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Lexi Dehalo - Forbidden Moon #Interview

Author, Lexi Dehalo is here with a surprise guest from her upcoming release.
And here's Lexi...

Thank you Gale for having me here today. I have a short character interview from one of my upcoming releases, Forbidden Moon. It’s the second in the Be-WERE series and is set to release May 25th so be on the lookout for it. Also, I’m giving away a free copy of Mating Moon, the first book in the Be-WERE series so be sure to leave a comment below with your email address for a chance to enter! Contest ends April 17th!

Today’s post will showcase Forbidden Moon [Be-WERE2]. For more information on Mating Moon [Be-WERE1] check out the link below.

Lexi DeHalo

Meet ADAM ANDERSON the black-haired blue eyed beauty from FORBIDDEN MOON

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I’m Head Enforcer of my Pack. I’m in charge of training all Enforcers under me and maintaining order throughout the Pack. I have an adopted son, Charlie, who I took in after his father passed away during one of our Pack Wars. He’s my pride and joy and is following in my footsteps by joining the ranks of the Enforcers.

Tell us something not many people know about you:

I’m a submissive. I always have been, but you wouldn’t guess it based on my physical appearance or my wolf’s temperament. My animal side can be very dominating due to the strength I possess and I have yet to find a Master who can handle all of me. It’s a secret that only the people closest to me know about.

What do you dislike the most?

I hate when people judge others based on stereotypes. Sometimes you can’t judge a book by its cover.

Favorite music?

I’m a sucker for rock, but currently in my playlist is anything by the band Broken Iris.

What’s your favorite toy?

It would have to be a riding crop. I love the feel of the sting from rod and the leather against my skin.

Do you believe in true love?

I believe that love between two people is only as strong as their will to fight for it. Destiny plays no role in the outcome of a relationship. If you’re not willing to fight for the love you have then there’s no point in being in a relationship with that person. Love is more than just an instant connection, it’s a fight and one you have to be willing to see through to the end.

Where can we find out more about you?

Forbidden Moon [Be-WERE2] is being released on May 25th by Siren Publishing. It’s mine and Sin’s story. For updates and release information click here.

Excerpt for Forbidden Moon:

“How about we up the stakes?” Adam watched as Sin raised one eyebrow at the suggestion.

“What do you have in mind, pup?” The pet nickname Sin had given him was said with an endearing inflection and was growing on Adam.

“For every round won, the winner gets to make a set of rules or demands that their opponent must abide by until the end of the game.” Adam couldn’t help but smile to himself at his brilliance. If Sin wasn’t going to make another move on him, then he would just have to take things into his own hands and let him know how he felt. He was kind of embarrassed though, using a game to express his obvious attractions for the other man, but what choice did he have? Sin clearly wasn’t going to be the one to make the next move.

“All right, I’ll bite. Are there any rules to this game?” Sin had a broad grin on his face, and his eyes sparkled with mischief.

Adam couldn’t help but feel a bit of excitement as the other Were caught on to his plan. “There are no limits. As long as each of us agrees to keep playing, we have to obey the rules made by the winner.”

“Okay, you first,” Sin’s gaze raked over his body. The heat of the fire they were sitting in front of warmed his bare skin. They were both shirtless, sitting on the throw rug playing their game of cards. Adam couldn’t help but notice the way the firelight danced across Sin’s well-muscled bare chest. His caramel-colored skin seemed to almost glow as each muscle rippled with every move Sin made. Adam licked his suddenly dry lips and laid out his hand.

“Straight flush. Beat that!” Adam challenged as he proudly displayed his cards for Sin to see.

Sin eyed them, but there was no noticeable change in his facial features. Despite his excellent poker face, Adam knew he’d already won. A straight flush was a good hand and one not easily beat.

“You play a mean game of poker, pup, but I’m afraid your good luck has finally run out.” Sin threw down his cards. “Read ’em and weep.”

Adam blinked a few times as he registered the hand Sin had been hiding all this time. A royal flush, he couldn’t believe it. He sighed in defeat. “Well, I guess you won this round.”

“Now for my prize.” Sin’s voice held a hint of desire and it made Adam wonder if he would take the opportunity Adam was giving him. Sin leaned in close to Adam, so close Adam could feel his breath against his skin.

“Y–yes?” Adam’s heart beat loudly as he looked into Sin’s eyes. He swallowed nervously.

“Strip.” The command was simple, but Adam could hear the lust in Sin’s tone as he gave the order.

Adam stood on shaky legs and pulled off the remainder of his clothing until he stood before the Were completely naked. He wasn’t sure where this was headed. He’d counted on winning, but now the tables were turned. He silently hoped that Sin would take the hint and realize Adam’s intentions.

If Sin’s asking him to strip was any indication, then Adam would guess that the message was understood especially given the way he was looking at him now. Sin’s eyes moved across Adam’s body, admiring every inch of him. Adam’s heart was beating erratically as he waited for Sin to say something. Anything.

“Tell me, Were, what kind of other games do you like to play?” Sin’s voice was low with lust as Adam struggled to find the confidence to say what he wanted to.

“I–I…” He hesitated as he contemplated baring his inner most secret desires to the other shifter. He had always fantasized about surrendering to another man.

“I don’t know. I’ve never really been with anyone that I trust enough to play any games with,” Adam said with emphasis. They were definitely no longer talking about their card game. Somehow, from the time Sin had ordered Adam to strip and this moment now, the meaning had shifted and Adam’s mouth watered in anticipation of how far Sin would take him.

Sin stood up. “An honest answer, I can work with that. How about we forget cards and play a new game, one where I make the rules and in exchange”—he paused as he circled Adam and ran a finger down his spine before leaning in and whispering into his ear—“I’ll give you the best sex of your life.”

Sin wrapped his hand around Adam’s waist, pulling him close. Adam’s cock jumped at the proposition, already hardening at the prospect. His breath was coming in sharp gasps as all his fantasies came to mind. Could Sin be the one to finally fulfill his needs? “So what do you say, pup? Think you can handle submitting to a lone Alpha wolf?”




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Hi Jess,

I'm sending you your free copy :) Thank you for commenting!