Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy #Thanksgiving ~ Escape with a Holiday #Romance

The holiday season is a joyous time. This Thanksgiving I’m grateful to be celebrating with family and friends. But for those who are alone, the year's end can be stressful. Sometimes the best way to cope is to reach out and help others. When you volunteer, the person who benefits most might be you.

I’m sharing an excerpt from my short story, Cry Uncle. It’s a BDSM romance in a holiday anthology. The story is sexy, but also emotional. Polly is a lonely woman who signs up for a charity event that leads her on a journey of self-discovery - and love.

PUT YOUR HO HO's ON is a saucy, sassy, fun Christmas Collection, an anthology of multi-genre erotica and erotic romance – and only 99c.

And here’s an excerpt from my story:

Cry Uncle by Gale Stanley


Two years ago, Gabe dumped Polly, and the pain of rejection was like a punch in the gut. Polly is a different person now, older and wiser, but the ghost of love-gone-bad still haunts her. This Christmas, Polly is determined to get over her trust issues. Giving up control to an experienced Dom should be risk-free, and Polly goes on the auction block at a local BDSM club to prove it. But, love can sneak up on you when you least expect it.


“Hello, Polly.”

“Hello, Mistress Sabrina.” The dominatrix is intimidating in a long black wig, stiletto boots, and cherry-red lipstick, but she’s a familiar face, and I’m happy to see her.

“I just want to go over a few things,” she says. “The auction will start promptly at midnight and you’re first on the block. The lucky man who wins the bid will be your Master for one night only, and he has to respect your limits. Anything that happens between you and him must be consensual.”
I’m already wet just thinking about what might happen. “I understand, Mistress.”

“Remember, this event is being held for a worthy cause. All the money will be used to provide food, clothing and toys for impoverished families so they can have a good holiday.”

I’m happy to know that I’m helping someone in need. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about? But, my primary motivation is self-help. This will be an exercise in building trust. I’ve been wounded, and I’m tired of putting up walls between myself and others. There can be no walls between Master and slave. Tonight there will be no holding back.

“Earth to Polly.” Mistress Sabrina smiles at my confusion. “Just have fun.” She leads me to a dressing room with an adjoining bathroom. “You have plenty of time. I’ll come back for you at midnight.”

Happy Holidays! 

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Pandora Spocks said...

Love your advice about holiday stress! And what a great excerpt!