Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Sunday Snippet from Broken Trust #GayFiction @ChangelingPress


When Dan entered the bedroom, Brad was already under the covers. Dan stood at the side of the bed and looked down at his lover feigning sleep. How do you fix something when your partner shuts you out? Dan never expected things to be easy. Relationships rarely were. He expected their personalities to clash once in a while, and they did, but they’d always made it work. Until now.

Dan had gone too far and he needed to do something before it was too late. Maybe sex would bridge the gap between them. Dan undressed and slipped into bed. He curved his body around Brad’s. His lover didn’t respond, but he didn’t move away either. Dan reached an arm around Brad and rolled a nipple between his fingers. It stiffened under his teasing, but Brad gave no sign he wanted more. Dan refused to let Brad’s icy indifference stop him. If Brad needed a little more coaxing, he would get it. Dan stroked the soft hair on Brad’s chest and followed the trail over his lover’s stomach. Pulling Brad closer, he ground his erection against Brad’s ass.

Brad tried to pull away but Dan held him in an iron grip.

“Work tomorrow,” Brad said, stiffly.

So, you can speak. But Dan didn’t want any excuses. He intended to make amends and it couldn’t wait. He murmured in Brad’s ear. “I’m sorry, and I can’t sleep unless you forgive me.”

Dan licked a path up Brad’s neck and sucked the sensitive spot behind his ear. When he wrapped his hand around his lover’s flaccid cock, Brad moaned and leaned back against him. Dan stroked him over and over, slow and easy.

Encouraged by Brad’s rising erection, Dan stroked a little harder. Precum leaked from the tip of Brad’s cockhead, coating Dan’s fingers. “Do you like this, baby?” Dan ran the tip of his tongue around Brad’s ear.

Brad arched back against his chest.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Dan said hoarsely. He pulled Brad with him as he reached back for the condoms and lube on the nightstand.

Brad groaned. “Fuck you.”

“Hold that thought, baby.”


Dan and Brad take a trip to New Orleans, hoping to rekindle the romance in their committed relationship, but Dan is captivated by Paul when he lands in front of the sexy bartender.

Paul sees the sub in Dan begging for some control. Caution to the wind, Dan takes Paul up on his dominant-style offer.

Dan's breach of monogamy creates a deeper rift in his relationship with Brad, but Dan's not ready to give either man up. If only he could have Brad and Paul, too. But he can't, can he?

Does Paul know the secret to making all three of them happy?

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