Sunday, June 21, 2015

Prepare to be Scintillated at the #ScintillatingSunday Blog Hop @GaleStanley #EroticExcerpts

Turn up the AC, it’s time for another Sunday Showcase of sexy snippets. Each participating author is posting eight paragraphs, sentences, or words guaranteed to titillate.

And here are 8 sentences from my new release.

Optical Illusions

My imagination goes into overdrive and I picture my hot as hell gay bosses having kinky sex. I know what men do to each other, and I keep wondering if it’s Aaron or Michael on top. I’ll never know for sure, so I picture them switching. In my fantasy, I see myself watching. The men are kissing passionately, rough, teeth gnashing… Suddenly they break apart and reach out for me. I’m pulled into their embrace and completely overwhelmed by their desire. Three naked bodies writhe against one another, hot and sweaty with need.


Maggie’s troubled past makes her seal off her heart. She shuts everyone out, and puts all her energy into work, but suddenly, she’s having erotic fantasies about her two bosses. They’re perfect. Good-looking, intelligent, caring… Everything a woman could want. But they only have eyes for each other.

Michael and Aaron have been a couple since college, but one thing is missing from their relationship. They’re bisexual and they miss having a woman in their lives. Maggie would be the perfect addition to their family. She’s beautiful, smart, compassionate… But they’re sure she’ll never accept their unconventional lifestyle.

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Muffy Wilson said...

Man I love that scene. It is so......embraceable and ***HOT***. xo

Christina Mandara said...

Man oh man - MENAGE! Dribble. I think I'm steaming up my coffee cup over here and it's already HOT!

Amber Lea Easton said...

Love, love, love this excerpt! Scorching!

Yelle Hughes said...

Oh, yes! I love it!

Maya DeLeina said...

Oh....friggen hot!

Tammy Dennings Maggy said...

Menage! You know how much I love menage!