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Caught by His Vampire Mate - Dakota Dawn #NewRelease #Vampires #BDSM

Siren author Dakota Dawn is in the house. She's talking about her new release and sharing an excerpt, so without further ado, here's Dakota...
With dripping fangs, I'd like to thank Gale Stanley for having me and give you a peek into my story Caught by His Vampire Mate.
Conlin gets more than just blood when he and his friend, Ghost, break into the local blood bank. In the blink of an eye Conlin's buddy is scared out of the building and he's misted from the room and into a massive bed which he is quickly tied firmly to.
Tristan is shocked to find his mate breaking into his business. The beast in him knows just what to do, though.
Conlin's life is about to change. Other than learning to be a vampire's mate, he will also have to survive being attacked by a devilishly, deranged villain.


Conlin McLauchlan’s need to help his brother gets him into deep trouble. When vampire Tristan Wyckoff catches Conlin breaking into his business, he doesn’t mind tying up his attractive prey, he actually prefers it.
Conlin’s desperation to help his vampire brother leads them to the Wyckoff brothers’ property. The three vampire brothers run a winery that mixes blood into each bottle. Conlin believes they’ve found a home, but his brother and their friend Ghost don’t think so.
When his small family wants to leave because they fear for Conlin’s life, he’s devastated. His feelings for Tristan were instantaneous and had only been growing over the time they’d been together.
Tristan is flying high. His mate is perfect, from Conlin’s fiery spirit to the man’s newfound love of being bound by Tristan in the bedroom. Unfortunately, there are two things trying to hinder their blooming love, Conlin’s irritating friend, Ghost, and some evil presence in the area.
Something wicked is afoot. Will Tristan be able to save Conlin from the being that wants him dead?

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Tristan Wyckoff’s phone thundered out his brother’s dark and dangerous ringtone. “Hello, Caleb. What can I do for you?” None of the Wyckoff brothers were chatterboxes, so Tristan knew the call had to be important.
“Booth called and filled me in on a problem with our Paris blood bank. He said they’ve been having trouble with someone breaking in and taking blood. The person leaves between twenty to forty dollars on the counter each time. They’re taking ten pints of blood each time,” Caleb informed Tristan. A hint of frustration flavored his words.
“Have they tried to catch the person?”
“Yes. Booth has stayed there all night several times, but the burglar never shows up unless nobody is in the blood bank. The burglar somehow knows when a person is inside the building waiting to catch them. Drake can’t look into it because he’s out of town checking into some improved security system. I can’t go because I’m doing end-of-month accounting for the business. That leaves you, big bro.”
“I guess it does. I’ll look into it.” Tristan hung up the phone and frowned. Why would a person break in and take some blood, and then leave money on the counter? The burglar must not be mean and hard-hearted, but the person was technically stealing from him. That was something he couldn’t tolerate.
The Wyckoffs paid good money to keep their blood banks going. Plus, it took a lot of effort to make their business successful. He couldn’t let anyone try to harm their family business. Tristan rubbed his chin as he made plans for catching their thief.

* * * *

Three nights later Tristan’s misting in and out of the blood bank paid off. A second after he entered the building, he heard the back window unlock. He appeared in the room in time to see a spirit step back as the newly unlocked window opened. Tristan stayed hidden in the shadows and watched.
As soon as the small male squeezed through the window and jumped to the floor, he said, “Thanks, Ghost. I knew I could count on you.”
“We can’t keep this up. You know that, right?”
“You have to keep helping me, Ghost. My brother needs us. Do you want him to die?” the slender man asked. His voice held a note of desperation.
“You know I don’t…but there has to be another way. I don’t like this,” the spirit answered, gruffly.
Tristan was intrigued by the situation. His theory seemed to be true. The thief wasn’t doing this to be mean or for fun. The air conditioner kicked on and within seconds the human’s scent filled Tristan’s nostrils. The succulent aroma was like nothing he’d ever experienced before. His heartbeat accelerated and his dick hardened. Tristan had just found his mate!
Mate. At that thought, his fangs extended. He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself, but it only imprinted his mate’s delicious scent into every cell of his body and made his cock lengthen even more. The beast within him roared. It needed to claim its mate right now.
“I understand that you don’t like this. I don’t either, but until we can come up with another plan we have to do this,” the little human stated, then looked around. “Let’s get this over with. I’m starting to feel strange.”
“It’s most likely your guilty conscience. I’m glad to see it’s still alive and well,” the spirit said wryly.
“I know you don’t like doing this anymore than I do. For the record, I want you to know your help means the world to me.”
Tristan’s fangs were aching and his balls had started throbbing. He shifted and ran his hand soothingly over the desperate flesh between his legs.
“What’s wrong?” the desirable human asked.
In a squeaky voice, the spirit answered, “Someone’s here.”
“What the hell? You said the building was empty.”
“It was, but now it’s not. Run!”
Oh hell. Tristan knew he was busted. It wasn’t a bad thing, though. His need to claim his mate was growing by the second.
He stepped from the dark shadows and sucked in a breath of his mate’s scent. Scrumptious. Tristan couldn’t wait to taste the man’s blood as he plunged his cock deeply into his long-awaited mate’s hot body.
The glorious man held up his hands in surrender. Tristan liked that, a lot.

* * * *

“Whoa, big guy. I mean you no harm. I just needed some blood.” Conlin couldn’t believe he’d been caught. He also couldn’t help but notice how handsome and fierce the guy was who’d caught him.
Caught. At that thought, Conlin’s dick jerked to attention. Now was not the time for sex. It was time to make an escape. He couldn’t go to jail. Darrin would die without him.
Conlin took a step back and the hunk took two steps forward. He chanced a quick glance at Ghost.
“I’ll hit him over the head. That should give you a chance to escape.” Ghost moved over to a sturdy-looking, solid-glass paperweight.
The second Ghost touched it, the vamp roared and bared really large fangs at Ghost.
To his horror, Ghost squeaked and disappeared.
Holy shit! The vamp could see Ghost. Nobody had been able to see Ghost except Darrin. Conlin looked around for his buddy. Oh hell. The vamp had scared Ghost out of the room and possibly out of the building. Conlin swallowed hard and took another step backward. The vampire turned and looked at him. The huge guy’s eyes started glowing. Conlin’s heart leapt to his throat. A tingling sensation started in his groin and shot through his body.
Whatever was happening, he didn’t have time for it. Needing to escape, Conlin turned and ran for the window. As he jumped, reaching for the windowsill, he was tackled and dragged to the floor.

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