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Sapphic Planet Blog Tour ~ Nan Andrews

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Today, welcome author Nan Andrews, with her short story, Her Smile.

Instant Connections

Do you believe in love at first sight? I'm not sure I do. It's never happened to me. My sister fell in love that way. She met her husband at a party; he was from out of town and they talked on the phone for a week and then spent two weeks together on a trip. He proposed during the trip and she accepted. They were married a few months later. I remember thinking that they both looked like they'd been run over by the “love truck.”

            It has always taken me longer to get to know someone enough to feel the love. But I do believe in instant connections. That feeling of electricity that can happen when you meet someone. Maybe it's just lust or maybe it's the ability to recognize something in the other person that's like you, that fits you. It might grow into love, or it might burn itself out when faced with all the details of real life. Who knows. But the important thing is acknowledging it.

            My mom used to tell me that opportunity knocks at the back door, too, and not to forget to open it. I think that instant connections are like that. They can catch you off guard. You may be grocery shopping or walking down the street or waiting for a bus and suddenly you see something in someone. The way they walk or the way they push the hair out of their eyes. Maybe it's something more subtle, like a fragrance or the angle of their body. Maybe it's their smile that lights up your day. Whatever it is, it makes you feel different. Lighter, happier, or maybe just unsettled; too hot or too cold. Once I fell for a woman at a book reading who had the most beautiful ankles. She was wearing a pair of high heels with ribbons that wound around her calves. I followed her around all night, thinking about having her feet in my lap, my fingers lightly circling one perfect ankle. That was just for an evening, but I made sure I complimented her on the shoes before she left and I saved that picture in my mind.

            Sometimes that instant connection can be very intense. Have you ever seen someone on the bus and made up a future with them? Just skipping town and heading to some beach where you sit by the water and drink tropical drinks, gaze into each others eyes and have mad sex? Have you ever stood beside someone in an elevator and wanted to undress them right there? It's intoxicating.

            Often, though, these things happen when its completely impractical to do anything about them. You're already in a relationship or you're late for work or you just don't have the courage to follow through. But what if you did? What if you went up to that person and asked their name, smiled and told them that they were lovely, exciting, alive? What do you have to lose?

            In my story, Her Smile, Elaine is feeling depressed and lifeless in the aftermath of a failed relationship until she catches sight of Margarite's smile and it lights up her world. She tries to make light of the moment, but finds that she just can't. She finally does something about it. When she follows her heart, Elaine discovers that following through on such an instant connection can open up a wonderful new path.

Excerpt from Her Smile

            The brunette looked out toward the ocean, and her smile caught me off-guard. It lit up her otherwise unremarkable face like fireworks. The sparkle in her eyes was obvious from fifty feet away. I couldn't help but stare. She laughed again and looked back at her friends.  I sat and sipped my bourbon, hoping for another glimpse of the smile, not worried if she caught me staring. I had nothing to lose.

            The group settled their check, and I decided it was time to leave, too. The two blonds left toward the front, but the brunette headed for the beach-side gate. I decided to follow her.

            She headed across the sand without a backward glance. Her long legs stretched out to stride easily across the beach. I struggled in my fashionable sandals to keep up without being too obvious. She was headed for the nearest set of stairs up to the pier. That was a relief. I didn't think I could handle a long walk on the beach. At the bottom of the stairs, I shook the sand out of my shoes and followed.

            The pier was sparsely populated by a few fisherman, two screaming toddlers chasing gulls and some tourists eating ice cream cones. The glare off the waves was too bright, and I wished I hadn't had the second drink. My head was starting to throb.

            The brunette walked down to the end of the pier and leaned against the railing, looking out to sea. I slowed as I reached her, taking the opportunity to look more closely. The jeans were faded and tight- fitting across her thighs. I admired the way the material cupped her ass, rising up in the middle. I wanted to slide my fingers there, between her cheeks, and feel her muscles clench at the invasion.

            Her hair fell past her shoulders, and I could see the bones of her spine through the thin material of her shirt. I thought about lifting the hair off the nape of her neck and kissing my way down her back, from the nob at the top to the curve at the base. I licked my lips. After all the beautiful people in Jolene's, she had a freshness I could almost taste.

Author Bio

            Nan Andrews's stories have appeared in numerous anthologies, including Voyeur Eyes OnlyWhere the Girls Are: Urban Lesbian Erotica and Iridescense: Sensuous Shades of Lesbian Erotica. She is a member of Sapphic Planet, the Erotic Authors Association and ERWA, and lives in Northern California.
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