Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sunday Snippet: JAEGAR ~ Now Available on #Amazon #Shifters @sirenbookstrand

Jaegar, the newest book in the Hybrids series, is now available on Amazon. The books are best read in order, but if you haven’t read the first three, there’s enough backstory in book four to get you up to date.

Hybrids 4

Genre: Alternative (M/M, Gay), Contemporary, Paranormal, Shape-shifters
Length: 21,876 words

Panty-melting rocker Jaegar Nash is really a hybrid passing as human. Then, he falls for his bodyguard and discovers a jaguar can’t hide its spots.

Sexy Israeli bodyguard Abram Galante can’t resist his attraction to Jaegar, but when he finally makes his move, he puts them both in danger.

When the existence of hybrids was exposed to the world, their creator, Dr. Joseph Shepard, fled to Russia. Now, he’s back in the States and working for Brian Abbot, CEO of a biotech company. With the fear of terrorism so widespread, Shepard and Abbot know the timing is right to create a new army of super soldiers.

And they plan to start with Jaegar Nash.


Jaegar’s heart pounded in his chest. Sweat beaded on his brow. Long strands of damp camel-colored hair clung to his neck. He ground his hips against the girl beneath him, and every time he moved, she shrieked. If anyone were watching or listening, they would get the impression that some scorching hot sex was taking place. It would be good for Jaegar’s image, but he wasn’t enjoying one second of it.

The girl wrapped her legs around Jaegar and clung to him. “Fuck me, baby.”

Frustration overwhelmed him. He wished he could fuck her properly and get this over with, but he couldn’t get it up. “Whiskey dick,” he murmured, as he rolled off her.

“S’okay, baby.” The brunette sat up and brushed her lips over Jaegar’s.
Jaegar wiped his mouth with the back of his forearm. Kissing made his stomach turn. It felt unnatural and suffocating. He’d grown up without parents. No hugs. No kisses. When someone got too close, it usually meant pain or punishment. Kissing looked so enjoyable when others did it, but Jaegar couldn’t figure out why they liked it so much. Old habits were hard to break. Frustrated and annoyed, Jaegar wished she would just leave.

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