Monday, February 8, 2010

Every snow cloud has a silver lining

We just shoveled our way out of two feet of snow and the weatherman is predicting more on Wednesday. Even OCMD got hit. I checked the Beach and Boardwalk Web Cams and egad! - It looks like they plowed the boardwalk.

It's getting tougher and tougher to beat the winter doldrums. I keep telling myself that all this shoveling is going to burn off the pounds but then I come inside and eat everything in sight because I worked up such a hearty appetite.

So I decided to keep my spirits up by focusing on how much writing I'm getting done. I use
WriteWay Professional v1.8 and it's telling me I'm 8,240 words into the new book. I need to keep the momentum going and take advantage of time spent indoors. So I'm setting myself a goal. A very realistic goal - a MINIMUM of 500 words a day. I'll be posting updates here and hopefully that will keep me from slacking off.


Rachel Lynne said...

No slacking, I'll keep you accountable! Welcome to the pressure of setting and meeting goals:) Feel for ya with the dreaded snow but really glad I moved to the sub tropics. Chilly 53 and rainy today but not a drop of snow in sight!

Gale Stanley said...

Oh you are so lucky. We're getting hit tonight.