Thursday, March 3, 2011

** ebook Week at Silver Publishing **

This upcoming week from March 6 until March 12 is eBook Week at Silver Publishing! During this time all titles excluding Coming Soon and New Releases will receive 30% discount

Just buy 1 New or Coming Soon release to receive a 30% discount on any of the other books. AND Silver will be giving away an eReader to one lucky person who makes a purchase during that week!

Don't forget to mark March 6 on your calendar.

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Calisa Rhose said...

Ooh! I gotta get in on this! Maybe I'll even win! Woot! That's a lot of !!!! in one short paragraph... Ah well, I'm known for the over use in my cp group. Thanks for sharing this Gale. Off to buy BWG, CotW now. (On Amazon because hubby got me a Kindle and a gift card Tuesday) :) Yep, I still want the ereader. lol

Gale Stanley said...

You will love the Kindle! My son and DIL were so jealous they bought each other Kindles for their birthdays. Hope you like the books! Have a great weekend.