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Please welcome one of my favorite authors, Jan Graham. If you're looking for some hot BDSM play, you've come to the right place. Jan is celebrating her new release with a contest, so don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below her post.

The Fine Line that my Doms Never Cross

Welcome to day nine of the Switching Mercedes Blog Tour. I’d like to thank Gale for hosting me today, it’s nice to be here and I hope you find what I have to say interesting.

 Today I thought I’d talk about the type of men I like to write, in particular Zane and Ash from, Switching Mercedes. I love writing strong male characters, in my Wylde Shore Series the stories have a BDSM them, so my heroes are Doms. I think writing a character who’s a Dom is slightly different to writing the regular alpha male that inhabits most romances. You see I believe that there is a fine line between being Dominant and being domineering. I think that line can sometimes be crossed when writing BDSM which can result in an outcry from readers who accuse the hero of being a control freak or an abusive male. I’d like to think we all know the difference but alas, when the lines blur some people can get the wrong message.
 For me, a domineering man is totally autocratic in his behavior and expectations of others. He expects automatic compliance from others, assume individual control of all decisions and typically makes choices based on his own ideas and judgments and rarely accepts advice or input from anyone else. It’s really the, my way or the highway, type of attitude. Often behavior and actions that involve forcing a person to comply with his will, through forceful or manipulative means, sometimes goes hand in hand with this attitude. That’s not the sort of man I like, nor is it the sort of man depicted in my books.
 The Doms I write have strong, dominant personalities, firmly set points of view and assertive communication styles. They also have compassion and an understanding that, when it comes to human relations, submitting to a person’s authority is about choice and consent. They don’t expect, they simply ask. They don’t force, they encourage. They make their expectations clear but then allow whoever they are dealing with to decide the outcome.
 With Ash and Zane, they definitely let Mercedes know what they’d like from her, what they expect if she decides to be with them, they encourage her to explore her own desires. They have the patience to allow her time to choose, to let her come to them, knowing that trust is a major factor in whether the three of them will have the D/s relationship they desire. That’s the sort of man, and romance hero I like. I hope you do too.
 Below is information about the book and where you can purchase it, along with my other books, including the first two in the Wylde Shore Series. If you’ve missed any of the previous blog from the tour you can check them out by looking up the appearance dates via link below. There is also a competition running during the tour, where you can win the complete Wylde Shore Series, entry details are at the bottom of this post.

 Her thoughts were interrupted by a commotion taking place on the far side of the taped-off area of the house. The yellow tape began to flap in the breeze, and officers tried to block access to the scene as a Hercules of Scandinavian appearance barreled his way through their defenses. Mercedes smiled when she heard her name.

“Where is she? Mercedes Harris-Shore, I demand to see her now.” His command boomed out for all to hear in a deep baritone that sent an erotic chill down her spine.

“Do you know him? Should I lock the ambulance doors or tell him you’re over here? He seems really…terrifying. Is he your boyfriend or something?”

She nearly lost track of the young ambulance officer’s rapidly fired questions, too intrigued by the circus unfolding before them.

“Yes, he’s something alright.” Mercedes nearly laughed at the terrified look on the medic’s face. “Oh, and don’t worry, we’re not in any danger.”

Zane reminded her of a Viking. Tall with the broadest shoulders of any man she knew. She watched as muscles rippled beneath the tight black T-shirt he wore, as he swatted uniformed officers away like they were flies. His shoulder-length blond hair, usually neatly combed, swung freely around his face, his strong, square jaw set firm with dogged determination as he worked his way to the front steps of the house, attempting to get inside.

“Would you like me to tell him you’re over here?” the medic asked, an edge of concern in his tone as they watched Zane grab an officer from the front line of defense, lifting him off his feet with ease.

“Where. Is. She?” The larger-than-average uniformed officer hung in the air like a rag doll at the mercy of a petulant toddler.

“No, he’ll find me soon enough, he always does.” Mercedes watched the action with delight. Not only was he divine to look at, but he knew how to make her laugh. Even when he was being an infuriating jerk she found him amusing. If he’d just stop being so dominantly determined she’d be his submissive then he’d be the perfect man for her. After all, what woman wouldn’t want a sexy bad-boy-Viking to come to her rescue? It was certainly better than any puny Prince Charming or a clunky knight in shining armor.

“Put that officer down, Zane Reynolds, before one of my guys shoots you.” Christian’s voice matched Zane’s for volume as he stepped through the doorway and onto the veranda.

“Excellent, Christian Shore, just the man to give me the answers I need.” Zane dropped the young policeman before walking toward her brother. “Where is Mercedes?”

“Once you’ve assured yourself my sister is fine I want you back over here explaining exactly how you found out she was here.” Christian spoke in his don’t-fuck-with-me tone as he pointed toward the ambulance.

It didn’t appear Zane even heard what her brother said because the moment their gazes met Zane stalked toward her, a deep frown creasing his normally relaxed brow.

“Why are you in an ambulance—are you injured?” The ambulance dipped under his weight as he climbed in beside her, meticulously eyeing her for injuries.

“I’m fine. I got upset when I found out what happened to Samantha, so Christian suggested I sit with the medic.” She glared over at the young medic hoping he read the tell-this-guy-nothing look she flashed him. The last thing she needed was for Zane to discover she’d fainted. She maintained a case of show no weakness in relation to Zane, and Mercedes wanted to keep it that way.

In less time than it took to blink, Mercedes found herself perched on Zane’s lap, pressed firmly against his hard chest, his strong arms wrapped around her like a protective shield. Her body warmed instantly, unaware she’d been cold. Frazzled nerves calmed as she rested her head against his chest listening to the steady rhythm of his heart. She wanted to wrap her arms around him in return, resting in the cocoon of safety he’d covered her in, but that wasn’t how they rolled and she knew it.

“Of course you were upset. Anyone would be under these circumstances.” His rich, smooth voice and understanding words soothed her weary nerves.

How did he know she needed him, that she wanted to be held and comforted after all she’d witnessed today? How did he always know when to show up, cheering her day, offering support, or annoying the shit out of her then making her laugh? More importantly, why did she always push him away? Her fingers rested on the leather belt at his waist. All she had to do was put her arms around him, accepting the embrace. Then he blew it, like he always did.
 Zane Reynolds believes he’s found the perfect submissive for he and his brother but there’s a problem.  Mistress Mercedes Harris-Shore doesn’t want to submit to anyone. Zane hopes a bet will solve that issue, along with providing the key to finally win not only Mercedes's submission, but also her heart.

Ash Reynolds knows he isn’t a good man for any woman to fall in love with. He’s a paid mercenary, disillusioned with life and his ability to fit into the civilized world. Zane insists he’s found the perfect woman for them to share, but the problem is, Mercedes has no idea Ash exists.
Mercedes has more to worry about than a wager where she plays submissive to Zane for a week. She’s just become a serial killer’s new target and met the man assigned to protect her, Zane’s twin, Ash Reynolds. Ash appears as interested in her submission as Zane, but Mercedes isn’t looking to be shared.
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Jan Graham describes herself in many ways. She is a full time writer, friend, submissive, orphan, widow, aunt, and sometimes, a wild child. Despite any hiccups the universe may throw at her, she believes in experiencing everything life has to offer and being the best person she can be. Jan lives in Newcastle, Australia, where she spends her time writing erotic romance. Her writing falls under a variety of genres including BDSM, contemporary romance, romantic suspense and paranormal romance. Jan has often been quoted as saying:

"I am glad to finally give the characters that swirl around my head on a constant basis, the opportunity to put themselves down on paper and I hope they entertain my readers as much as they amuse me."

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