Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Author Interview: Pixie Storm - Seducing The Vampire's Pet

Today I'm shining the spotlight on author Pixie Storm. Pixie is sharing an except from her new release, Seducing the Vampire's Pet. But first I have a few questions...

Hi Pixie! Thanks for taking the hot seat today. Have you written a book you love that you have not been able to get published?

Hi, everyone. I wrote a full length historical romance novel over ten years ago. At the time I failed to find an agent for it in order to approach a mainstream publisher. It still sits on my bookshelf in the envelope I sent it away in gathering dust.

Can you tell us about your upcoming book?

The Vampires in Love series was one I conceived in order to explore recurring characters at different points in their history. There’s such scope for vampires in that you can tell their story in different centuries and still hold the thread together. The big bad villain, Emil, came to life first. He’s older than time and no one knows where he came from. He’s an important, common theme that links all the books. After fleshing out my other characters, I looked at who would be the focus of the first book and how I could set up a secondary character who would then become the focus of the second book. As I write this, the second book is done and I know which character from that story will be the focus of the third book. All the characters are linked and most characters will appear in all books in the series unless I’ve killed them and even then they might still appear!

What project are you working on now?

I am about to start work on book 3 in the series. I also have plans to start a contemporary romance shortly set in Alaska.

Where do you get your ideas?

I get them from films, TV programmes, music and real life. I get crazy ideas from watching documentaries on TV and thinking, hmm, I could use this idea but have it as two men falling in love. I also get ideas for settings when I travel and usually end up basing a story on somewhere I’ve been.

Do you ever experience writer’s block?

All the time. My current writer’s block began last August and I’m still waiting for it to fully lift.

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Seducing the Vampire's Pet Synopsis:

Severin lost his soul mate ten years ago. Now Nikolaus belongs to another vampire...
The vampire Severin Murnau gave up Nikolaus Mayr because he didn't want to turn the human. Now he finds Emil Meissner, his maker, has control of Nikolaus, holding the human as his pet in his castle in Bavaria.

Severin and his friend Istvan are at the castle for a gathering. There is unfinished business between Severin and Nikolaus. As soon as they set eyes on each other, their passion rages out of control just like ten years ago. Severin has never touched Nikolaus before. He let him go in the ultimate act of altruism. Now he’s desperate, forgetting all the promises he made to himself. His only option to taste what he’s never had appears to be to join Emil and Nikolaus in bed, but once isn’t enough and he’s not sure he wants to share...

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Severin felt light-headed as they went back into the ballroom. He had had only a few sips of blood that day and it wasn’t the best idea to face Emil and his new pet on an empty stomach. His guts churned as he followed Istvan. Oh God, how had Nikolaus become involved with Emil? Was he a consenting participant in whatever Emil was doing to him?

Emil had come down off his dais. He was walking among his guests, leading his pet behind him on the chain. As they cut a path through interested onlookers, vampires mauled and pawed at Nikolaus. They touched his cheek and stroked his neck. They cupped his firm little buttocks and fondled him between his legs.
Severin snarled and darted forward. Istvan held him back with every ounce of his strength, pressing him to the wall out of view. “No,” he said.

“I’ll kill them, I’ll kill them all.”

“No you won’t, because Emil will kill you. I won’t allow you to risk your life for a human you knew ten years ago.”

Istvan’s words were cruel but what claim did Severin have anyway? What was it to him how many vampires wanted to touch and possess Nikolaus? He had never belonged to Severin and certainly didn’t now. Severin guessed Nikolaus didn’t even remember him. He swallowed, lifted his head, retracted his fangs, and indicated it was all right for Istvan to let him go.

Istvan took him by the arm. “We say hello, you drink another cup of that fine blood you wasted earlier, and then we go to our chambers before dawn comes. All right?”

Severin nodded tightly. He walked woodenly forward as Istvan weaved between vampires and Emil’s human waiting staff. He kept his head down, not wanting to set eyes on Nikolaus until the last possible moment.

Soon enough they reached Emil.

“If it isn’t my two favourite vampires,” Emil said, crushing Severin’s hand in his. “I was just thinking you had spurned my invite.”

“We wouldn’t do that,” Istvan said, always in favour of keeping the more powerful vampire sweet. Severin wondered how their roles went in the bedroom and could guess.

He lifted his gaze hesitantly and found Emil’s coal black eyes boring into him, head cocked as though he read Severin’s shameful thoughts. “You seem out of sorts, Severin. You’re even more ghastly pale than usual.”

“I’m thirsty,” Severin said. He chanced a glance over Emil’s shoulder and saw Nikolaus’s head jerk up, eyes fixed on Severin.

“Then why to God aren’t you drinking? Do you know how many Bavarian virgins had to die to provide you with that blood?” Emil grinned, fangs out. He’s on his guard, Severin thought, he knows something’s afoot.

He looked again at Nikolaus. The human looked like he’d seen a ghost, pasty and fragile as though he might faint. His dark eyebrows were knitted together in a frown, his violet eyes soft and afraid. He was ten years older but barely looked it.

Severin’s gaze slid down beneath his jaw and saw what he sought. A set of purplish puncture wounds on Nikolaus’s neck. Oh God, no. The thing Severin had fought and fought against. He would have died rather than bitten Nikolaus and in the end he had given him up rather than turn him. And Nikolaus had merely gone to someone else and let them have him.

Severin clenched his jaw. “I’ll do that,” he said. “Thank you for the invite.”
“You’re welcome and oh,” Emil leant close to Severin’s ear and whispered, “if you want to play later, I’ll be expecting you.”

Severin shivered first in helpless excitement where Emil was concerned and then his blood turned molten when Emil held his gaze. He meant his pet, too, Severin just knew it.

“You too, Istvan,” Emil said, almost as an afterthought as he yanked at the chain and pulled Nikolaus away.

Istvan’s face was tight and cold. “No thanks, I don’t share.”

Severin’s gaze followed Nikolaus’s slight figure across the room. He had lost weight and his shoulders were slumped. He didn’t look back. Severin looked apologetically at Istvan. They had never discussed what either of them did with Emil and Istvan had never shown any jealousy. Now he felt awkward. If Emil’s invitation was a clear invite to a ménage à trois with Nikolaus, then Severin was interested. But where did that leave his friendship with Istvan? And more to the point, how would he contain himself when he finally had Nikolaus at his mercy?
“I’m sorry,” he said sheepishly.

Istvan shrugged. “I don’t care. He does what he wants.”

But he did care, that was the sad thing. They wandered to the back of the room and ensconced themselves on a couch with goblets of blood. Severin drank deeply and felt the life force stimulate his every cell.

“He’s handsome,” Istvan said. “Your human.”

Severin wiped his hand over his mouth and burped. “He’s not my human. He never was. He’s Emil’s as you can see.”

“And he looked at you like you had unfinished business.”

Severin closed his eyes. The goblet shook in his hand. “I loved him,” he said in a barely audible voice.