Friday, October 28, 2011

Iris Deorre and The Whitby Ghost

I’m excited to welcome author Iris Deorre to the blog today. Her stories involve erotic vampires, werewolves, faires and even zombies. Iris started to write when she was seventeen. At the time it was a form of escapism. By the time she hit her twenties she was writing short stories and got one published in a women’s magazine. She went on to write short plays but after meeting a well-known author who taught a writers class her focus changed to Erotica. Her love for paranormal is what makes her combine the two. Iris resides in the UK with her little girl.

Find out more about Iris here:

Iris, tell us a little about your newest release, The Whitby Ghost.
Roy has a past he'd rather forget. To overcome it he takes his girlfriend Melisa to Whitby, the very place of his past that he is trying to forget. Roy believes it's the only way to move on and to forget it by moving on with his future, Melisa.

But something is lurking in Whitby, something that Melisa becomes sensitive to the minute they arrive. What she discovers is hard to swallow. What follows is a journey to the other side. Something she'd rather forget.

Will Melisa marry her boyfriend who refuses to talk about his past? Or will his past bring them closer?

Thanks for having me today.

You can find The Whitby Ghost at Amazon:

The Whitby Ghost Amazon UK
The Whitby Ghost Amazon US

The Whitby Ghost DE


Anonymous said...

LOVE that Cover! And this sounds like a great read; adding it to my TBB list.

Wishing you great Sales!

hugs, Kari Thomas,

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a cover! Pulls me in, and the book blurb wants me to know more. Good luck on your latest release.

Iris Deorre said...

Thanks Kari, I hope you enjoy it :-). Thanks tor the compliment about the cover anonymous, it makes me feel very proud!