Sunday, September 20, 2015

Indulge Your Desires #EroticRomance on #ScintillatingSunday

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Today I’m sharing a teaser from a Work-In-Progress. No title yet. Enjoy!

The auctioneer escorts me to a private playroom and leaves me there. It’s not my first time in a dungeon, but it’s the first time I’ll be playing with a complete stranger, and I’m feeling vulnerable. My gaze bounces from the bondage bed to the spanking bench to the items hanging on the wall. Whips, floggers, paddles…

“See anything you like?”

The rich, deep baritone makes me jump. It’s the tone. Sexy, yet powerful. This man expects complete attention when he speaks. I turn, anxious to please, and just as anxious to see if he looks as good as he sounds. Tall, well-built, black leather pants, white silk shirt, boots… Damn it! Most of his face is covered by a black Master’s hood. I want to stamp my foot and demand he remove it, but of course, I don’t. He is the Master. I am the slave.

He taps a foot impatiently. “I asked you a question.”

“Yes, Master.”

“I prefer Sir.”
“Yes, Sir.”

“Show me.”

My wrists are still handcuffed. I raise them and point to a short flogger with red suede falls.

Sir stands very close behind me, and puts his hands on my shoulders. His voice is a low silky purr in my ear. “A good choice for foreplay. Perhaps I’ll try it out on you. Would you like that?”

Can he tell how aroused I’m becoming? “Yes, Sir.”

He doesn’t speak, just tugs my hair gently. I take the hint and I tilt my head to give him access. His teeth nip the sensitive flesh between my shoulder and neck. A lick from his hot, wet tongue eases the sting, then his soft lips trace a path up to my ear. He lets out a long, slow sigh and whispers. “Are you wet? I bet you are. I bet you can’t wait to spread your legs wide so I can slide my tongue in and out of that pretty pussy.”

His hoarse whisper sends a jolt of pleasure right to my core. How does he know that hot breath and dirty talk drives me wild? A throbbing ache starts between my thighs. Already I’m so turned on I might orgasm before he actually touches me.

Abruptly, he pulls me back against his hard erection. “Or would you rather have my cock inside you?”

Yes, yes, yes! All I want to do is turn, rip the leather pants from his body, and impale myself on his hard length. I don’t. But, I can’t help grinding my hips against his.

“You little slut,” he says sternly. “You’re much too forward. Now, I have to punish you.”

What will he do next? My head swims with anticipation. 

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