Saturday, February 11, 2017

My Cover Reveal! Broken Trust #MMM #Romance @changelingpress

I’m excited to share the cover for Broken Trust, coming soon from Changeling Press. Angela Knight did the fabulous cover art. Thank you, Angela. These are my characters to a T.

Here’s a bit about their story.

Daniel Ward and Brad Parker are monogamous partners who manage a successful CPA practice, but it’s at the expense of their relationship. Dan hopes a trip to New Orleans will bring back the romance.

Straight-laced Brad doesn’t like to party and he leaves Dan on his own in the French Quarter. Dan knows he’s crossing a line, but he hooks up with sexy bartender, Paul Broussard.

Paul fills a need in Dan’s life and their encounter sets off fireworks. Will it be the end of Dan’s relationship with Brad? Then Paul arranges a meeting with Brad that changes their lives and convinces them that a triad could be their happy ending.

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Siren Allen said...

Oh I love it. Sharing. #Yummy

Elodie Parkes said...

Love the sound of this story :-)

R.B. O'Brien said...

Well...holy hot men! :)