Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Getting lost in cyberSpace

I happened to turn Dr. Phil on one day and heard him scold a mother for spending too much time playing Farmville on Facebook and neglecting her young children. While it is easy to get so involved that hours pass like minutes I find it hard to believe that someone might neglect their family in favor of computer games.

I guess it's possible and lately I hear a lot of people bashing Facebook and other social networking sites. Sure there are dangers, neglecting your family being one. And let's not forget viruses, data theft and online predators. But danger exists in the outside world too. It's best to be cautious wherever you go to meet new people. Personally, I think the benefits of cyberspace far outweigh the risks, especially on days like this when we're experiencing another nor'easter here in Philly.

I may be snowed in but I still feel connected to the outside world. Communication with family and friends means not only a conversation but also a sharing of photos and games to enjoy together. And although I live in the US I can talk with people all over the world, and learn something at the same time. And of course there's the benefit of being able to interact with the people who have the same interests as you. I can still talk to other writers, send in my critiques and take a class online.

Can you imagine life without the World Wide Web?

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Rachel Lynne said...

Gosh no! I love the www. It fulfills my fantasy from childhood; being locked in the library! You can find anything on the web and you don't have to get out of bed to do it! What cold be better? LOL