Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Call of the Wilds #RetroRelease #Discount #MF #Paranormal

Call of the Wilds (MF)
Black Wolf Gorge 1

I’ve been fascinated by fangs and fur since I watched Lon Chaney, Jr. change into a werewolf. Those shape-shifting scenes must have stuck in my head and influenced my own writing. I've always thought the werewolf was the ultimate romantic hero, a complicated mix of tortured loner and alpha bad boy. It's a combination that's hard to resist. Call of the Wilds was my very paranormal romance. It was published by SirenBookstrand in 2010.

And now it's being offered as a Retro Release Special Discount! This title is offered at a 50% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, May 27th.


Veterinarian Karin Stone leaves the crime-ridden city for a job in the Pennsylvania Wilds, working with the only wildlife she can trust - the four-footed kind. But when she loses her heart to a hot-blooded alpha she becomes the target of a jealous she-wolf. 


Beowulf, the pack alpha, lounged near the water trough while his mate slept close by. He raised his head as if he knew she watched him. Karin hated the intruding metal between them, preferring her visit to be up close and personal. As soon as she stepped through the gate, Bo got to his feet. He eyed the sleeping Lyka, then approached, his powerful legs and gigantic feet propelling him toward her in a smooth loping gait. She crouched before he could knock her down, and he washed her face with his long sandpaper tongue. 

Maybe I should have brought the Y pole in with me. Apparently I’m in danger of being licked to death.

Bo danced around, then signaled playtime by lowering his front legs flat on the ground and raising his rear. When he rolled over in the grass for belly rubs, she could swear he grinned at her. But one low-key whuff from his awakening mate and he took off, seemingly embarrassed to be caught cavorting like a hundred-sixty pound pup. Evidently Lyka had other plans for the big alpha. She rose and nibbled at him, then mouthed his muzzle. He sniffed, and his tongue flicked in and out, testing the air. Surprised, she watched the courtship progress. It was a little late in the year. Generally mating occurred between January and April, but obviously these two didn’t care. If their cycle veered off track, so be it.

She would not complain. It would be wonderful to have pups around. Lyka pawed at Bo. He snapped at her and moved back.

“I wouldn’t play hard to get.”

“What the—” The harsh retort froze on her lips when she turned and saw Malcolm’s large, heavily muscled body behind her.

“Uh, sorry, doc. Did I scare you?”

It wasn’t fear turning her legs to jelly. Just hearing his husky rumble made her weak in the knees. He stood much too close for comfort, and that look on his face…Damn, it conveyed the same feral expression she saw on Beowulf. The man was infuriating, but her heart did a cartwheel.

“You shouldn’t sneak up on a person.” She turned her attention back to the wolves, all too aware of his presence behind her. His body radiated warmth like the sun, and she fought an urge to back up and bask in it. She wanted to rub up against him like an animal in heat and find out if he was aroused as she was. It scared the hell out of her, but at the same time, it excited her. Thank God he couldn’t read her mind.