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Book Tour: Realizing You by Ron Doades with Susan Sloate #GoddessFish #Rafflecopter

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Author Interview

What is the first book you remember making an indelible impression on you.

The Feminine Mystic. For a farm boy, raised in a male-dominated society in a small Midwest community, this book was more than an eye-opener; it was a shock to my conventional/inherited way of thinking about women’s role in the world and in relationships. I was a young adult at the time of reading the book, and I have been working for the decades since to embed the author’s insights so deep into my psychic that my holistic view of women is an automatically healthy one. The book truly changed my life forever. It’s the same goal I have for the readers of Realizing You.

If you could only eat one food the rest of your life, what would it be?

I have two answers to this question. First, if I didn’t want to live a longer life, I would choose key-lime pie. I love the flavor and texture of a really good key-lime pie—tart, creamy, limey… To illustrate how nuts I am about this pie, I was recently on Route 1 in Florida, heading for a nature’s tour of the Everglades, when I spotted a Publix grocery store. Immediately, my thoughts went to their really good key-lime pies. I wheeled into the parking lot and was quickly in the fresh pies’ section, (I knew where to go) looking for a slice or half portion of my pie. A whole pie was all that I could find. I bought it, took it back to my rental car, placed the pie on the car’s trunk, and, using my plastic knife and fork, cut and quickly consumed a generous piece of that delicious key-lime pie. I found a trash container, where I deposited the rest of pie. As I am writing this, I feel guilty about my act of greed, understanding that millions of people around the world (and some probably near that trash container in Florida) are starving. But, I still savor that piece of pie. Yet, a decidedly unhealthy choice for leading a long life. The second answer is the healthy choice one (for which I have a much shorter explanation). Spinach is my choice for a longer life. It has so many good nutrients. I love its taste in all forms, with salad being a slight favorite over all the rest. I’m good with the idea of going to my grave eating only spinach, if that’s all there is.

If you were a shifter, what animal would you like to be?

I’m not sure what “a shifter” is, so I will answer the question simply: “What animal would I like to be reincarnated as?” I could be very happy being a monkey roaming free in some place like Costa Rica or Madagascar. Monkeys seem independent, resourceful, alert, adventuresome, fun-loving, and very agile, to mention a few of their more admirable traits. And swinging by my tail from tree branch to tree branch—sounds awesome!
Favorite season? Why?

Spring. It’s the season of promise and growth. I love the vividly bright colors and the sweet and varied smells. I love to see new plants popping out of the ground—Irises, Tulips, (which I particularly love—my father’s favorite flower, always reminding me of him), Azaleas. Then the roses. Every year, right after Thanksgiving, I begin to get excited about the next spring, a little over four months away in my part of the country.

Best movie ever made?

I have no original answer to this question—hands down, “Gone with the Wind.” I've probably seen the movie five times. Every five years or so, I watch my movie DVD again. And, every time I watch it, I come away with some different insight or feeling. To me, it is a movie about tough choices. People making decisions about how to handle the devastation of war. People making decisions about relationships. It’s a movie about making mature decisions, in times of great conflict and change.

Ron Doades with Susan Sloate


Meet Robby Aihn, the newest star in the self-help universe and author of the runaway bestseller, Realizing You, now struggling with his first taste of fame. Though his five principles for good living are changing other people’s lives, his own life is starting to fall apart. When Robby stages a lavish self-help conference in Dallas, he attracts others with their own secrets: his estranged wife and unhappy teenage daughter; the businessman pursuing his own agenda; the all-star pitcher facing the end of his career; and the shy co-author Robby never acknowledged, who is searching for meaning in her own life. Join Robby and the others on their journey toward understanding and fulfillment, in this truly novel approach to changing YOUR life.

Excerpt 1

Liz liked him like this—listening to other people’s problems, thinking about how to help them. This was the Robby whose principles in coaching and teaching had been the basis of his bestselling book. They were solid principles, and he’d taught them for years, and Liz knew herself that they did change people’s lives.

The Robby she had trouble admiring had emerged as the book shot up the bestseller lists. Always neat and well groomed, he’d now become fanatically clothes-conscious. He’d recently begun to order custom-made suits and add monograms to his expensive English shirts. While she decided how many new computers they needed for the office, he flew to New York for fittings with the city’s most exclusive tailor. She hired and trained new staff, and he consulted a professional colorist and lightened his hair.

When Robby solicited her opinion afterward, Liz asked, “What about the people who were fans before, some of our biggest customers? Won’t these flashy changes bother them?”

“You’re not looking at the big picture,” he said patiently. “These people are coming to me for answers. They expect to see someone who has them.”
Liz chose her words carefully. “And someone who has the answers is—attractive? Youthful? Using a facelift?”

“Stop it.” He glared at her. “The spa people I talked to said weekly facials were a good idea. They said it would make my skin softer and make me seem more approachable.”

Liz couldn’t think of any polite answer to that.

The current Robby had shown up after Marie moved out. It didn’t help that Liz knew why. But what did his wife expect him to do, now that he was finally creating a national impression?

It’s difficult seeing him humbled, Liz thought. Robby had worked a long time for success and done whatever was necessary, cheerfully and willingly, to achieve it. Yeah, he’d gone overboard with the glitzy success guy. It was still hard watching him hurt—not because he’d failed, but because he’d succeeded, after years of striving.  And seeing him hurt over his family’s defection upset Liz. It wasn’t right, but there was nothing she could do about it.

Liz thought all these things while she watched Robby stare out the window. Sad that things hadn’t been good for him personally since the publication of Realizing You.

Professionally, things were fantastic. The book was a runaway bestseller, the website hits had gone crazy, Robby’s online presence had gone viral. One month after the book shot to number one, Liz arranged joint ventures, after five years of trying, with three of the top personal-development people in the country, all who eagerly endorsed Robby’s work and sought his endorsement as well.

They’d taken a huge step forward. Robby’s plan, scrawled on a piece of paper torn from a dime-store notebook, was starting to come true, in a big way. He’d been aiming at this success for a decade, and he’d brought in Liz five years ago to set up the structure and foundation while he set about becoming the persona in whom people could put their faith.
Both of them had succeeded, but now Robby was failing in all the important areas of his life.


RON DOADES is president of Ronald Doades & Company, a consulting firm that, since 1977, has helped the people of large and mid-size energy companies improve their individual and corporate performance results by learning from the best-practice experiences of others. A popular speaker on the topic of managing change for optimal results, he holds an MBA from Columbia University and an MS in Psychology from The New School in New York City. Visit him at

SUSAN SLOATE is the author of twenty published books, including STEALING FIRE, a #2 Amazon bestseller and Quarter-Finalist in the 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest, and FORWARD TO CAMELOT (authored with Kevin Finn), which in its first edition was a #6 Amazon bestseller, took honors in 3 literary competitions and was optioned for film by a Hollywood production company. She lives in Mount Pleasant, SC. Visit her online at

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Gale, thanks for hosting us today--it's great to be here! Elise-Maria, thanks for the kind words about the premise; coming up with an entirely original genre can be dicey, at times--there's no one to follow!!

Karen H--I'm a GWTW fan myself, and had the joy of reading the book (at age ten) before I saw the movie. It was the first book I ever read that completely rocked my world. What an experience!

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I enjoyed your comments, and loved the excerpt. My favorite movie of all times, Undercover Blues.

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Don't think I've ever seen that one, MomJane. And GWTW is not my favorite film of all time, though I do love it. (It was Ron answering all those great interview questions!) But it's funny how those films we love somehow get inside us and have such an impact on our lives!

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