Thursday, April 24, 2014

CoverReveal: Loki #MM #SciFi

Feast your eyes! I'm super excited to reveal the cover for Loki, coming soon from SirenBookstrand. Harris Channing is the awesome cover artist. I don't have the release date yet, but you'll know it as soon as I do. Mean while here is another little snippet to whet your appetite.


Sawyer got in the backseat. The soldiers shoved one-zero-seven in next to him.

Instead of shutting the door, one of the men stooped down to speak to Sawyer.

“I’ll keep my weapon trained on him, sir.”

Sawyer glanced at one-zero-seven. His eyes were slits and his head was pressed back against the seat. “That won’t be necessary. I think I can handle a drugged man,” Sawyer said drily.

“Yes, sir.” The soldiers climbed in upfront, and Sawyer reached over to buckle the hybrid’s seat belt. One-zero-seven was wearing gray sweats that were too small for his lean, muscular physique. Despite his rough treatment, one-zero-seven looked to be in excellent shape. Good genes? Sawyer smiled to himself.
As the van pulled out of the garage, Sawyer glanced out the window and saw Shepard watching them. Crazy bastard. Does he enjoy abusing all his lab rats, or is this one his special target? Well, it didn’t matter. Sawyer would show one-zero-seven that all humans were not alike.

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Harris Channing said...

Thank you Gale, for naming me as the artist. The acknowledgement mean so much! :)