Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Room Number Twelve

I usually read long novels that I get really involved in, but sometimes I just want a quick, entertaining story that I can devour while I wait for an oil change or my turn in the dentist’s chair. I won a copy of Room Number Twelve by Rebecca Leigh in a giveaway and I read it while I waited for a train. Talk about a hot flash. The other commuters gave me funny looks when I started fanning myself. Rebecca packs a big punch in a short erotic read - a sizzling slice of vampire sex. Yummy! I wanted more, more, more.

In today’s world attention spans are getting shorter and people have less time for reading. If you’re looking for a quick hot read, Room Number Twelve, fits the bill.


Two male vampire cowboys come together in a bar as strangers but leave as lovers.

Donovan and Rod are two vampires who like to role-play. Friday night is cowboy night, and the two meet as strangers at the Warehouse on Sixth Street. In familiar room number twelve, their erotic encounter includes the mutual exchange of blood and ends with a promise of more to come.
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Publisher: Breathless Press (February 4, 2011)

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Rebecca Leigh said...

Mahalo for reading my story Gale, I'm so glad you liked it!