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Sage Marlowe - Ink, Sweat and Tears #BlogTour #Giveaway

Sage Marlowe’s First Anniversary Blog Tour & Giveaway
The Ink, Sweat & Tears-Series

Today I'm happy to welcome author Sage Marlowe. This is the first stop on the Ink, Sweat and Tears blog tour. (Love the series, by the way!) And there are prizes, so read on and without further ado, here's Sage...

Hello and welcome to the first stop of my 1st Anniversary Blog Tour & Giveaway and thank you for hosting me, Gale.

One year has passed since my successful debut novel, Sub-Mission, was released on May 14, 2012. A lot has happened during those twelve months. I’m taking the chance to look back and tell you a bit about the background of the books I’ve published, but also about things that happened in my life or that are on my mind. There’s one stop for every book, and of course, there are prizes waiting for you, because as always, good things for me mean good things for you, my dear friends and readers. Please read the “Giveaway” section below for details.

Today, I’d like to tell you a bit about Ink, Sweat & Tears, the series that was never meant to be a series. It all began with the delivery of the new furniture for my baby daughter’s room. Somehow, I think it may have been along with the boxes the hunky delivery guys carried inside, Caelan sneaked into my mind and as everyone who has met him knows, Caelan is hard to forget. So there I was, amidst a mess of furniture parts that had yet to be assembled, discarded cardboard boxes, screws, tools, nails and a wailing six month old, trying to bring order to the physical chaos while at the same time in my head, Caelan met Dean. The opening scene and a lot of their first, ahem, physical encounter, was playing on my mind as I hammered nails into wood and tried to get reluctant screws to fit. Observant (i.e. dirty-minded) readers may have noticed my choice of words just now and yes, those items may or may not have caused the occasional giggling fit. It’s hard to keep a straight face telling your partner to “hold on to that woody bit for a moment, love” or that “my hand aches from all the screwing” while in your head, a pair of hunky guys are getting down and dirty on a sofa. Yes, I have a twisted sense of humour – comes with the job.

Anyway, as soon as wardrobe, cot, chest of drawers and a shelf were set up, I started to write Ink, Sweat and Tears. The story was beautifully easy to write, and I loved how funny the boys were in some of the scenes. It was a nice change to write something so light-hearted after the sinister Knives & Feathers, which I’d finished just a few weeks earlier. But even though I’d intended to tell Caelan and Dean’s story in this one book, I was already beginning to realise that it went a lot deeper than I’d anticipated. Caelan’s issues were too severe to ignore, and I just had to explore their relationship further to give them the chance to settle, so I wrote More Ink, Sweat and Tears, the part of the story that mostly deals with the issues a couple faces after the initial happy and careless stage of finding each other. It was fantastic to see them grow closer and accept each other’s needs and quirks but again, just when I thought the story was finally finished and they were ready for their Happily Ever After, they surprised me with that scene. Uh-huh. If you’ve read it, you know which one I’m talking about. Believe me, I was just as surprised writing it as anyone who reads it must be and yeah, I was hooked. Hooked into writing a third volume, because again, the story had brushed on so many issues that I couldn’t deal with them all in the limited space a novella-length book had to offer. Yet More Ink, Sweat and Tears was born and finished just a few days later. It explained a lot about Caelan, his background and the reason he is who he is. Personally, I was thrilled that he finally got the answers he always claimed he didn’t want. Dean was the best support he could’ve hoped for throughout and witnessing the love and affection between them was an inspiration.

As of today, I’m fairly certain that Caelan and Dean’s story is finally told in those three volumes, but who knows—maybe one day they will surprise me by deciding to have children, or maybe a dog, and a whole new chapter of their lives will open up and ask to be written…

If you don’t know the series yet, please allow me to introduce you to the first book:

Ink, Sweat and Tears

Can you find your one true love in the remains of two failed relationships?

When tax accountant Dean Fowler moves into a new home after wasting six years in an unfulfilling relationship, he finds the man of his dreams on his doorstep—literally. His new neighbour, gorgeous tattoo artist Caelan Stokes, has just become available after putting up with an unfaithful lover for too long. Opposites attract and an intimate evening of comparing notes on what it's like to find your hopes and expectations shattered leads them to share an even more intimate night of sexual pleasures.

Caelan's wounds might run deeper than it seems at first, though, and Dean resorts to unusual measures to create something that lasts, but are the sparks—and the ink—that fly between them enough to build a new love on the ruins of their pasts?

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Giveaway—Here’s what you can win:

#1 - Sage’s Goodie Package:

Contains a signed copy of Sub-Culture, a set of signed book cover photographs and some surprise goodies to spoil you

#2 - Create a character
Here’s your chance to create your very own fictional character that will be featured in one of my next books. The winner gets to pick the name and distinct features like hair / eye colour, height and a few personality quirks of a hero (male characters only, and please keep it doable…). Depending on the specification, I will either include him in a current WIP or use him as inspiration for a brand new story. The winner will also receive a free e-copy of this story once it’s published.

How to enter:

Leave a comment in the comment section asking to be entered in the giveaway. The winner will be picked at random and announced on my blog on May 20th. Multiple entries are allowed and will increase your chances to win.

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About Sage Marlowe

Sage is a multi-published author of MM erotic romance novels and novellas and loves exploring the flavours of gay erotic fiction.

A willing slave to all the fascinating guys who keep queuing up and want their stories told, Sage can almost always be found cooking up the next hot story or daydreaming about new ways of rubbing sexy male bodies together to make the sparks fly.

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Love the series, great blog post and nice to lesrn more about how the boys were born!

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Awesome series and post. Learned a little more about some old faces. ;-)

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Please enter me in your contest. I loved reading about how you found you hero for the books.
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Definitely enter me in the contest. I am a huge Sage fan and have just started reading this series. It's great to see the background behind how characters developed and what the author had in mind when he wrote them. Although we won't be going into too much details on THAT one lol. That might be asking for too much information :)

JP said...

Great series Sage and please enter me in your giveaway! Thanks for having having Sage on your blog Gale.

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Enjoyed the post. I'm always looking for a new series to get into.

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Awesome post. I am a huge Sage fan so please enter me in the contest :)

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Looks like a good book. Count me in.

Sage Marlowe said...

Wow, thank you all so much for visiting and for leaving such kind comments! I'm thrilled to see the tour start off so well! All the best to everyone and good luck in the contest :)

~Sage xx

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I love reading about how stories are trigger in a writer's mind. Very interesting.

Count me in please :)


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Congratulations, Sage! May I be in this contest, please? Thank you!
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Please enter me in your contest. How wonderful to hit such an amazing anniversary. Big Congrats.
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