods, 1900 when The Sundance Kid and his gang roamed the streets of Fort Worth, and the present day, in which Sundance suddenly finds himself.

To Be Continued...


Jennifer August said...

Did you get to the old Fire Station #1? I believe it's on Commerce near 3rd. Just up the street toward the courthouse from Barnes & Noble. Very cool stuff in there! FW is great! Glad you are enjoying it. If you like Mexican food, try Mecardo Juarez on 35W & Northside Drive.

Barbara Elsborg said...

Ooh and the botanical garden and the zoo and the stockyards and ..... so much to do and see there. (We just came back from visiting our son who lives there!!)