Sunday, July 12, 2015

#ScintillatingSunday Blog Hop ~ A Hot Excerpt from THE AUCTION

It's that time again. Scintillating Sunday. And today I'm sharing 8 paragraphs from THE AUCTION. Enjoy!

The tip of Oliver’s finger penetrated him, and Lark barely held back a scream.

“Feel good?”

When Lark got his breath back, he started begging. “Oliver, please … You’ll make me come. Don’t—”

“Isn’t that what you want?”

“Yes. No.”

Oliver chuckled. “Do you always have this much trouble making up your mind? You know you want to come.” Oliver’s finger thrust a little deeper. “Do it. Right here, right now.” He pulled his finger part way out, and then shoved it back in. “Come for me. Cream your panties.”

Lark’s breathing was harsh. The thrill of being watched heightened his lust to a breaking point. He burned for Oliver, every part of him ached to do just what the doctor ordered, but he knew he was playing with fire. “Oliver, please. Not here. Take me upstairs and fuck me,” Lark pleaded.

Oliver’s dark gaze pierced deep. He shook his head. “I can make you feel so good, Lark. But, you have to do what I tell you, or this dance is over. Understand?”

Scenes from the Underground 2


Lawrence, aka Lark, worked his way through college by dressing up like Madonna and voguing onstage. After graduation, Lawrence, went looking for a real job, and met George. His new lover wanted a straight-acting partner, in business and in bed, so Lawrence gave up drag, and let George run the show.

The love relationship fizzles, but the event planning business thrives. HiJinks books a big job and both men hope it will rain referrals so they can part company. At the last minute, the entertainment bails, and Lark makes a comeback. The drag queen plays out a sexy scene on the dance floor with dinner guest, Oliver Ford. George is fuming, and willing to do anything to get rid of Lark—even if it means putting him up on the block at a slave auction

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Yelle Hughes said...

Wow! That was one hot scene!

Amber Lea Easton said...

My wild side has definitely been woken up! Woo!

Christina Mandara said...

Oh the alpha male... I love it. Obey or else tee hee !!