Saturday, April 13, 2013

Symbiotic Mates 1: Hunter and the Hawk #ReleaseDay

Symbiotic Mates 1: Hunter and the Hawk

Today is release day! Actually re-release day. I'm thrilled to have the Symbiotic Mates back in publication. All the info is below:

[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, with M/F elements, shape-shifters, HEA]

This title is offered at a 10% new release discount. Offer ends midnight CST, April 20th.

Vampire-hawks and wolf-shifters have two things in common—hatred for each other and dwindling populations. Both species are headed toward extinction. One vampire has the secret to survival—if he can get the lycans to cooperate. But when vampire Aidan Longshadow walks into the Wolf Den looking for the alpha, he's barely through the door before he’s attacked.

Hunter Black, a lycan enforcer, comes to his aid and questions him. Aidan offers to trade information about the murder of Hunter’s mate for lycan blood. At first, Hunter thinks it's a trap, but Aidan convinces him that the answer to both species' survival may lie in their blood. Hunter agrees to secretly help Aidan in exchange for the killer’s name, but he gets more than he bargained for when he finds himself falling for the seductive vampire. When the research goes awry, he’s sure he’s been used by the scheming bloodsuckers. But is Aidan the real enemy, or is it someone closer to home?

Note: This book contains dubious consent.

Note: This book was previously published with another publisher and has been extensively revised and expanded.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Hunter turned back to his game. He centered his chin over the cue stick and concentrated on his aim. The game-winning ball sat just in front of his face waiting to be dropped into the pocket. He studied it, imagining where the cue ball would need to hit in order to make his shot. Holding his stick level, he took a few warm-up strokes.

Perfect. This wager is as good as won—


Fuck! A perfectly aimed shot gone to hell.

Disgusted, he threw down his cue stick and made his way across the room to the dance floor. As he got closer, the hackles rose on the back of his neck. Only midnight and a fight brewing already. Damn it, why couldn’t they take their argument outside. Why ruin the night for everybody?

As Hunter pushed his way through the crowd, the air seemed supercharged with tension. He shoved a few jeering men out of his way and saw that Nicky was at the center of the hostility. Apparently someone in the crowd had their hands on Nicky, and Doug wasn’t happy.

Hellfire! This is Rafe’s fault.

In Hunter’s opinion, allowing the omegas to be used for sex was asking for trouble. The men got all hot and bothered, and Rafe’s free liquor just added fuel to the fire. More and more, Hunter was discovering that he didn’t agree with their pack leader’s methods, but he gave Rafe the respect he deserved as alpha and kept his mouth shut.

Hunter stood at the sidelines and took in the scene. Doug could be a real pain in the ass. He was funny, intelligent and a damn good enforcer. Unfortunately, he had a big mouth—and a big hard-on for Nicky. Doug was a big guy, but the other wolf, Toby, a ginger giant, towered over him. The wolf-shifter had a mass of curly red hair and a temper to match. He and Doug prowled around the boy, like two feral beasts. Nicky looked terrified.

“Back off,” Toby warned Doug. “I had my eye on him first.”

Doug’s upper lip rose, baring his teeth, and he let out a low, warning growl. The menacing rumble didn’t faze Toby in the least. Suddenly, Toby gripped Nicky from behind. He rubbed his cheek along Nicky’s bare shoulder then nipped at the boy’s flesh. Nicky jerked, and a thin whimper escaped from his mouth.

Doug’s nostrils flared, and his eyes burned laser beams at Toby. “Let him go.”

Toby’s muscular body tensed. Veins bulged on his thick neck, and one throbbed at his temple. “Fuck you.”

Nicky tried to wriggle from Toby’s hold, but the ginger wolf’s grip hardened, his thick fingers digging deep. He’d leave bruises. They would heal quickly, but that didn’t make it right.

Doug let out a growl and crouched, ready to attack.

Two fucking arrogant shifters who thought they could take whatever they wanted. Hunter snorted in disgust. “Let him go, Toby.” Hunter’s voice was calmer than he felt.

Toby shook his head. “He’s mine. I—”

“Nicky wants to come with me,” Doug broke in.

“He’s an omega. It’s not his decision to make.” Toby growled.

A cold chill traveled up Hunter’s spine. “The boy still has the right to say yes or no to a partner. There’s not going to be any rape on my watch.” Hunter looked at Nicky. “Toby or Doug? Or do you want to call it a night and go home?”

Nicky bit his lip, obviously afraid to open his mouth.


The boy said something, but it was so low, Hunter couldn’t make it out. “Speak up.”


Doug, a smug look on his face, stretched out a hand to Nicky, who grabbed it and let Doug pull him into his arms. A love match? For the first time Hunter realized that Nicky had real feelings for Doug. This could be trouble in the future. He brushed the thoughts aside. He had enough trouble to deal with in the present.

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