Friday, May 9, 2014

Book Spotlight: Wrong Time for Love by Lola Drake #TimeTravel #Romance #Review

Wrong Time for Love

Author Lola Drake is sharing an excerpt from her time travel romance. Wrong Time for Love is part of Evernight Publishing's Cupid's Conquests series.
I'm so glad I got the chance to read this book. I might have passed on it, thinking it was a holiday tale, but honestly it's a love story for all seasons.

Raina, the heroine, has focused all her time and attention on her education and career. Her love life is non-existent, and she confides to a coworker that she would love to travel to a different time and place. Only her coworker is really Cupid, and soon Raina finds herself in 13th century Scotland. Tristan, a handsome Laird, comes to her rescue, and well… who doesn't love a hot Scotsman?

Raina is a heroine we can all relate to, and Tristan is the sexy alpha male we'd all like to relate to. I enjoyed seeing the relationship between them develop. Their chemistry scorches the pages. Ms Drake has obviously done her research. There's enough historical detail to make the story feel authentic. The realism and the paranormal combine to make this story an engaging read. I loved it!


Cupid decides something drastic is needed to help the once burned career-focused Raina open herself up to love. Breaking all the rules, he takes her back in time to medieval Scotland to meet the ultimate alpha male and rekindle her confidence in relationships. He doesn’t plan for them to fall in love, but even Cupid can't control the passion that ensues.

The 13th century was a treacherous time, and any alpha male in that era accumulated dangerous enemies. Will Raina survive long enough to find the love of her life? Will she want that love to be her Scottish Laird or the mystery man Cupid promised her back home?

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Raina felt her breath catch at his touch. His eyes shone like two jades as they wandered across her face more passionately than any embrace. She felt consumed by his stare. Part of her longed for him to look away and release her, while the other desired nothing more than to remain captive and free to follow his lead without thought or consequence. His warm breath wafted across her face like a cloud enclosing them in their own little world. Her own hand lifted, to gently touch the dimple peeking out on his cheek before brushing a lock of hair falling across his forehead back away from his eyes.

The contact seemed to release something in him. He transferred his hold from her neck to her hips. She couldn’t help but notice his powerful warrior hands easily spanned her waist, making her feel more feminine than ever. The breeze flowed around them, blowing the skirt of her thin chemise against his muscled legs. He pressed his lips together, never taking his eyes from hers.

She swallowed hard. Dear God, how was she supposed to think with him looking at her like that? She knew the dangers of beautiful men with women lined up to seek their beds. A warrior like this, away for months at battles, surely would seek the company of camp followers, or tavern wenches and the like. Did men of this time even dream of staying faithful to one woman? At the same time, Chris had assured her he hadn’t brought her here to fall in love. If she only had Tristan for a short time, did she really care about his morals or loyalty? Could she simply let herself go and enjoy a night in his arms?

Having made up her mind that she could, no one was more surprised than she herself when she turned her face at the moment he moved forward to kiss her, leaving his lips with just her cheek. His eyes, blazing only a moment before, turned to ice as he released her.

“Forgive me, My Lady.” He gave a slight bow, surely meant to mock her with his emphasis on the formal title. “I must have misunderstood.”

Raina opened her mouth to protest, only she had no idea what to say. She wanted him desperately. No woman with blood in her veins could resist such a male specimen as Tristan. And for some extraordinary reason he wanted her, boring plain workaholic Raina. Yet she stayed silent as he turned on his heels and walked away.

With a sigh, Raina started to turn her gaze back to the stars when she noticed Chris standing on the wall-walk sadly shaking his head in disappointment.