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Book Spotlight: The Investigation by Jacintha Topaz #FF #Erotica #ExclusiveExcerpt #Interview

The Investigation

A Multicultural Lesbian New Adult Fetish Romance 
(DykeLove Quickies, Book 4)

Today I'm excited to host one of my fav authors of FF erotica. Jacintha Topaz has a hot new release - xx and she brought along one of the characters for an interview.


Jacintha Topaz (JT): Hi, Gale. Thanks for having me over here in your M/M capital of the world. LOL

Gale Stanley (GS): Pleased to have you. :-)

JT: M/M is HOT right now, and I hear lots of women reading it! Well, my same-sex stuff to date is made of leading ladies. I’ll get to the men some day—it’s just that the women come first, ya know?

GS: You got me there. Tell us about your latest.

JT: My latest release features a female cop who meets up with a female martial arts instructor.

GS: Whoa!

JT: Yes. Both are strong women with equally cool and/or reserved demeanors. Yet, both have hot passion underneath all that armor. So I thought I could feature one of the characters, put her on the hot seat.

GS: Go for it!

JT (to Officer Erin MacManus): Good day, Officer Macmanus. Thanks for joining us.

Erin: No problem. I’m off-duty. So call me Erin.

JT: Okay, Erin. Can you tell us more about what first gave LeeAnne away as a dyke?

Erin: Hmm. Can’t say for sure. You’ll have to read the book for that info. However, I do remember how much she struck me that moment when I first saw her. I don’t think I could speak or recall my name or remember how to even breathe.

JT: Wow. Sounds like she struck a chord. Is that a usual response for you, to be carried away at first sight?

Erin: No. I’m a practical woman. I’ve always separated work from my personal life.

JT: You took a lot of risk then when you exposed yourself.

Erin: Yes, and I’d do it again. In fact, if I could do way more than LeeAnne first allowed me to do in that studio then I would. However, I didn’t want to frighten her away and never see her again. What we ended up doing was rather mild in my kink department. I’m thinking of wrapping her legs next time, binding them together so that she’s immobile like a mermaid on land. Hmm. Now that’s a thought. I bet she’d like that.

JT: TMI. How is LeeAnne anyway?

Erin: We’re together, if that’s what you’re asking.

JT: Anything more? I mean, did you ever dream that you’d end up with an Asian woman for wife material?

Erin: Nope, but I’m glad our paths crossed and we’ve made it work.

JT: So THE INVESTIGATION is more like an origin story of sorts—your first encounter with LeeAnne?

Erin: Yup.

JT: Is that all you’re going to say. (Erin smiles mysteriously.) Okay, well, thank you for your time, Erin. And thank you for yours, Gale.


After finalizing an inevitable breakup and toasting her impending celibacy, LeeAnne Song has another thing coming—revenge in the form of a hot cop knocking on her studio door late at night.

Dispatched to investigate a tip about a permit violation, Erin MacManus has some personal questions of her own and struggles to resist the consuming urge to violate protocol while on the job.

The Investigation is a Multicultural Lesbian New Adult Fetish Romance written by Jacintha Topaz.

Content Notes: BDSM Erotic Romance, Interracial, Multicultural, African American, Asian, Asian American, GLBT, FF, Lesbian, Fetish, New Adult, Steamy

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Exclusive Excerpt

This excerpt is not available in book previews.

What a hollow thud Summer left behind, something that resembled how empty that blonde’s life was beneath the chatterbox exterior. She hoped that Summer would find that special someone.

LeeAnne sighed and went over to the front door to secure the lock. Then she began sweeping the floor with the industrial broom. Time to rid all the dust bunnies in her environment (and in her mind) and embrace celibacy, for real. Whatever Summer had in mind for making LeeAnne “regret it,” LeeAnne certainly didn’t want that kind of baggage entering her next relationship. So she’d wait for whatever natural (or unnatural) disaster summoned by Hurricane Summer to blow over, then pick up the pieces and toss out the unnecessary crap that shouldn’t have free rent in her heart and brain.

Besides, since no one in her social life was going to badger her to get involved anymore, LeeAnne could seriously focus upon self-improvement.


She’d be lucky if she wasn’t forced to split this town, too, like she had when the ex before Summer rallied their mutual friends (turned partial) to make it difficult for LeeAnne to stay there as well.

Which led her right back to the reason why she had moved away from that town, into this town and into this studio.

LeeAnne heaved another sigh and parked the broom in its corner before dimming the studio lights. No sense in having those on anymore when she planned to have a nice hot drink to burn up the bitter taste in her mouth and a long hot scrubbing to wash all the remaining negativity away.

LeeAnne crossed over the wooden floor to the curtained doorway that hid the kitchen from view. A warm cup of green tea would do her good—a great way to toast her impending celibacy before she showered and called it a night.

Come midnight, she’d start her official unattached status as an asexual woman. Bye bye, Drama. Good riddance.

The Investigation
A Multicultural Lesbian New Adult Fetish Romance

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Jacintha Topaz is the author of Purr Erotica Romance, devoted to FF, MM, LGBT, MFF Menage and More BDSM, kink, bondage, fetish, spanking, domination, submission, hot, sexy, erotic romance reads.  When not writing, she can be found indulging in cashews and kefir and her secret love of armchair gardening.

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