Sunday, November 29, 2015

THE AUCTION ~ a #ScintillatingSunday read #BDSM #Giveaway

Exciting news! I’ve been nominated in the EVERNIGHT READERS' CHOICE AWARDS! Thank you readers! 

#9 Best in Category: Anthologies
Uniform Fetish: Manlove
Bad Alpha: Manlove

#10 Best in Category: BDSM
The Auction by Gale Stanley

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And here's a snippet from THE AUCTION 

Oliver always did have an eye for pretty boys. As soon as he spotted Lawrence at Gabriel’s party, he wanted him. He knew then that Lark was more than just a tasty piece of eye candy. The lust was mutual. The looks Oliver got back from Lawrence were heart stoppers. Always a sucker for a hot stare or two, Oliver was smitten. He’d planned to make a move, but he waited too long. Lawrence had left early and Oliver missed his chance. Tonight he was getting a second chance, and this time he wouldn’t let it slip away.

Oliver wasn’t prepared for Lawrence’s transformation, but that didn’t mean he didn’t like it. At thirty-five, Oliver couldn’t remember ever being attracted to a woman, but his desire for Lark was no surprise. Lark was exactly what he craved—a pretty androgynous boy, with female attributes and male genitalia. Lark could be as girly as he wanted on the outside, just knowing there was a penis under that dress made all the difference. Tantalizing. Lark stole his breath away. Oliver might be a Dominant, but given the chance, Lark could wrap him around his little finger. Unfortunately, it appeared that George had done a number on the boy. How receptive would Lark be to a Dominant man? Time would tell.

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