Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My National Spring Cleaning Week Giveaway

Who knew? We're in the midst of National Spring Cleaning Week.

I was doing my own version of spring cleaning. Hip deep in books, magazines, boxes of research and dust bunnies, I took a surfing break and found out I picked the optimum time to clean.

National Spring Cleaning Week takes place from the 21st to the 27th of March, 2011.

It's a time when we're encouraged to clear out our houses and our minds and start fresh – the first step to a clutter-free and improved environment.

So my first step to a clutter-free house is to have a book giveaway. My shelves, closets, dresser drawers, every nook and cranny, is crammed with books. I'm starting to feel claustrophobic and now that I have a Kindle, I feel justified in parting with some of them. Besides I won't be rereading the majority of my books, so why not pass them on to someone who hasn't read them yet. 

Just leave a comment and I'll pick a random winner midnight EST March 27th. If there's enough interest, than I'll do this periodically.

Up for grabs is Nora Roberts' Circle Trilogy, all three paperback books are in excellent condition. Blurbs below:

Morrigan's Cross

First in the Circle Trilogy. Her name is Lilith. Existing for thousands of years, she has lured countless men to an immortal doom with her soul-stealing kiss. But now, this woman will stop at nothing until she rules this world—and those beyond it. Hoyt Mac Cionaoith is no match for the dark siren. But his powers come from the goddess Morrigan—and it is through her that he will get his chance at vengeance.

Dance of the Gods

Book Two: With one vampire determined to rule the earth, the Circle of Six prepares to battle for their lives—and their hearts.

Valley of Silence

Book Three: The battleground has been chosen for the final showdown between those selected by the gods and the minions of the vampire Lilith. But there is one vampire who dares stand against her. And his love for the scholarly queen of Geall will complete the circle of six—and change the face of eternity.

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Unknown said...

So, I've got you scheduled for cleaning my place next Monday ... what time shall I expect you?;)
LOL, have only read one La Nora before (didn't care for the head hopping but the plot was awesome!) these look interesting. I'm actually working out the plot for a novella using the old biblical story of the Nephilim who were supposed to be the offspring of Lilith. Need to check out these books.

Rachel Lynne said...

Oh Poo Gale, this is what I get for having too many identities on Google! Rachel Lynne :)

Gale Stanley said...

LOL, love the new plot! Sorry the dust pans are deceiving, I got too caught up in going thro books and never did get to the dustin.

Gale Stanley said...

Got ya! Good Luck Jennifer!

Jill Bryan said...

I love Nora Roberts!!! Pick me!! Have a great day!

Teresa K. said...

Wow Gale,
I didn't know Nora Roberts was writing Paranormal now. Fascinating. I hope you get all your spring cleaning done.

Teresa K.
tcwgrlup41@yahoo dot com

Denise Golinowski said...

Hi Gale! I'd like to schedule you at my house after Rachel, please. Sadly, not even a national holiday can convince me to clean. Well, I admit that being able to open the windows does provide a tiny "push." All that fresh air deserves fresh/clean window sills at least. How does all that smutz get into the area between the inside windows and the screen anyway? :-) I'd love to win those books, so please put me in the hat.

Denise Golinowski

Gale Stanley said...

Sadly, the only thing I've cleaned so far is my book collection - it's the only fun thing to clean. Good Luck, ladies!

DL Thomas said...

Wow..they have a Nation Week for just about anything now...lol

It is all good. I have been spring cleaning for a few days too. Just taking a break now, then back at it again. Wonder if I can be done by the 27th? Hmmm...

I love Nora Roberts. I haven't read her Circle Trilogy. They sound great!

Good luck on the Spring Cleaning!


Judy said...

Oh goodness, I need to start my Spring cleaning!!! But not my books, I have a hard time getting rid of them:)

I love Nora Roberts and I have not read any of the three!!


Gale Stanley said...

I can't believe there's a week for this either. I found it by accident. I've always kept my books too, but I fell in love with my Kindle and now I want to read everything on it.

Calisa Rhose said...

Who knew? And I was away from home half the week, wrapped in revisions (house cleaning a ms counts, right?) the other half. So, when I finish these revisions I will need a good book, or 2 or 3, to read to refill the creativity well. ;) I have Ms. Nora's Key Trilogy, but not this one.

By the way- I read Love Bytes yesterday on the drive home. Beautiful story with a delightful romantic twist! Thank you.

Gale Stanley said...

Ahh, thanks Calisa! I talk the talk but I haven't done much cleaning. I got major edits back for Peter and the Wolf and I'm knee dip. I'd rather do edits than clean anyway.

Calisa Rhose said...

Me too! Did you say when the drawing for the trilogy will be?

Carol L. said...

I'm new here and how lucky am I to have chosen today. :) Happy Spring cleaning. I probably should be doing the same with books I know I may not get to read again.
Great idea though. :)
Carol L

Gale Stanley said...

Spring cleaning!? It's snowing here today. Can't believe it. Oh well, it should melt fast. The drawing will be midnight tonight EST. Good luck!

Gale Stanley said...

Spring cleaning!? It's snowing here today. Can't believe it. Oh well, it should melt fast. The drawing will be midnight tonight EST. Good luck!

May said...

wow... lucky us that you are doing your spring cleaning. So generous....

Unknown said...

SPring cleaning and clearing out some books ;) thats great for us ;) thanks heaps !! and havent read these ones :) Good luck with the cleaning ;)
thanks kat

Anonymous said...

What a great thing to do! Thank you for the chance! I like the idea too!

Robin D

Tracy Wickman said...

I would love to have them. I just finished my last book. When I spring clean, I donate the items I don't need. I always donate to Goodwill and Donnie Bosco Children's Center.

ReneeRearden said...

Spring cleaning...ahhhhhh. Seriously, I think it's like a nesting instinct. I've been cleaning out drawers and closets for a week now. Tuckered out, too! I'd love to take a break. Kicking back on the couch and reading a trilogy is my kind of R&R...you're a genius!

Thanks for the giveaway!!! =D


BJ Deese said...

Hi. I totally did not know there was a Spring Cleaning week! LOL. Too funny. I better get busy. Thanks for the giveaway.

BJ Deese
bdeese1 @ comcast.net

Pam S said...

Hi Gale,

You are not alone in needing to spring clean! I started the week before, however I had a relative come down and stay all week this week so didn't get anything done. Hope I can pick up on it this week.

Ty for the giveaway!

Pam S
pams00 @ aol.com

Gale Stanley said...

Congrats to DL Thomas! You won the Giveaway for the Nora Roberts Trilogy. Thanks to everyone for participating and check back in April for another Spring Giveaway.