Thursday, July 27, 2017

Throwback Thursday ~ BROKEN TRUST #mmm #romance @ChangelingPress

Broken Trust


Dan and Brad take a trip to New Orleans, hoping to rekindle the romance in their committed relationship, but Dan is captivated by Paul when he lands in front of the sexy bartender.

Paul sees the sub in Dan begging for some control. Caution to the wind, Dan takes Paul up on his dominant-style offer.

Dan's breach of monogamy creates a deeper rift in his relationship with Brad, but Dan's not ready to give either man up. If only he could have Brad and Paul, too. But he can't, can he?

Does Paul know the secret to making all three of them happy?

PG Excerpt

The parade of pub-crawlers appeared suddenly, like an unexpected storm on a sunny day. A stranger wearing a brightly colored scarf grabbed Dan’s arm and pulled him along. Dan laughed and called out to Brad, “Hey, I’m being abducted. Come along. It’ll be fun.”

Brad screamed something back. Dan could hardly hear him over the thumping music of the street performers, but he saw Brad vigorously shaking his head and mouthing the word “no”.

His boyfriend could really be a downer sometimes. Lately, it had been most of the time. Or maybe it just seemed that way because they were living together now. Dan had thought he knew the real Brad, but the old saying turned out to be true: you never know someone until you live with him. Dan had his own set of bad habits and quirks, but unlike Brad, he was open to compromise. Despite Brad’s resistance to letting go and having a good time, Dan loved him and would do anything to make their relationship work.

Adult Excerpt

Dan finished his drink. Time to leave. But suddenly the sexy bartender was on the wrong side of the bar, and Dan couldn’t move if his life depended on it. Paul leaned back and thrust out his hips showing off the imprint of a hard, swollen cock behind the denim. His black T-shirt was so tight, Dan could see the outline of nipple rings underneath. A dirty smile played across Paul’s face.

Dan breathed in Paul’s spicy exotic scent, a mix of cologne, testosterone and sweat, and a magnetic pull of sexual chemistry bound them together. The nose knows. An ache throbbed between Dan’s legs. He wanted Paul and damn the consequences. Paul returned the heated look. Or did he?
Maybe I’m imagining it. No. It’s real.

Dan tried to keep his calm as the bartender eye fucked the shit out of him. Paul’s lust was obvious and hot as hell. Dan’s libido went into overdrive. His cock ached with need and frustration. If Paul told him to strip right here he would probably do it.

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