Friday, December 17, 2010

The Wolves of Colusa Mountain invade Black Wolf Gorge


I think my guests are here. Welcome Calisa Lewis and friends. Come in. The coffee's on and there's bottled water for your pack.

What a lovely room you have here Gale. Thank you for inviting us in. Mmm and our fave brandy fudge goes great with your coffee.

Glad you could make it. Yum, I feel the calories settling already. Oops, sorry. My guys are a little territorial. There will be no pissing contest today boys. Take it outside. Let me get you a mug Calisa and we can chat.

I’ll begin by introducing myselves. (Have I mentioned I also have multiple personalities? I hear that happens a lot with pre-published authors trying to discover who they want to be in the publishing world. My hopes are for a well rounded author to merge from the many people inside me!) I’m Calisa Lewis, and I’m a writer. That should cover it. No? Well we hang out at our own blog here,, we’re also on Twitter/CalisaMS, and Facebook/Calisa Selfridge. We write about small town love, usually-but not always- cowboys. Always contemporary.

I’ve never suffered writer’s block, unless I can count the hours I’ve spent trying (and usually failing) to come up with an intelligent topic for my blog. I blog only once every week or two for a reason. So when Gale asked me to come here and blog, of course, I jumped at the idea. Why not? I obviously love to torture people, namely myself, or I wouldn’t be a writer! And, guess what? I still don’t have a solid clue what to say. So, I’ve decided to regale you all with song… Nooo, not really! Sheesh.

Much as I'd love to hear you sing, I really want to hear about your wolves.

 I love my cowboys, but I have a paranormal series in the works. These also veer from my usual sweet/spicy-ish romances in that they are really not nice men. They don’t talk nice, and they don’t act nice. Typical bad boys?

Sure, if typical grew teeth and bit the heroine to gain that sexual euphoric high necessary to claim their true life mate!

Definitely my kind of guys.

These are about a Cherokee Indian tribe cursed by the medicine man, or Kutani, back in the 1800’s. Vsigli cursed all males of the mountain, while protecting his pure bloodline. (Here you need to understand that bloodlines of the Cherokee people flows through the females, rather than the males.) For decades his female descendants only throw more females. But the men of the mountain become wolves when they reach the age of adulthood, of accountability. Now, this age varies because not all men come to this point in their lives at the same age. Mental growth varies and so does accountability.

Many Kutani women have come and gone through Vsigli’s lineage. Somewhere along the line these women began to try to undo the curse. Their efforts have only altered it through the years so that when my stories begin the heroes can change at will, or shift, to wolves. They live ‘normal’ lives.

I love the premise. You put a whole different spin on the shape-shifter story.

In book one, Logan, meets Beth. They discover along the way that she’s a descendant of Vsigli. She’s not allowed on the mountain. They have to overcome this obstacle to find love and forever happiness. Her greatest obstacle is Logan’s brother, or rather his influence over Logan. John will not sway from the original law that NO KUTANI are allowed on Colusa, so Beth must go. Both Logan and his inner wolf have chosen Beth for their mate- and as we all know, wolves mate for life. And when she becomes pregnant, her ancestor offers a solution through visions.

John has his comeuppance in book two, when he meets Silver. He wants to run away when he finds out that she, too, is a descendant of Vsigli. He doesn’t want to explain that the desire he has for Silver comes from a much deeper source than mere human love. John wants to reject the woman his inner wolf has claimed as his life mate. He has reconciled his strong beliefs in the heritage he grew up relying on, used it to make sense of the hated, forced imprisonment on the mountain. If offered the opportunity, John would never shift again.

Youngest brother Bank meets Kaleenah who has no connection to the mountain, or does she? His inner wolf denies Kaleenah as its mate, though Bank wants her desperately. He’s forced to convince the geneticist that he isn’t what she thinks he is. But it’s against Colusa law to ‘tell’ anyone about them, so Bank must find a way to show her. A scientist, and not one to believe in ‘ghost stories’, Kaleenah is convinced that she can ‘cure’ the man she’s fallen in love with. When she learns that she is one of the Kutani, and there is no human cure because of ‘her kind’, she runs. How can she face Bank when she’s responsible for his hell, his family’s hell?

I hope to bring these couples to you soon. So let me know here, would you read these? Would you like to hear about Tanner, Cody, Sam, Kato, or any of the other cursed wolves? Should I allow the curse to be broken?

Sounds like you have the makings of great series. I can't wait to read more.

Thank you again for letting me come and share my brave heroines and their Wolves of Colusa Mountain, Gale. It’s their first public appearance, so be kind and they promise not to bite too hard.

Thanks so much for sharing your stories. Please let us know when we can expect more. Sounds too quiet out there. I think we better check on our packs...

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Rachel Lynne said...

Ooooh Calisa I'd read them!! Like Gale, I'm very intrigued with the Cherokee angle-my ancestors are native american and we think it was a Cherokee tribe-
The legend draws me in but you also have some great premises for the conflicts- think it'd be a great series. So get writing, I want to read them!!

Love the "conversation" angle Gale-close to what I was talking about for the round table.

Calisa Rhose said...

Thanks Rachel. I'm Cherokee/Irish/French so lots of passion to work with there! LOL

The conflicts just came naturally once I realized how the curse came about. And with these three, each has a conflict between their wolves and themselves accepting their life mate that just came out of its own. As I think about these guys, they tell me what's happening. Poor Logan's story has began more times than a merry-go-round at a state fair and it's still not right. John is proving the easier to get involved in so far. Gotta love those spoiled wolves!

Thanks for stopping in. Don't forget to hop to my blog for part two!

Anonymous said...

I love shifter stories and the whole idea of the curse. It sounds like a good read.

Joelene Coleman said...

Sorry to jump in late, but running the office solo today so I didn't get a chance for a break. Don't break the curse for at least 4 books. Let the readers fall in love with each bad boy (wolf) first. I love the concept of the story and I for one, want to read more. Love your pretty baby tucked by the aspen tree. Good luck and thanks Lisa for the link!

Maeve Greyson said...

LOL! What a WONDERFUL interview/post. Just loved it...although I REALLY would've like a taste of that fudge. ;-)

Calisa Rhose said...

Lol Maeve! I'll save some for ya next time.

Joelene, there's at least 5 tucked inside my head under the curse. I hope to write them all but the curse takes a bit of planning when it comes to the heroine's side of it.

Don't forget to hop to my blog for more history behind my story!

Gale Stanley said...

Thanks for stopping by. Sorry, I tried to save some of the fudge but the wolves were ravenous.

Melinda B. Pierce said...

I agree - keep the curse around for awhile or have them accept their fate :-)

And, get these books written and stop teasing us.

JP said...

Great interview and what a great series in the making.
But now I have a craving for fudge!

Calisa Rhose said...

My goal is complete! Which reminds me *get brandy for fudge*

Calisa Rhose said...

Thank everyone for stopping by to meet our wolves this week. I hope to have more on these gorgeous manamals soon!

Thank you Gale, for inviting us to your den! I hope to return one day with exciting updates. And look forward to your pack visiting my blog one day!