Sunday, September 13, 2015

A #ScintillatingSunday Fantasy ~ OPTICAL ILLUSIONS #EroticRomance

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Today I’m sharing a teaser from Optical Illusions. Enjoy!

It’s midnight and I can’t sleep. Once again, I’m tossing and turning. Even Koko has forsaken me for a quieter spot downstairs. Every time I feel my eyes shutting, my mind wanders to the scene I witnessed between Aaron and Michael. They’ve always starred in my fantasies, but seeing them in a real clinch adds steam to the slideshow in my head.

My imagination goes into overdrive and I picture my hot as hell gay bosses having kinky sex. I know what men do to each other, and I keep wondering if it’s Aaron or Michael on top. I’ll never know for sure, so I picture them switching. In my fantasy, I see myself watching. The men are kissing passionately, rough, teeth gnashing… Suddenly they break apart and reach out for me. I’m pulled into their embrace and completely overwhelmed by their desire. Three naked bodies writhe against one another, hot and sweaty with need.

My hands cup my breasts, fingers twisting and pinching my nipples. One hand moves over my stomach, then settles between my thighs to tease the lips of my pussy. I’ve done this so many times. I know exactly what will make the tension build. Already, I’m wet and aching. I think about Michael and Aaron, trying to picture the sexual energy between them. I slide a finger inside my swollen folds, and my pussy clenches around it, wanting more. My excitement rises, but it would be so much better if my fantasy was real. I want to see, and feel, and taste. I rub my clit. It feels good, and brings me closer to a climax, but I can’t get over the edge. Orgasm is beyond my grasp. I need to be filled. I want to experience the wild, headboard banging sex I imagine Aaron and Michael having. Fat chance. I’m all alone.


Maggie’s troubled past makes her seal off her heart. She shuts everyone out, and puts all her energy into work, but suddenly, she’s having erotic fantasies about her two bosses. They’re perfect. Good-looking, intelligent, caring… Everything a woman could want. But they only have eyes for each other.

Michael and Aaron have been a couple since college, but one thing is missing from their relationship. They’re bisexual and they miss having a woman in their lives. Maggie would be the perfect addition to their family. She’s beautiful, smart, compassionate… But they’re sure she’ll never accept their unconventional lifestyle.

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Christina Mandara said...

Feeling HOT HOT HOT! Hope the orgasm isn't beyond his grasp for much longer! :)

Melody Parks said...

I know how she feels and hopefully her fantasies about her bosses doesn't remain... just fantasy ヅ
Great excerpt.

Amber Lea Easton said...

Well, now I'm definitely awake! Loved it!

Tammy Dennings Maggy said...

Wow! Good thing I'm sitting next to the fan by my desk. You've made it far too hot in here!

Maggie Carpenter said...

Wild, head banging sex? Love that line. Great excerpt…..