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Lyon’s Theorem of Seduction #MFRWsteam


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Here's a bit from Lyon's Theorem of Seduction 


TomCats is the hottest gay resort in Key West and the perfect place for Andrew Long to forget his cheating ex-boyfriend.

Sexy tomcat Lyon Nash enjoys his life running the resort he owns with a group of cat-shifters. He’s not looking for a mate, but the shy, uptight Andrew ignites a spark that his cat can’t ignore.

Captain Jack, the cruise director, is also attracted to Andrew, and he bets Lyon that he can seduce the new guest first.

Lyon puts his Theorem of Seduction to the test and wins the bet. Things heat up between him and Andrew. They have a magical, mutual connection, but their relationship goes south when Andrew finds out about the bet. Once again he’s been humiliated and he flies back to New York. At least he’s bringing back the stray cat he adopted, but can the feline help him forget the charming cad he left behind?


Andrew stood at the entrance and scanned the room for the sandy-haired man, but he didn’t see him. Maybe he should just go back to his cottage. He could sit on the veranda and read by the porch light. It would be so much easier than standing around like a kid in a candy store with no money. If he was honest with himself, he sucked at this kind of scene. Navigating through a crowded bar and trying to look like he belonged was something he’d never been good at. Always looking for potential landmines, he could never relax and just have a good time. If he had a drink in his hand, he’d worry about spilling it and giving someone an alcohol bath. Of course that was provided he could even get a drink. First he’d have to shove his way to the bar and try to catch the bartender’s attention over the heads of the more aggressive, intoxicated patrons.

Interfacing with his computer and books he could do. Mingling with other humans baffled him. Face it, Andrew. You will never be the life of a party. He sighed and turned on his heel, ready to make a quick exit before anyone even knew he’d been there. Too late. A stream of men poured through the door, and Andrew found himself swept along with the crowd. It seemed like fate wanted him to stay. What the hell, he could use a drink.

A wall of bodies bumped him from behind, pushing him firmly against the bar. There was nowhere to go, and he ended up standing between two occupied stools. Forget any concept of personal space. The man on his left looked him up and down and introduced himself. “First time in Key West?”

“Does it show?” Andrew said, raising his voice to be heard over the loud music.

“Nothing shows, that’s the problem.” His new friend, dressed in blue spandex shorts, grinned at him.

“What did I get myself into?” Andrew muttered half to himself.

“The land of free spirits.” An older man on his right laughed. “You’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.”

That was for sure. Key West was nothing if not surreal, but Andrew didn’t know if he had it in him to be a free spirit. He might be better off changing his plans and booking a flight to Disney World. He’d never been, and he’d always wanted to see Epcot. The park was all about the celebration of human achievement, international culture, and technological advances. Right up his alley…

“Give it a couple days, you’ll fit right in.”

Fat chance. Andrew had never fit in anywhere. Growing up quirky and gay, he’d become used to hiding his true self. But wasn’t that part of the attraction of TomCats? Surrounded by gay men, there was no need to hide. Still, old habits died hard.

Andrew turned to respond to the silver-haired man and saw the bartender heading his way. Suddenly all thoughts of hiding vanished. The sexy, golden-haired god he’d visualized while masturbating now stood in front of him waiting for his drink order. This time the man’s wink was definitely meant for him. Those sexy lips turned up in a devastating grin as if the Adonis could read Andrew’s mind. Andrew swallowed hard and felt his face heat.

“Hey.” The sex god’s gaze did a slow crawl over Andrew’s body. “Didn’t I see you check in earlier?”

Andrew could not take his eyes off the silver rings in the man’s caramel-colored nipples. How had he missed them earlier? Speechless, he could only nod and blush harder.

“I’m Lyon, and you’re…”

“Andrew Long.”

“Is that so?” Lyon licked his lips. “What are you drinking, Andy?”

“I…uh…” What was it about this man that turned him into a stuttering idiot?

“Undecided, huh? I have just the thing for you. Specialty of the house, coming right up.”

Lyon turned away, and Andrew swore if he wasn’t pressed in on all sides he would have run back to the safety of his cottage. But being trapped here, he had no choice but to watch the muscles ripple under the tattoo on Lyon’s bare back. His long golden mane was pulled back with a thin leather strip, and the rings in his ears matched the ones in his nipples. Andrew’s cock did a slow climb to attention. He started fanning himself.

His older buddy on the right nudged him with an elbow. “Lyon is hot as hell. If you hook up later, I wouldn’t mind joining the party.”

Andrew’s eyes went wide. Is he talking about a sex trio? With three men?

“The more the merrier. Right?” His new bbf chuckled.

Not a chance in hell! Gary had often suggested they try a ménage à trois, but dealing with one man at a time was complicated enough. Andrew was not emotionally equipped to handle adding a third party to their intimacy.




The briny smell of the ocean tickled Andy’s nostrils, and the screeching of seagulls filled his ears. He and Lyon threw off their sandals, and the sand felt good beneath Andy’s bare feet. His body felt deliciously warm and achy. Sunburn or Lyon?

Andy savored the excitement building inside him. Walking along the dunes, they let the tide chase their toes, and Andy sighed in contentment. Lyon slipped his hand down Andy’s pants and kept it over his ass as if afraid he’d run at the first opportunity. Andy wasn’t going anywhere. He wanted this, wanted Lyon, and even if their connection was only for a night, he intended to go for it. What happened in Key West stayed in Key West. Hopefully he would have some great memories to take home with him.

It was a warm evening, and the tropical heat added to the fire blazing in his belly—a fire that could have melted the biggest snowstorm in upstate New York. When Lyon kissed him, he rose up on his toes, desperately wanting to be as close as possible. He wrapped his arms around Lyon’s neck and accepted his tongue eagerly. Big, warm palms gripped his ass, and Lyon’s steel-hard erection pressed against his.

“You feel so good. So hot. Your lips are so soft…” Lyon’s voice was deep and smooth as velvet. His gaze locked on Andy’s.

Instinctively, Andy knew what Lyon wanted, but he couldn’t go there. He wasn’t ready. Was he?

“I want them wrapped around my dick.” Those copper eyes, so full of passion, reflected the moonlight and the same blatant sexual hunger that Andy was feeling.

Just let yourself go, Andy…

Andy closed his eyes, listened to the sea, and let the gentle loll of the waves calm him into submission.

He sank to his knees on the sand and worked the zipper on Lyon’s pants. Lyon shoved them to his ankles and kicked them away. For a second Andy felt a bit humiliated because he’d complied so easily. Then he drank in the sight of Lyon, standing like a Greek God in the moonlight, his cock long and full in front of Andy’s face. The man was more beautiful than any man had a right to be. And he wants me. Andy reached out and grasped the back of Lyon’s muscular thighs, pulling him closer. Lyon’s scent flooded his nostrils, and he nuzzled his pubes, wanting more. The wiry light-brown bush tickled Andy’s nose as he breathed him in.

Anticipation made his mouth water. Andy felt like a kid opening his first present on Christmas morning. At last he took Lyon’s weeping dick in his mouth. Lyon hissed in a breath of air as Andy’s lips closed over him and Andy’s tongue swirled around the head of his cock.

One hand fondled Lyon’s balls while the other hand gripped the base of his shaft. He relaxed his throat muscles allowing Lyon’s dick to slide deeper. The cockhead hit the back of Andy’s throat, and he was rewarded by a deep moan from Lyon. Lyon’s balls tightened in his hand, and he knew the man was close. He didn’t want Lyon to hold back. He wanted to feel him come, to know that he had brought this gorgeous man satisfaction.

Andy coated a finger with saliva and pre-cum and reached back to tease Lyon’s hole. When he pressed inside, he took Lyon over the edge. The big man came hard. Andy gagged, but pulled back enough to drink down Lyon’s release.

After Lyon’s shudders subsided, he pulled Andy to his feet and kissed him soundly. “That was amazing, but you haven’t come yet. What do you say we take this home?”

There was no going back now. Andy smiled at him. “Lead the way.”


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Lisabet Sarai said...

This is delicious, Gale!

You've also done a great job capturing Andrew's insecurities.

And there's a cat too... what more could one want? ;^)

Fiona McGier said...

I'll bet the cat he takes home is Lyon! This man won't let him go, after a scene like this, and whatever else they get into together. Very hot!

Gale Stanley said...

Thanks for reading! I'm a catlady and these were so fun to write.