Friday, October 4, 2013

A snippet from my work in progress...

Life has become incredibly complicated—illness (human and animal), work on the house, upcoming trip… It seems like book 3 of The Gentlemen's Club is moving along at a snail's pace, but I really am making progress on this work-in-progress. But since it's probably the slowest progress ever, I felt the need to share a snippet of the story, just to prove I really am working at it. So here is an unedited piece of St Clair's story.


St Clair felt like crap from the moment he woke up. How much alcohol had he consumed last night, anyway? Too much. And he'd hardly taken a bite of his meal. Accepting Richard's invitation to dinner had been a mistake. Watching his best friend fawn all over his live-in lover had been torture. And the big announcement… Well, that shocker had sent St Clair right over the edge.

Sure he'd been instrumental in getting Richard and Julian back together, but St Clair still felt envious every time he saw them. Why did being in love make men act so stupid? Of course his friends didn't mean to rub their bliss in his face. They were just so damn happy. It was sickening.

And why did it bother him so much? St Clair didn't even want a steady partner. He just wanted to feel… Hell, he just wanted to feel something. Something that moved him even a little, so he'd know he was still alive. Managing the Gentlemen's Club used to give his life purpose and passion, but lately life had gotten dull as a rusty knife.

Maybe I'm just getting old and jaded…

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