Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Blog Tour! Katie in Love by Chloe Thurlow #EroticRomance #Giveaway

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Love stories work best when couples are kept apart by circumstances outside their control: Romeo and Juliet by warring families. In Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Sidney Poitier is the wrong colour. Jane Austin's lovers are divided by money and class. Orpheus must descend to the Underworld to bring Eurydice back from the land of the dead to the land of the living.

Katie in Love, my new novel, explores a today's predicament. Katie Boyd feels as if she is falling in lover with Tom Bridge, a doctor on leave from his post overseas. She commits her body to the hottest sex – ever, but is afraid to pledge her heart. Beyond the bedsheets, Katie and Tom are opposites, magnets that attract and repel.

Books are driven by a sequence of unpredictable catastrophes and turning points. In Katie in Love, there is an added urgency. Tom is leaving for his job in three weeks, and Katie must decide to return to her old promiscuous ways on the London party scene, or make a decision that will change her life forever.

The structure allows Katie to look back on her past, the photographer who convinced her at 18 to strip and make love in front of a movie camera; her being seduced by her tutor at university' the battles with her Mother and the discovery that her Father, a diplomat in China, is not the man she thought he was.

We live in complicated times with wars, terrorism, bank fraud, poverty, and these contemporary concerns underpin the stage on which Katie and Tom play out their romance.


Katie Boyd has nothing in common with Tom Bridge, the volunteer doctor she meets at a party – except in bed she finds a passion to match her own. Tom is intense, puzzling, a man who cares about others and compels Katie to question her own life drifting through the hip clubs and London party scene.
When Tom returns to his post in a Sri Lanka orphanage, Katie isn’t sure if their passion was lit by its brevity, or if love, unexpected and not entirely wanted, has edged its way into her life. Should she go back to being who she always was? Or follow Tom into the unknown?

Katie in Love is a compelling erotic-romance that will grip readers as they follow Katie’s journey to an ending they may have expected – but not in the way they expected it.

Brilliantly written and coolly self-aware, Chloe Thurlow was described by KM Dylan on Amazon as “…the Anaïs Nin of our times.” With Katie in Love  – her sixth novel – Thurlow reveals a writer at the height of her powers.

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Katie in Love is Chloe Thurlow's 6th novel – the first five are about girls becoming women. Katie in Love is about a woman falling in love. Chloe hates the winter and doesn't know what she's doing living in London and dreams of Caribbean skies and eating fresh papaya. She likes dancing, swimming, staying up all night, wearing a mask and making notes in a notebook alone in bars because she knows it makes her look interesting. 

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I love all of Chloe's books, when I saw this one had 57 5 star reviews, I grabbed it.