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TITLE: Ross Deere – Handy Man 

AUTHOR: Hans M Hirschi 

PUBLISHER: Beaten Track Publishing 

COVER ARTIST: Natasha Snow 

LENGTH: 56000 words/172 Pages 

GENRE: Gay Erotica, M/M Romance, Contemporary

RELEASE DATE: January 28, 2016 

BLURB: Ross Deere – Handy Man is the story of a young man who stumbled into the escorting business by accident. Ten years later, about to date someone for real for the first time, he looks back at some of the clients he’s met over the years, decisions he’s made, and parallels to his current life. 

Meet lawyers, professors, students, aspiring Hollywood actors, and many others who, at one point or another, have found themselves in need of Ross’s services. 

Ross Deere – Handy Man is an erotic novel, funny and free of drama – a steamy read with plenty of fast-paced action that will leave you sweaty and satisfied!Join Ross on his many adventures in and out of bed, literally.


“Jason undid the towel and grabbed my balls with his right hand, gently cupping them, rolling them in his hand. “Do you like that?” I asked, continuing to kiss him.

“I’ve never done this before.”

“Suck my dick, go ahead,” I said, gently pushing his head down toward my throbbing cock. Jason obliged and started to suck my dick, like he was sucking a Popsicle at first, but after a couple of pointers, he quickly adjusted his style and proceeded to work on my dick like a pro. Soon, I had to literally lift him off my cock or I would’ve exploded right into his mouth.

“Wow, hang in there, buster. Give me a break. I was about to bust a nut, and you’re still fully clothed. Let’s see if we can change some of that.”

I started to unbutton his shirt and slid it off, revealing a hairless, flat chest. Nerd, right. He’d
never lifted anything heavier than a book in his life. Jason opened his slacks and slid them off. He was white Fruit of the Loom briefs underneath.

You can’t make this shit up, can you?

“Ethan came back with a casserole, and then went to fetch a nice bottle of Napa Cabernet, which he’d bought from a vineyard that only sells directly to customers—a wine you’d never find in a restaurant or a liquor store. I was impressed, and the wine was delicious.

“I was up there a few years ago with a friend of mine who was visiting the area,” Ethan explained. “We spent our nights at different bed and breakfasts in Napa and Sonoma, and toured the valleys and sampled wines during the day. It was an interesting weekend, for sure. Finally, we ended up in this vineyard, and they had a wine-tasting up on a hill, overlooking Napa and their own place, under an old oak. It was amazing, and so were the wines. I signed up for their club, and they send me a box of three or six bottles every month. Usually reds, because that’s what I prefer, but I also have some excellent whites in my basement. You’ll almost never see me at a liquor store anymore.”

That’s amazing. I have to tell you that while I love a good wine, I’m like most people out there. I’ll order a Cab or Merlot, but I wouldn’t know the difference between a California Cab or one from Napa or Sonoma.”

Ethan laughed out loud and almost spit out the wine he’d just sipped. “You’re funny, Ross, but you’ve made your point better than you imagine.”

I was confused by his statement.

“You see,” he clarified, making me feel like an idiot, “Napa and Sonoma are in California.”

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Jeanna Massman said...

This sounds like a fun and sexy read. It reminds me of the Anglique stories that were popular 40 years ago, only the main character is male instead of female.