Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Destined by Catriana Sommers

I was lucky enough to get a copy of DESTINED The Arcanus Series in a giveaway and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Catriana Sommers has managed to blend fantasy and love in an intriguing and unique story. I love the characters of Sarnaiel and Naliel. They're like two halves of a whole and they go through hell to be together. The world building is well-done and I'm looking forward to learning more about it in book two. I won't give away any details because the blurb is below and it pretty well describes the plot.

Destined is available at Amazon:

and Silver Publishing:


Raised together, Sarnaiel and Naliel are as close as brothers could be, until the dark elf Sarnaiel decides he wants them to be something more. Only after he reveals his intentions does he learn of an arranged marriage that stands between them and their happiness. Unable to stand the idea of the one he loves with another, he vanishes, leaving Naliel alone...or so he thought.

But someone has been watching the young half elf from the shadows, and without Sarnaiel's presence he makes his move in the most brutal of ways. Naliel survives, but his mind and body are broken. Sarnaiel returns to pick up the pieces, mending and nurturing and rebuilding their bond, but once again their relationship is thwarted by the birth of Naliel's bride.

Once the source of his greatest joy, Sarnaiel becomes Naliel's torment. For Sarnaiel, when hurt, strikes back twice as hard and viciously. It doesn’t matter who it is. He almost goes too far and through that, finally learns what should be truly important to him. The oath they make that day is what seals their already unbreakable bond, and the two grow older, and wiser, together. For no matter what happens, no matter what they face, even if it's their own kin, they live by their promise:

"It was us from the beginning, and it'll be us until the end."

Content concerns: This book contains near rape, questionable consent, and moderate violence.

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Monday, August 29, 2011


This morning the sun is shining and I'm thankful we made it through Irene with only a leaky roof. The kids still don't have electricity but fingers crossed it will come back on today.

I didn't get a lot of writing done, but in the midst of Irene I was blogging at Coffee Time Romance on Sunday. The giveaways are over but you can still read my posts at:

And I managed to finish a book I've had on my TBR list for ages – Mine by Robert R. McCammon. Believe me, if you want a story that will take your mind off your problems, this is it.

Mine is an intense psychological thriller with one of the worst villains I've ever come across. No werewolf or vampire, just a human monster who is downright crazy evil. Mary Terror, is an aging hippie and former member of a radical group from the sixties. She's looking for her old lover, Lord Jack, who was the leader of their terrorist organization, the Storm Front. High on acid and insane Mary kidnaps a baby from a hospital intending to bring it to Lord Jack, to replace their baby she lost twenty years ago. The mother is desperate to get her baby back and she has no faith in her unfaithful husband or the FBI. And so begins a nail-biting chase across the country.

I don't want to give away any more details, but believe me this is page-turner. The sixties details make it feel like non-fiction which makes it all the scarier. I highly recommend it. I'd love to jump right into They Thirst and Usher's Passing, which are also sitting on my shelf, but I really need to get back to work.

So have a great week and happy reading!

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Waiting for Irene...

I'm in Pennsylvania nervously waiting for hurricane Irene to make her presence felt. There's no sign of her yet, but we're as ready as we'll ever be. We filled the cupboards yesterday and brought the outdoor furniture inside. There's plenty of batteries for the flashlights and my Kindle is charging. I'm thankful we cut down our dead trees last year. My DH is at work but he should be leaving shortly.

I've checked in with family and friends who are making their preparations to weather the storm. My brother is scheduled to work today and tomorrow. I'm hoping he sleeps over at his workplace because I don't want to think about him driving tomorrow.

We have a condo in Ocean City MD and according to the news reports, we'll be hit pretty hard there. Only 300 people remain on the island. The wind is already over 40 miles an hour and the waves are 6 to 8 feet.

If my internet holds out I'll post on Facebook. To everyone on the east coast - stay safe.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cats & Dogs

Anyone who has cats is familiar with the squish of cat puke between your toes. It's never a good thing but in the middle of the night it's especially unpleasant. I staggered off to bed at three am and stepped into not one but two piles of warm hair laden regurgitated cat food. I missed the third pile but by the time I smeared the other two all over the floor it didn't really matter. Do all cats puke in threes? Thank God for baby wipes, they clean up anything.

So what kept me up until three am? The Southwest Shifters. I'm working on book three and I had one of those aha moments when a plot hole suddenly fills in and I had to get it down before I lost it. Book three is a MM romance. The first two also have MM romance and even MMM romance, but the bigger focus is on the she-wolves. In this story it's all about the guys, but there is no lack of emotion. Book three also gave me ideas for another series, so I'm excited about that. Check back for more details. I'll be posting covers and blurbs as I get them. Until then – happy reading!

Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm at IRMC Books

Today is excerpt Monday at Interracial and Multicultural Books and I'm sharing  an excerpt from One Night in Bangkok.
After you’ve enjoyed the excerpt, comment to win an ebook copy. Contest Deadline: Tuesday @ Midnight EST. The contest winner will be randomly selected using a random generator and annouced on Wednesday!

One Night in Bangkok
MM Contemporary Multicultural Romance
The temperature in Bangkok is a humid ninety degrees but things are about to get a lot hotter. David Elliot is in Thailand on business but when he meets Kai, the younger man turns his world upside down. It was never meant to be anything more than a pleasant diversion but can he walk away when it's over?

Buy Links:


Silver Publishing:

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Medieval Murder Mystery

The manuscript for Spitfire Southwest Shifters: 2 was sent off August 19th and I had a new release yesterday, Symbiotic Mates: 4 Damian and the Doctor so I promised myself a little break.

Saturday night was movie night. The DH made a ton of popcorn and we watched The Name of the Rose. I saw it back in 1986 when it first came out and it left a lasting impression. When it was released in Blue-ray I had to have it and watching it the second time was just as good as the first. Great movies withstand the test of time. This is an intriguing adaptation of Umberto Eco's medieval mystery. It takes place in a forbidding and realistic 14th-century Benedictine monastery. The characters are grotesque, especially Ron Perlman as Salvatore. There's also a fifteen year-old Christian Slater, F. Murray Abraham and Sean Connery. Mysterious deaths, the Inquisition and hidden ancient manuscripts, it doesn't get much better than this.

Now it's back to work and I have a few giveaways planned for this week. Here's a heads up.

On Monday August 22, I'll be at IRMC Books - Interracial and Multicultural Books for excerpt Monday with an excerpt and giveaway for One Night in Bangkok.

And on August 28 I'll be blogging and having another giveaway at Coffee Time Romance.

Have a great week and Happy Reading!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Time For Melody by R. Ann Siracusa

Today I'm excited to welcome R. Ann Siracusa who's taking us on a trip to Red Gulch, the ghost town setting for her new time travel romance A TIME FOR MELODY. It's an intriguing and sensual time travel romance and there's an excerpt to whet your appetite. Enjoy!


Inspiration for writing stories and novels can come from anywhere. Although the story idea for my recent release, A Time For Melody, a time travel novella, didn’t take root in a California ghost town, once I had the story idea, that location popped into my mind and refused to be dislodged. That particular story could only take place there.

When I first became acquainted with Red Mountain, CA, the model for the fictional town of Red Gulch in the novella, it wasn’t considered a ghost town, even though it had largely been abandoned. I first discovered it in the late 1970s when my husband and I and our two boys used to race motorcycles in the California Mojave Desert. Actually, the boys raced, I rode and raced in a few races, and my husband and daughter watched. The races were sometimes held about fifteen miles from there and we would ride into town sometimes for supplies. Well, to be honest, for beer.

A little Red Mountain history

The background for the novella is based on the history of Red Mountain, originally named Osdick after one of the original miners, and its environs. Gold was discovered in the area on April 25, 1895 by C. A. Burcham, F. M. Mooers and John Singleton. The area boomed and within fifteen years there were thirty-five hundred permanent residents in three adjacent the communities of Randsburg, Osdick (Red Mountain), and Johannesburg.

Another gold discovery was made in 1915. In 1918, silver was discovered in Red Mountain, stimulating another boom. The community prospered during the 1930s as an active liquor and brothel area. In 1942, all gold mining was stopped in the US by the government, and after that the town nearly died and never revived.

In 1984, after I stopped coming to this area, gold mining was reestablished around Red Mountain. According to R. Vallerand, the Rand Mine was still digging up gold as late as 1998. I have no idea if the mines are still operational, but the town itself is reviving as a Ghost Town and now has a population of 130.

A Time For Melody by R. Ann Siracusa


She appeared out of nowhere, blown into Red Gulch, a decaying mining town, on the crest of a desert breeze like the ever-present tumbleweeds that filled the empty streets in the blink of an eye. Except everyone knew where tumbleweeds came from.

Brandon O’Donnell never figured out where Melody came from, but she captured his heart with her flaming red hair, hypnotic light-grey eyes, and intense but distant way of speaking. As though, Brandon had thought for years, she knew a lot more than she let on.

Now, Brandon is about to find out how much more that really is.

Genre: Time travel romance

Length: 29K
Publisher: Sapphire Blue Publishing
Release date: July 4, 2011
ISBN: #9781-934657-70-6
Format: e-book only

Buy Link:


“Well, Melody—that’s a nice name—are you from around these parts?” Everything about her seemed to scream otherwise, but it seemed the polite thing to say…and he did want to know.

She tossed her hair and ran the tip of her tongue across her full lower lip. “From down the highway a piece.”

Her speech, for some reason, sounded a little stilted, almost as though she wanted to mask an accent. At the same time, the low and sweet tone resonated like a song, far away and full of promise. Its pleasant sound lingered in his head and sent an unsettling swell of desire along his nerves.

He raised an eyebrow and lifted his chin toward the window facing the road, questioning her response without meaning to.

“There isn't much down the highway for a long way.” Beyond the broken down buildings of Red Gulch, the two-lane highway stretched in both directions—hot, lonely and unpopulated—for more than seventy miles, unless you counted Ridgecrest. But from the looks of her stylish clothes, he doubted she could be from there. “Did you come very far?”

She tilted her head to the side, letting a lustrous strand of red hair fall across the front of her blouse, open low enough to catch a glimpse of tantalizing cleavage. “Yes, in a way, but not really.”

Not much of an answer. But he had no intention of giving up so easily. “Where you headed for?”

She shrugged. “Red Gulch.”

His chin dropped in surprise, and she laughed. The sound of music tinkling in the distance.

“No one comes to Red Gulch,” he protested, wondering if she’d been hitchhiking and her ride dumped her out there. “At least, not on purpose.”

Her soft luscious lips curled into a smile. “I did. What’s that thing?” She pointed to the end of the table that butted against the wall where the napkin holder, salt-and-pepper shakers, and menu reposed.

He frowned, unsure what she referred to. “What thing?”

“This.” She tapped on the clear plastic Jukebox extension with chrome trim. “It looks like some kind of jar made from a crude carbon nanotube structure that…” Her voice trailed off, and her face paled. “I mean…”

Perplexed, Brandon frowned at her. What was she talking about? Red Gulch might be behind the times, but surely these hadn’t disappeared completely in the more civilized parts of the state. “It’s part of the jukebox.”

She chewed at her lower lip and stared at him like a deer caught in the headlights of a car. “The what?”

“The jukebox. You, know. It plays old-fashioned records.” When her puzzled gaze didn’t waver, he motioned toward the old Wurliter across the room, then tapped the coin slot. “You put your coins in here, select the music you want by pushing this, and it plays over there, through the speakers.” He dropped his hand to the table.

Melody gave her body a little shake. Coiling a red curl around one finger, she leaned forward and placed her free hand over his.

“I love music. Do you?”

His fingers curved around her soft, uncalloused flesh. “Sure do. I even play a pretty mean StingRay.”

She wrinkled her nose, obviously in the dark but not wanting to ask.

He grinned at her, thinking she must lead a very sheltered life, which made him wonder, even more, what she was doing in Red Gulch. “That’s a kind of bass guitar.”

“Oh.” She warmed him with a bright smile. “Are you a musician?”

He laughed an honest hearty laugh. “Nope. I only play at home for my own pleasure.”

“I’ll bet you’re good at it. I’d love to hear you play. Do you live very far from here?”

Turning her small hand, he caressed the inside of her wrist with his thumb, his fingers feathering over her smooth skin. “Hmm, about ten miles. Out in the desert.”

“Can we go there?” She delivered the surprising question in a soft, yet matter of fact manner, as though it was a perfectly natural question to ask a man she'd only met a few minutes before.

Brandon’s heart skipped a beat as anticipation swelled. “Hmm, do your parents know you’re in Red Gulch?”

“My parents?” Her frown gave him the impression she didn’t quite understand the concept. “We don’t…hmm…I’m not in contact with my parents. But they know I’m in Red Gulch.”

A tremor of discomfort slid through him. “How old are you, Melody?”

She sat back and tried to slide her hand away, but he held it firmly in his grip. Little lines of tension feathered from the corners of her mesmerizing eyes.

After a moment, her face smoothed and her luscious-looking lips curled into a smile. She squeezed his fingers as though reassuring him.

“Almost twenty-one. I’ve been living on my own for years, but right now I don’t have any place to stay. I was hoping I could go with you.”

Author's Website:

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

5 Stars for One NIght in Bangkok

Zee at Fire Pages: Romance and Erotica just posted her review of One Night in Bangkok and I gotta share. Thank you Zee!

5 /5 Stars

“One Night in Bangkok is the best male on male romance I have read to date due to Gale Stanley’s keen eye for subtle romantic details that take brings a level of friendship, compassion, and escalating passion at the turn of every page.”

Favorite Character

David Elliot is by far my favorite character. He is fiery, passionate, and extremely loyal. He is a man that you want to have on your side, whether in friendship or in a romantic relationship. Although he knew there were secrets that Kai was not telling him, David chose to be patient and kind with Kai, definitely excellent traits for a partner in a relationship.

Favorite Scene

I loved the scene where David returns home from Bangkok, and discovers that there is a lot more going on behind his business deal than he was led to believe at the start of his trip. When given an ultimatum from his boss and former lover, David chooses love over everything and decides to return to Bangkok to make things right… with the business deal and with Kai. David is a really stand up guy and I really enjoyed this pivotal turning point in the novel.

Final Thoughts

Gale Stanley wrote a winner from start to finish. Even weeks after putting this novel down, I still remember details about the story, about David and Kai’s dates, about David’s determination to not let his love for Kai go. One Night in Bangkok is a powerful love story that will translate to all readers.

One Night in Bangkok is the best male on male romance I have read to date due to Gale Stanley’s keen eye for subtle romantic details that take brings a level of friendship, compassion, and escalating passion at the turn of every page. Definitely worthy of five stars and more!

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Girls Who Bite: Lesbian Vampire Erotica

Girls Who Bite: Lesbian Vampire Erotica edited by best-selling author Delilah Devlin is now available for preorder on Amazon.

I remember when the call for submissions came out and I racked my brain trying to come up with a good story to send in but all I could think of were MM plots and I ended up writing Silent Knights. So I did get something published, just not in Delilah's collection. Maybe next time... Now I'm anxious to get my hands on a copy because it sounds amazing.

 Here's the link:

And there's a contest going on with lots of great prizes. I posted the widget on my sidebar so you can just click on it to find out the details. Below is a bit about the collection to whet your appetite.

Girls Who Bite: Lesbian Vampire Erotica

For bad girls looking for love . . . fangs are more than an accessory.

These are no Twilight tales — the stories in Girls Who Bite are varied, unexpected, and soul-scorching. Best-selling romance writer Delilah Devlin and her contributors investigate vampire myths from around the world, and add fresh girl-on-girl blood to the pantheon of the paranormal.

Take a walk on the wild side with some of the hottest erotic romance authors out there. In "La Caida," a Mexican "salt-eater" saves a fallen angel and redeems her own soul. In "Bloody Wicked," a powerful witch's spell to lure a lover turns her into a vampire's love slave. Through a "Pet Door," a shapeshifting vampire meets the dominatrix of her dreams. South African "Impundulu" sweeps you back to a vampire's primeval beginnings. With a list of contributors that include Adele Dubois, Christine d'Abo, Paisley Smith, Myla Jackson, Shayla Kersten, and Vivi Anna, Devlin delivers a dark and sexy read you can sink your teeth into!

So, sit astride the dome of St. Peter's Basilica, sail with modern-day pirates, watch a meteor fall to earth, and taste the powdery wings of a Monarch butterfly. Not things you'd expect in a vampire tale? Then sip O-positive from a femoral artery while tugging at the silky strands of your lover's hair. Eternally delicious.

Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: Cleis Press (August 30, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1573447153

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Loose Ends by Lucy Felthouse

Ever think about what might have been…

LOOSE ENDS is another great read from Lucy Felthouse. An intriguing plot and sizzling sex turn up the heat. Lucy is sharing an excerpt. Enjoy!


When Jonathan and Lauren met at University, it should have been the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Sadly, it wasn’t to be, and Jonathan became ‘the one that got away.’ Years later, at a University reunion, Jonathan shows up unexpectedly throwing Lauren into turmoil. The pair start talking, and soon all the old feelings come back. But will this time be different, or will their mutual affection continue to be unrequited?

Available at All Romance:

Also Available at Amazon:


When Kat had called to tell me about the five-year University reunion, my reaction had been, “So?”

“Whaddya mean, so? You have to come! It’ll be a laugh. We’ll be able to find out how everyone’s getting on, what they’ve done with their lives and stuff.”

“Why do you want to know how everyone’s getting on? You’ve never bothered before and nor have I. I’ve only ever kept in touch with you and Alex, and there’s a bloody good reason for that.”

“Stop being such a stick in the mud! Come on, not everyone was that bad. There might be some interesting stories to hear. Somebody could be rich or famous. Or both!”

I stopped resisting. When Kat had a plan, it was futile to object.

So there I was with Kat and Alex, heading into the Student Union bar. I pushed open the double doors. It was as if we’d walked into some kind of time warp. The bar itself looked almost the same, a lick of paint here and there, but nothing major. As for the people, they seemed to have changed even less. Sure, they were better dressed (well, some of them were) and a little older, but everyone was the same.

The loner was still loitering at the very end of the bar, not engaging with anyone. The geeks had gravitated toward one another. The popular kids were strutting their stuff, their conversation no doubt as mindless and dull as it had always been. Kat, Alex and I were still hanging around together.

Nobody seemed to have brought partners. I hadn’t actually seen any information regarding the event. My intel had all come from Kat, so maybe partners weren’t invited. Or perhaps everyone just wanted to come alone and re-enact their young, free and single days.

Either way, it was going to be a looong night. I headed for the bar with Kat and Alex close behind.

“What’ll it be?” asked the barman, who looked to be a current student earning some extra cash. I suddenly felt old, despite not looking that much older than him.

“Make mine a vodka and Coke, no ice, please.”

As I turned to the girls to find out what they wanted, I saw the class busybody walking toward us. She smiled and waved.

“Better make that a double,” I amended. Then under my breath, “I think I’m gonna need it.”

Soon I remembered why I hadn’t been up for this in the first place. The busybody was driving me up the wall. My face and neck hurt from all the smiling and nodding. Jenny, or whatever her name was, was currently on maternity leave from her (wonderful) job. Her “perfect” husband had stayed home to look after their “delightful” children so she could come to the reunion and see how everyone was getting on. Despite this statement, she hadn’t asked any of us a single question. She was too busy talking about herself.

Want to find out more about Lucy:


Creator of:

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Monday, August 1, 2011

It's Freak Week!

Freak Week is the annual celebration of Stephanie Beck's Freak Sorority characters. Trivia, games, chats and prizes prevail, making a very full, exciting week for everyone. Actual Freak Sorority stories are under the 'Freak Sorority' tab. Freak Week runs August 1st-6th, 2011



You can join in at any time during the week. Participants may only win one time per day.**
Prizes this year include:
party favor bags
Signed copies of Poppy's Passions
swag bags from Dawn Chandler, Mary Abshire, and Olivia Starke
Gift Cards from Noble Romance
Gift Cards from Beachwalk Press
Choice of Ebooks at Lyrical Press
Goodies from Untreed Reads
"Run Devil Run" in print from Decadent Publishing
ebooks by:
Stephanie Beck, Becca Dale, Shiela Stewart, Ella Jade, Heather Peters,
Louisa Pare-Luigi, Laura Miks, Vickie Batman, Db Moon, Ashlynn Monroe,
Elizabeth Morgan, Gale Stanley, BD Lyons, Valerie Mann

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