Sunday, August 30, 2015

TEASE TO PLEASE on #ScintillatingSunday #TeasetoPlease50

Welcome to the Scintillating Sunday Blog Hop where authors share 8 words, 8 sentences, or 8 paragraphs from an existing book or a work in progress. Want to join in the fun? You can find the rules and the sign up for next week on the main blog page.

Today I’m sharing 8 paragraphs from OPTICAL ILLUSIONS, my story excerpt in Tease to Please

I’m happy at Optical Illusions, but I’m enjoying the compliments, so I drink up. The liquor goes right to my head, and I feel all warm and fuzzy. When Jack’s knee presses against mine, a slow throb starts between my legs.

These business travelers have the right idea. There’s something to be said for physical contact with no commitment. Jack tilts his head toward me and almost knocks my glasses off. Without a second thought, I remove them. When I look in his eyes, sparks fly.

 “Your eyes … my god, they’re stunning.”

My breath escapes with a sigh as Jack places a hand on my knee and squeezes ever so lightly. Lately I’ve been so horny… Masturbation only brings temporary relief. This is an itch I can’t scratch myself. I feel like a cat in heat.

“You have incredible legs,” Jack whispers in my ear, his warm breath gives me a chill.

Someone drops a tray on the other side of the divider and I’m reminded there are other people nearby. I don’t care. The idea of being caught in the act is dangerously exciting. I know it’s wrong, but I’ve always been tempted by the forbidden, and arousal is impairing my judgement more than all the vodka I’ve downed.

Jack’s hand moves higher. I don’t stop him, and his fingers reach the top of my stocking. “You are so sexy.”

When I look down and see how high my skirt has ridden up, good sense rears its ugly head. I cover Jack’s hand with mine. “I barely know you.” 


Maggie’s troubled past makes her seal off her heart. She shuts everyone out, and puts all her energy into work, but suddenly, she’s having erotic fantasies about her two bosses. They’re perfect. Good-looking, intelligent, caring… Everything a woman could want. But they only have eyes for each other.

Michael and Aaron have been a couple since college, but one thing is missing from their relationship. They’re bisexual and they miss having a woman in their lives. Maggie would be the perfect addition to their family. She’s beautiful, smart, compassionate… But they’re sure she’ll never accept their unconventional lifestyle.

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Yelle Hughes said...

I'd like to get to know Jack better :)

Christina Mandara said...

A little bit of exhibitionism? It sounds like lots of fun to me ;)